Epstein’s alleged victims ‘angry’ and frustrated he won’t be alive to face justice – NBC News

Once again I must say that I am not a conspiracy theorist it anyway. But I do have an inquiring mind.

A little over two weeks ago Jeffrey Epstein tried to kill himself in the same jail that hewas in when he did eventually committed suicide today. Would they not have had him on suicide watch and if not why not?

yes all of the information that came out yesterday was quite damning but he had to know this was coming out so it makes no sense to me that he’s worried about his reputation and therefore committed suicide. The fact that he recruited young women of 14 and 15 in Mar-a-Lago in the 90s was very telling. I just had a conversation with one of my neighbors and we talked about this then she asked me about Bill Clinton. you know, I don’t think that Bill Clinton is an angel but in any way but I think that he did not have the opportunity because in 1992 he became president and from that point on other than is dalliance in the oval Office he was pretty much under guard by the Secret Service from that point on. So I don’t think his name is going to be prominent in this investigation.

On the other hand, the current occupant of the White House has his feet in the excrement big time. The most damning story is the one about the party that had 30 people, 28 underaged women and Epstein and Trump seems like a recipe for disaster. they used to call Reagan the Teflon president but Trump is not Teflon he has some weird superhero coding on him because it seems that nothing sticks. I wonder if sex with underage sex slave women well even vent his approval rating. He has given the religious right what they want and that’s judges and honestly these people who are religious don’t understand that they sold their soul to the devil.

I’m sorry that the victims will not have their day in court. At least the estate has the most expensive private home in New York City. Weirdly located directly across the street from where Bill Cosby and his family lives. Bill Cosby is in jail for the rest of his life but they still have that a house.


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Bernie Sanders apologizes to women on 2016 campaign who were ‘harassed or mistreated’ – CNNPolitics

Chuck Todd on Meet the Press Daily today said it best, how can Bernie Sanders defends this by saying he was busy, does he not think the president is going to be busy? Does he not not realize that saying that limits his appeal?

I have lost friendships over Bernie Sanders. I don’t understand his appeal. He’s an old Jewish man and that’s coming from another one, me. I believe that he was the reason we have Donald Trump. let’s not make any mistake about it he attacked Hillary for her being a woman who made some speeches after she left office. That attack stuck. I heard it’s from people on the street during 2016 all the time. They said that she was in the pocket of Wallstreet, whose refrain is that?

You run a campaign and it will demonstrate how you will run the country. Case and point:

Donald J Trump.


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Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005 – The Washington Post 

Just to put it into context this was recorded 8 months after he married his third wife the current mrs. Trump. He talks about trying to have sex with a married woman. He says he tried really hard. It’s really really disturbing to listen to this tape. This is the man who wants to be our leader. The president of United States is not just the commander-in-chief of our military he’s also our moral compass. Look at President Obama and what a great moral compass he has been for us. And now look at what Trump says. This tape does not make me feel that this was a one-time instance but it is a pattern with Donald Trump. I have no other words, other than I feel equal repulsion by the behavior of the reporter. Please click on the link below if you wish to listen to the whole tape.



Republican women organize to support Hillary Clinton – CNN

Crisis a movement would be premature. But it’s certainly a beginning. I can imagine how difficult this must be. The party that you have been associated with all your life has made choices that make it impossible for you to vote for the nominee for president. Then you add into the equation you’re a woman and then it makes it all clear. It’s not just Donald Trump’s style that upsets the Republican women it’s what comes out of his mouth. As a lifelong Democrat I so sympathize with this group. At this point, I don’t know if I could support Bernie Sanders. So this whole notion comes home to roost for me. Follow them on Twitter and supportive and most importantly welcome them because they can mean the difference between losing and wedding in November.



For Clinton, the general election is about married women. Starting in swing-state Virginia. Washington Post

This is an interesting demographic to go and try to recruit to Hillary’s campaign. They are engaged, they vote, and they care about the future for their children and Families. Donald Trump does not make you feel good about the future. His inconsistent policies and his complete lack of knowledge of how the world works is very obvious to those who are well educated. For example he thinks that if we want a more stable world we need a strong ambassador to the UN. That would be interesting except the UN has absolutely no power. Unless Donald Trump wants the US to cede its power to the general counsel something that would not be a good idea. Being a good businessman and being a good president have different skill sets. Now first of all I am not saying that Donald Trump is a good businessman. He keeps saying that he’s so successful because he has all of these shiny towers named after him. In fact many of those are just license agreements where he doesn’t own the buildings at all. Secondly the way one interacts and government and with foreign governments is completely different than the way one interacts in business. I think that we are going to turn red States blue all over the map in November. Hillary Clinton is going to be the 45th president of the United States if nothing drastic changes between now and November.

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton meets staff and volunteers at her campaign field office in downtown Oakland, Calif., on Friday.(Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

Hillary Clinton’s Road To The Nomination Was Paved By Other Women Who Ran : NPR

I will go one step further and say that every woman who decided that she was the equal of a man in every way shape and form has helped secretary Clinton become the nominee of the democratic party for president. In my mind Barbara Jordan stands out. Her incredible used of the spoken word and her gravitas made me at an early age wanting more women empower. I got to spend some time with Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir and she too formed how I see women in politics and how I prefer them to men.

Democrat Geraldine Ferraro waves from the podium after accepting the vice presidential nomination at the the Democratic National Convention in 1984.

Trump, Eyes ‘Punishment’ for Women who have an abortion, Then Recants-NYTimes

This man is scary. Punishing women for having an abortion? Oh he recanted, but he is known to flip flop so much that one never knows what he’s thinking. And this is who wants to be our commander in chief? Never Trump


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