Foxconn: It’s Not Building Wisconsin Factory Despite getting $4 Billion Deal From Taxpayers

President Trump during the campaign said that the United States would be tired of all the winning that he would bring to the country. I am tired but it’s not because of the winning it’s because of all the losing. We put money out to these corporations and then one after the other day back down but keep the money. how about the carrier plant that he talked so much about when he was in transition. or the Ford factory, there’s no point in my going on and on.

He’s a terrible deal maker and everyone knows it except for him. Maybe he does know it and maybe Seth Meyers has something when he does that sticks about the small voice of insecurity in Trump’s head.

All I know is I’m tired of losing.


What a difference a year-and-a-half makes. Screenshot from my Google feed.

Early exit poll: Clinton winning ground game – POLITICO

Donald Trump treated his presidential campaign the way he treats the buildings that have his name on them. He outsourced to the ground game, in the same way you Outsource the management of those buildings. The ground game is the part of the campaign that make sure your supporters get to the polls. There are voters who will go to the polls come hell or high water and there are those that need a gentle reminder. Donald Trump put more resources into getting those people out to the polls that needed a gentle reminder. Instead he put that on the back of the Republican party and its infrastructure in the states. But let’s not forget he wasn’t very popular with every Republican. There is a report about a reporter who went to the headquarters of the Republican party in one state. This office was a storefront. There were no Trump signs in the window. When the reporter asked where do Trump signs were he was told they were in the back in boxes. So it’s no surprise that Hillary’s campaign has reached out to over five times more people then the Trump campaign.


Sanders committed to finishing primary race, sees winning path | MSNBC

Before this interview, Rachel Maddow eviscerated Jeff Weaver for saying that there was a path to the nomination for Bernie Sanders. The first five minutes of her show basically making fun of him for having said that on the set of their election night coverage on NBC. Then comes Tad Devine who reiterated their belief that they’re going to be able to flip enough of the delegates that Hillary has already won drink offices that are coming up. So Rachel, and I have to give her a lot of credit for this , compared the Bernie Sanders campaign to that of Ted Cruz’s campaign. Basically trying to steal delegates that they did not win. It’s not going to work and all of you people being paid $800,000 a month are going to be losing your jobs. And Tad Devine you will be once again associated with a losing campaign. No wonder Bernie Sanders went home to recharge his batteries my Lord he’s acting like Ted Cruz and he must be so proud of that.

Tad Devine, Sanders senior campaign advisor, who has never been associated with a winning Democratic campaign for president.