Netanyahu takes a big loss for Trump’s little win against ‘the squad’ – NBC News

I have a very long history with the State of Israel. First I’m Jewish. My dad worked for the state of Israel for 20 years. I worked for them during my face in college. Most of my extended family has moved from France to Israel. So I have deep roots for my love of Israel and wanted to thrive and survive. All of that being said what happened today is unacceptable.

State of Israel was formed in 1947 because of the tyranny of a Nazi, Adolf Hitler. It was meant to be the vibrant democracy springing other democracies in the Middle East. People who move there in its early days suffered but they knew they were building a future for themselves and their future generations. now we’ve come to a crossroads. Benjamin Netanyahu is under indictment. He was not able to form a government and now it’s facing you elections in a few weeks. He is so closely aligned with the current occupant of the White House that they may as well be Siamese twins. So banning to American members of Congress whatever their views goes against everything that Israel stands for.

Benjamin Netanyahu will regret this move. And when American Jewish lobby, AIPEC, a conservative organization that strives to promote Israel in every way condemned this move that’s huge. Donald Trump kills everything he touches I hope he doesn’t ruin Israel.

Donald Trump kills everything he touches I hope he doesn’t ruin Israel.


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Even AIPAC split with Netanyahu over the wisdom of Israel’s decision to bar half “the squad” from the country.

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Trump won’t win a border wall shutdown. Look at the polls for proof – Slate

Even for the most ardent Trump supporter the reality is sinking in. He is not they are friends his only friends are Donald j Trump and his immediate family.

Support for the wall is plummeting even amongst his base. Only 45% of white man without a college degree now favor it, a precipitous drop from just a year ago.

The steady drip drip drip of incriminating use about this President is finally going to start taking effect. I saw this during Watergate. It took forever for Republicans to start understanding that they had a lemon in Nixon and now it’s going to be the same with fat Nixon.


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U.S. Border Patrol officers stand guard beside the border wall in Imperial Beach, California on Nov. 15.
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Alt-Right Exults in Donald Trump’s Election With a Salute: ‘Heil Victory’ –

Let’s face it, white nationalist, neo-nazis and the alt-right feel they have one the election. And in fact they are right. They now have an ally in the White House in Donald Trump. This has fueled they’re coming out of the closet as it were. Hate crime since the election are up 500%. Middle school kids are hanging nooses and restrooms. What these children are hearing at home is going to spread across our country. You know we look at Germany in the thirties and don’t understand how people could become mesmerised by such a hateful rhetoric. And here we are supposedly the greatest country ever falling into that same trap.


Trump Sorely Needs a Debate Win – The Wall Street Journal

Hillary Clinton and her campaign are very much aware that Donald Trump sorely needs a debate win. They don’t need the Wall Street Journal to tell them. That coupled with the fact that there is an implicit media bias that says that Clinton is an expert the better and Trump is not wood lend Credence to her being the underdog for the next the bank. I believe that Hillary left out much of the ammunition that she’s being derailed about in her first debate for this second and I think crucial debate. There are so many points that were not touched upon by Hillary regarding Trump and his statements and behavior that I believe there’s enough father 4 ammunition for her to set him off on another one of his rents. Her job in the second and third debate are to hammer into the American people psyche that he does not have the temperament to be president of the United States and most importantly commander and chief. Sunday night Donald Trump will need to have a win. The town hall format is one that he is very familiar with and will feel more more at ease then a straight one-on-one the bait. But let’s not forget that Hillary has a lot of town hall experience as well and she took the time to do the talking tour around the United States before announcing her presidency. These are all factors that will weigh in her favor in this debate. I don’t think that this debate will get the ratings that the first one did because it would not have the same impact as the first time they faced each other.

Yes, Trump Sorely Needs a Debate Win and some pundits will give it to him but I do and I believe the American people will find him to be the loser.


Tim Kaine made Mike Pence defend the indefensible tonight in the vice presidential debate

As I thought and predicted would happen the talking heads on television are saying that Mike Pence won the debate. In fact he did no such thing. He refused to even bring up Donald Trump’s tax returns. More importantly he lied when he said that he did not say that Putin was a better leader than President Obama. Putin is a dictator President Obama is the president of a free country just that differential makes him a better leader period hell as far as I’m concerned George W Bush was a better president than Putin because he led a free country. His dog mouth about abortion and not letting a woman have the right to choose was repulsive to me. Mike Pence has made a travesty of Rights of individuals in Indiana. He’s the governor that signed the first anti-gay bill that legitimized discrimination because of your religious beliefs. Mike Pence was running for president in 2020 and not for vice president in 2016. He called the Clinton Foundation a money-laundering operation. And praise Trump Foundation which buys helmets and portraits for Trump. Sure you’re going to hear the plan then say that Mike Pence won tonight’s debate. Their corporate overlords need this race to be more even because they want their ratings. Hillary pulling away with it is not good business for corporations like Comcast or Viacom.

In the end all that Mike Pence did was defend the indefensible and to me that’s not the sign of a leader that’s the sign of someone who’s been bought and paid for.


Young voters flee Donald Trump in what may be historic trouncing, poll shows – USA Today

To say that the parent company of USA Today is not friendly towards Democrats is an understatement. So this article and poll makes quite an argument in the favor of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. The percentage of young people voting for Hillary as of now is unprecedented. Not since the days of yet nom have we seen young people haul supporting one  candidate.

We cannot rest until November 8th, becoming complacent could be our downfall. We need to keep up the good fight all the way to the finish line. If the Olympics showed us anything it’s that perseverance is what wins the race.


Who Will Be President? – The New York Times

I start each of these blog posts with the same caveat. A week in politics can be like a year in real life. That being said, one of the best indicators of who is going to win the White House are polls taken in June and July of the election year.

Things can change, but with all of these unforced Errors By The Trump campaign it seems like a gargantuan task for them to get there shit together in time for November. They need to ramp up staff very quickly. Anything you do quickly is prone to error. And unless someone falls on his sword for this speech disaster with Melania the Trump campaign is going to be in shambles for a while. Could not happen do are more deserving man and campaign.


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After Indiana Win, Bernie Sanders Argues That The Democratic Primary Is Not Over

Over the past couple of weeks I have tried to stay positive about Bernie Sanders and his campaign. But tonight I cannot. How their Senator Sanders attack Hillary Clinton when we now have the potential of having Donald Trump as our president. Pick your battles Senator Sanders and you’re picking them with the wrong person. Start attacking Donald Trump. Shame on Bernie Sanders and his supporters. They will be sorry if there is a Donald Trump presidency I can assure you. In a statement to the media after his win in Indiana he was extremely critical of Hillary Clinton. By the way he must have failed math as it is now impossible for him to get the nomination but he wants to remain a spoiler. Ted Cruz knew went to quit but Bernie Sanders does not.