Trump says he will approve ‘major middle income tax cut’ if GOP wins House, Senate in 2020 – TheHill

What president has ever said something like this? What did he do but openly bribing the American electorate. Sure politicians do it all the time but not with these kind of conditional promises.

he is unhinged, unfit and erratic. He scares me and he scares the rest of the world. I’m not sure when or if the giant corporations that run us will start worrying about him. Of course some of them are drooling for a war so we can buy new Jets, tanks and whatever other killing machines they’re willing to sell. but beyond that you would think that the fact he is destroying the fabric of our government would be worrisome. I’ve given up on the Republicans because the Republicans bought and paid for have the Democrats aren’t that much better to be honest.

Dark money is the issue here. The Koch brother can now do more damage and there is nothing to stop him.the Amazon is on fire and you can thank the Koch brothers for that in part. They have stripped cut Forest throughout the world including the Amazon to feed their pockets of Georgia-Pacific. Yes we need would but there’s ways of doing it using sustainable products with the Koch brothers don’t care all they wanted was to make as much money using up the resources of our dying planet.

Sono the liar in Chief is not going to give you a tax break, if he was going to give you a tax break if you do it right now. There’s a recession looming and he needs a tax break to the people-watching we will spend the money. So far the corporations who how are paying almost nothing in taxes now aren’t doing anything to stimulate the economy. Trickle-down economy is basically the way how liquid will trickle down your leg into your shoes, it is disgusting. The house would be more than happy to vote on a true tax reform bill which would increase the taxes on the rich and Lord for the poor but he’s not looking to do that nor will he.

He is the liar in Chief.


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Trump says he will ‘no longer deal with’ UK’s ambassador to US – TheHill

There’s a hashtag that has been trending on Twitter since the beginning of the Trump administration and it is


And boy today shows how he is just a little baby in a soiled diaper.

You attack our allies, you disrupt the order how far are alliances, you don’t defend NATO and you cozy up to every two-bit dictator on the planet. I guess that sums up Trump’s foreign policy. You couple that with the fact that he shows up to every World meeting unprepared and with his daughter at his side. We are the ones living through a two-bit dictatorship.

Oh, by the way did president Macron of France show up for Trump’s extravaganza? No he did not oh, that must really be annoying to the Trump.

He’s made the United States a laughing stock.


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The image is cropped exactly the way I thought it should be. A two-bit president only gets a two-bit picture

House Intel Will Call Trump Org Moneyman Allen Weisselberg To Testify – Daily beast

I was telling one of my best friends John yesterday how I heard my last name on television for the first time in a British TV show. it was weird to hear my name especially my last name. And then yesterday all I heard was my first name. I pronounce my name Allen and not with the French pronunciation. In France I like my name to be pronounced with the French pronunciation Latin America when somebody speaking English it just sounds so pretentious. There was this guy who is dating a friend of mine and he kept calling me by my name in the French pronunciation, his name was Charles I told him I did not like that. He was a billionaire so he thought he could do it over and over eventually I started calling him Chuck. He hated it. The other thing about Alan as a name is that it has a multitude of spellings.

All right now that I’ve said my thing about my name I thought I’d bring up what the whole point of this post was. Allen weisselberg my Lord how many times was his name brought up in yesterday’s hearing in front of the house oversight committee. Michael Cohen must have said his name more than he did “mr. Trump”. we know that he’s been a cooperating witness but it doesn’t mean that he has some sort of immunity. And all right think that’s Mister Weisselberg would be very smart to do a Michael Cohen and just stop protecting the president and save his own neck. You know that Trump would not think twice about throwing him under the bus.


PS Trump org is the stupidest name for a corporation. Especially after the internet came on the scene and had the .Org standing for nonprofits. But of course Trump doesn’t use email or text. I wish h8 would stop using Twitter.

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As an aside, has anyone noticed how badly Trump Tower has aged?

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Starbucks will temporarily close 8,000 U.S. stores for racial-bias training – NBC News

Sexual harassment training has been around for a couple of decades now and most companies that have more than 10 employees. Companies did not do it because of some altruistic reason they did it because they were being sued by there employees who had been sexually harassed. Now it’s time for corporations to step up to the plate regarding racial bias and how they treat their customers. In the incidents with Starbucks that spawned all of this interest many white customers had said they had spent their whole day there without buying a single thing and using Wi-Fi and an electric plug. And yet the Starbucks employees thought it would be proper to arrest two African-Americans for doing the same thing.

I applaud Starbucks for taking this step, but it reminds me of when Chipotle close their stores down because of the bacterial outbreak, it’s too little and too late.


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A Starbucks customer drinks coffee in Palo Alto, Calif., on Feb. 26, 2008.Paul Sakuma / AP file

Trump voters will not like what happens next – Garrison Keillor – The Washington Post

In this thoughtful piece, Garrison Keillor says he’s not giving up on America. Neither am I but I am going to take a step back. I’m going to let the Republicans and Trump drown in their own policies. I’m not going to fight I’m going to wait until 2018 and make sure that Congress turns blue. Let’s face it, what truck has been promising to his people is impossible. I watched a report about workers being retrained because their jobs war no longer available in their industry. Those in their twenties and thirties work catching on quickly and learning a new trade those that were older or not. The world is moving away from fossil fuels and so is the United States and there’s nothing that trumpism will do to change that. Donald Trump did not have the will to make his products in the United States. Do you really believe he can reverse what has been happening for over a generation? I like Garrison Keillor will live my life quietly and let Trump and the Republicans drown in their own policies.


Trump: I will solve California drought – CNN Video

The only time that Donald Trump has spoken up regarding climate change was when it was in his best interest. In a filing with the Scottish government asking for permission to build a higher sea wall to protect his golf course his attorneys mentioned the fact that climate change was raising the levels of the Seas. Now he thinks that he can solve California’s drought. The only way to solve California’s drought is for the world to understand that we are at a precipice and are about to collectively fall into it if we don’t dramatically change the way we do business. 2016 has had 8, yes 8, 500 year floods in the United States alone. Donald Trump in his only interview on climate change looked like a kid who had not prepared for his science project. He said that climate went up and down up and down and there was nothing we could do about it. He was more upset about the fact that he could no longer use a hairspray that was more effective. He actually said he could not understand how when he sprayed hairspray in his “sealed” apartment it would affect the ozone layer. I guess Donald Trump doesn’t breathe the same air that we all do. His lack of knowledge and his unwillingness to listen to scientists as opposed to his handlers frightens me. I am 62 years old and I know I will see changes in the climate but I feel so so sorry for those young people who are going to have to pay for the mistakes being made right now by politicians.


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This is what California drought looks like.

Donald Trump Says He’ll Protect LGBTQ People. But Who Will Protect Us From Him? -Slate.comĀ 

In an article in the New York Times it is reported that when John Kasich was asked to be Donald Trump’s running mate he was told that he would be in charge of both domestic and foreign policy. When asked what would Trump do you they replied “Make America great again”.

So if that’s the template for how the White House under Trump would run then we have one of the most Anti gay individuals running the White House in Mike Pence. He is for dangerous and cruel so-called “Gay conversion therapy”, he wants marriage equality to be banned, he is against transgender bathroom bills, basically wants to take us back to the 1950s. If that’s what Trump thanks making America great again is I’m afraid of what he’s going to do with the rest of the issues that a president has to deal with.


Dominick Reuter/AFP/Getty Images

Dismayed by Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg Will Endorse Hillary Clinton – NYT

Sure Michael Bloomberg is a billionaire, the owner of a large media Empire, someone who ran has a Republican and then an independent for public office. Most importantly Michael Bloomberg is used by moderates as a man of the people. Remember he’s the guy who wanted to ban the sugary super-sized obesity creating sodas at fast food joints. He cares and he cares a lot and this is unprecedented. It’s very rare that a party will give someone from outside the party uprimetime speaking slot. Wednesday is the same day that Vice President Biden and President Obama will be speaking. This is how much the Hillary Clinton campaign understands how important his endorsement is. I believe that Independence will also understand how important his endorsement of Hillary Clinton is.


Who Will Be President? – The New York Times

I start each of these blog posts with the same caveat. A week in politics can be like a year in real life. That being said, one of the best indicators of who is going to win the White House are polls taken in June and July of the election year.

Things can change, but with all of these unforced Errors By The Trump campaign it seems like a gargantuan task for them to get there shit together in time for November. They need to ramp up staff very quickly. Anything you do quickly is prone to error. And unless someone falls on his sword for this speech disaster with Melania the Trump campaign is going to be in shambles for a while. Could not happen do are more deserving man and campaign.


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