Sen. John Barrasso throws cold water on new gun legislation – POLITICO

Let’s get one important fact out of the way right off the bat:

Just 2 percent of Barrasso’s 2017 fundraising is Wyoming-based

and if you look deeper you’ll see that he is absolutely not allergic to getting dark money, money from packs that don’t tell anyone where this money is coming from. You can thank citizens united for his still remaining in the Senate.

I love how he talks about how a red flag law could hurt law-abiding citizens. DUI laws are exactly the same thing. no one would even consider saying that the DUI laws hurt law-abiding citizens but when your money comes from the gun lobby you will say anything even if it comes out of your ass.

And what hurts me the most is that he only represents a little over a quarter million people when Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris of California each represent a little bit over 20 million people. Taxation without equal representation anybody?

Until we clean the slate in the House and Senate of Republicans that refused to abide by the will of the people and I am talking about 80 to 90% of the American people including 72% of Republicans at the last poll who are looking for and are demanding common Sense gun control.

Enough is enough

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The comments from a Sen. John Barrasso are a reminder of the hurdles to passing new legislation curbing gun violence. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Gov. Jerry Brown seeks fines of up to $10,000 a day for water wasters – LA Times

Although I applaud the governor for taking these needed steps, but a fundamental change in the way we use the land is what is necessary. agribusiness in the state of California brings in billions and billions of dollars to the state coffers. And therefore they have huge clouds. Converting our crops from those that were annuals such as tomatoes and strawberries and lettuces to those that grow in rose has made a significant impact on our water usage. It takes a gallon of water to grow a single almond. How much water it takes to make a gallon of almond milk. that’s where the conservation needs to start. its going to cost money and this place well but the alternative turns California into a desert.

The changes that you see in these NASA pictures are not only from this incredibly large lot of rain but also for the new crops we are growing

Oregon governor expands drought declaration

When the upper northwest states start seeing droughts, you know the problem begins with climate change. Friends of mine who are climate change deniers send me articles from individual scientists who are most likely bought and paid for by the greenhouse gas producers saying that this has been one of the coldest years in recorded history. In fact this is been one of the hottest years in recorded history and 99 percent of climatologists believe so.


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Solar Powered Water Desalination Heats Up in Chile – WaterWorld

In an earlier post I suggested that this may be one of the answers for California’s water situation that may become a permanent situation as we are depleting groundwater to the point that the state is actually sinking. This article is fascinating and shows how with the right technology, ingenuity, and infrastructure large-scale water desalinization is not a thing of the future what is happening right now. Chile knows that food crops is its number one export and is ensuring that the lifeblood of that export through this Project.

Thinking big: IBM's prototype High Concentration PhotoVoltaic Thermal system uses a large parabolic dish, constructed from a large array of mirror facets, which are attached to a sun tracking system.

If Californians want to really conserve water, they should cut down on coffee, rice, and beef – Quartz

California agricultural industry has shifted from growing annuals like tomatoes and leafy vegetables etc to grove trers like almonds and pistachios. Annuals use less water can produce fruit quicker. They’re much more labor intensive. But here is a staggering satistic it takes one gallon of water to make one almond, I’m going to repeat that it takes one gallon of water to grow one almond. So yes changing all lawns will help but at home our water usage comes from the beef we and fruit like almonds trees and we need to start thinking about what we are buying in the stores so that California farmers start shifting their crops to those that are more in line with the fact that we live in the desert. If we are not careful the desert will take over California and there will be no farmland in the very near future.

There should be a lake to the right of the Damned, pictures are worth a thousand words