Spurned by top lawyers, Trump’s defense elevates Washington, outsider a medieval historian to defend him – Reuters

This is stunning:
(Reuters) – A little-known former prosecutor with a doctorate in medieval history will play a central role on U.S. President Donald Trump’s legal team, as many top-tier lawyers shy away from representing him in a probe into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.

Although sometimes I feel like I’m living in medieval times under this regime getting a scholar who is proficient in it does not seem like a very good defense strategy for the president of the United States of America. And yet here it is, the soap opera or rather the reality show that is our government today continues. If I told you yesterday that a medieval scholar would be in charge of helping the president of the United States in his attempt to keep his office you would laugh at me. And here we are.

No top-tier attorney was willing to take on this President. Why should have talked to your attorney even a republican one want to? This man has proven that he lies, will perjure himself and has absolutely no way of controlling his mouth or his Twitter account for that matter. He mocks being presidential as if it’s some sort of bad thing. It’s what has gotten us through almost 250 years and I can’t wait till we get back to a presidential President, and that’s a president with a capital P unlike the one we have now.


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Why (the hell) is offshore drilling again banned in Florida? {Well, it’s a red state} – washingtonpost.com

Destroying the planet seems to be on his agenda. He’s trying to destroy our government and its system. He’s trying to destroy our values. And foremost he seems hell-bent on destroying the

I live in California, I also lived most of my life in Florida. Honestly, California has much more touristic value Onnit Shoreline than Florida does. And yet California drilling has been opened but Florida seems to be special to this hypocritical president.

One by one Republicans like Daryl I said today have said they’re not running for reelection. There are not running for reelection because they won’t win. This President is digging himself into a hole that’s going to be incredibly difficult to get out of.


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Hand in this photograph appears much larger than it is in reality.

Washington state GOP convention backs Cruz over Trump | The Seattle Times

The Republican Party are Masters at messaging. They are much better than the Democrats because we let everything show and we are transparent. This is a sign that all the Kumbaya we are hearing from the Republicans is not in fact what is simmering underneath the messaging. Donald Trump is not a popular man with a large percentage of Republicans. His economic message is anything but conservative. Even his social issues don’t match well with the Republican Party. I think as the days creep to November we will see more and more schisms that are created in the Republican Party


Sanders’s claim that Panama Free-Trade deal enabled more offshore tax scams is wrong – The Washington Post

Once again Senator Sanders fumbles when he’s not in his comfort zone attacking Wall Street or the big Banks.
“Senator Sanders argument that the Panama FTA would ‘effectively bar the United States from going after tax evaders in Panama’ is wrong,” said a joint statement by Rep. Sander Levin (D-Mich.), the senior Democrat on the Ways and Means Committee and former senator Carl Levin (D-Mich.). Sanders “asserted that combating tax haven abuse in Panama would be a violation of the Panama FTA.  There are many flaws in this argument, but one is particularly obvious: the Panama FTA clearly states that ‘nothing in this Agreement shall apply to taxation measures.’”
To run for president one needs to do their homework. Senator Sanders making these statements that have no basis in fact is the Republican way of doing things.