There’s a big tell in Trump’s latest defense of Donald Jr. – Washington Post

I have a couple of things to say here. First and foremost, ignorance of the law does not excuse you from the law. The defense that is being melted for Donald Trump Jr is that he didn’t know it was against the law to get opposition research from a foreign country. I am not a politician but if a foreign adversary came to me while I was running a campaign the first thought would be to go to the FBI and not to say I love it. They keep saying that collusion is not a crime. Yes there is no statute that uses the word collusion. But collusion describes a series of events that lead to getting into a crime.

But what’s more telling is the fact that this President is seemingly throwing his son under the bus. the reason that Rudy Giuliani doesn’t want Trump to have an interview with the special counsel is because he knows he’s going to lie. This tweet clearly states that he knew nothing about it but we know that this man is a stickler for details and would not have had a meeting during his campaign that he did not know about of this importance.Granted he has the pardon power and granted his supporters will forgive anything from this president but unfortunately for this President his hardcore supporters are about 30 to 35% of the population, not enough to win an election.

As an aside, it’s ironic how all of these Republicans who I could not stomach listening to, including Ruth Marcus, have now come out against this president. It is heartening that they understand the country security is more important than anyone presidency. I just wish members of Congress that have an R next to their name would grow a spine and start defending our country and The Oaf they swore. unfortunately, I believe the prospect of the elimination of the capital gains tax is more important to them then our country’s security. Capitals gains tax is levied on mostly very rich people and that’s their donor base.


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Russian firm indicted in special counsel probe cites Kavanaugh decision to argue that charge should be dismissed – WashPost

Of course the the Supreme Court choice of trump once nothing more than to have the special counsel disappear. So it makes all the sense in the world that the accused Russians involved our siding Supreme Court nominee Kavanagh in their bid to get out of the crimes they committed. Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh would be a blight on our judicial system and would remove rights from minorities, immigrants, lgbtq, pro-choice and the list goes on and on.


Fox’s Cavuto to Trump: ‘That’s your stink. Mr. President, that’s your swamp.’ – Washington Post

I can hear all the naysayers already telling me is just one person on Fox News. It’s how a dam brakes, first there’s a crack and then a small Trickle and then it breaks open. I have watched this movie once before and it was called Nixon in Watergate. I heard all the pundits tell me that the Republican Party would never turn against him. Until they turned against him. And this Republican party will turn against this President once they get a decided loss in the midterms.

So yes, it’s only one Fox News host who has the gumption to speak out the truth but even if 1/10 of that audience believes it it’s a beginning and eventually the dam will break.


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Neil Cavuto criticized President Trump in his Fox News show May 3 after Rudolph W. Giuliani said Trump reimbursed his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen for a $130,000 payment to adult-film star Stormy Daniels. (Allie Caren/The Washington Post)

US Chamber of Commerce criticizes Trump on his attack on American businesses – Reuters

Wendy us Chamber of Commerce attacks are Republican President you know things are going off the rails in the White House.

I can understand why the White House last week had a press conference but redefined press conference has all it was was a ramble from Trump and no questions from the Press. When questions from the Press are asked of this President he lies, there’s no other way to describe it. Yesterday was and barrage of Lies. I love the one where he said he was the toughest presidents on Russia and said that everyone else agreed about it and said look at them nodding yes. No one in the room was nodding yes. It is so embarrassing to watch this man deface the Office of the President United States.

The reason for the statement from the US Chamber of Commerce his of course Amazon and Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos owns Amazon and Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post but they are not related. The Washington Post has said that Jeff Bezos does not have input on editorial content. Further the post office said that day find the business relationship they have with Amazon to be lucrative and not a money-losing proposition as the president miss stated in his press conference. Enough of these lies, they don’t stop. The Washington Post fact-checker said that he lies about 7 times a day. If President Obama had lied 7 times in a year the Republicans would have been calling for impeachment. This kind of behavior is not what we expect from the White House


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Bizarre legal brawl intensifies at Trump hotel in Panama – Washington Post

The Trump brand is toxic.

If one were to believe Donald J Trump then one would believe that all of these buildings that have his name on them belong to the Trump organization. In fact that is not true. a vast majority of the buildings that have his name on them are either a licensing agreement or a licensing and management agreement. The Trump organization does not own the buildings. Case in point Panama City Panama. Turns out having the Trump name on a building in South America is not very good for business, who would believe that? I’m sure this is fake news. In any case the manager of the hotel the owner of the hotel employees from the hotel. The hotel owner with the backing of the Panamanian government the Trump name was hurting business and he wanted to sever ties with this company.

Remember, 45 never put his Holdings in a blind Trust as has been the custom of every president. He just said that his genius son Donald jr. would run the company and they made Vape promises not to do business in foreign countries again.

I call BS.


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This July 4, 2011, file photo shows the Trump International Hotel Panama, third building from left, in Panama City. (AP Photo/Arnulfo Franco, File)

Who, exactly, was Ivanka Trump endorsing? – The Washington Post

It turns out, if one is to believe her own words, that Ivanka Trump is voting for Hillary Clinton. All the proposals that she put out last night have never been proposed by her father instead they are part of Hillary’s core message of how she will be running the United States. Maybe all that improper touching by her father has finally gotten to her. Ivanka made some good points and those good points are that if you’re a woman the only choice you have is Hillary Clinton.


Bernie Sanders had a plan for today. Democrats had another. – WashPost

Great reporting by The Washington Post. A behind the scenes of how today’s events unfolded. President Obama called Bernie Sanders on Sunday night and told him that he planned to endorse Hillary today. Senator Sanders asked that the President wait until after their meeting at the White House today. President Obama kept his word and a few minutes after Senator Sanders left the White House the video endorsement was released. The whole day was orchestrated as a show of Unity by the Democrats behind Hillary Clinton. With a couple of bumps along the road from Bernie Sanders we pretty much gave that show to the world. Bernie Sanders wants the chairmanship of the finance committee of the Senate. He knows he has to play ball with the Democrats and make sure that Hillary gets elected or those dreams go down the drain.
Donald Trump is not going to be easy adversary. He is coming and he cheats and he’s willing to say almost anything for power. So what we see today is a week and Donald Trump who although bloodied is certainly not out of the race. He’s going to get money from all over the corporate Republican universe and mount a fierce campaign against Hillary. Here in California, where Hillary is basically a shoo-in, commercials have already started trying to change her. Now it’s time for the media to do their job and make sure that the truth goes out and they don’t follow him like some lost puppy.


Here’s what happened at Saturday’s dramatic Nevada Democratic convention – Washington Post

Here’s what happened at Saturday’s convention in Nevada, despite her opponent’s supporters becoming violent she ended up with one extra vote in the delegate count.
I realize that emotions are high at this point in the campaign. Hell, I was furious that Hillary did not get the nod in 2008. But the minute she said she was no longer running I became a Barrack Obama supporter. It’s time for Hillary’s opponent to tell his supporters that this kind of behavior cannot be apart of our political discourse.
This year the Republicans are putting up for  their presidential nomination a man who is so ill suited to becoming president that it is unprecedented in our history. Call yourself a liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Republican or independent it does not matter we need to defeat Donald Trump.


Hillary Clinton is going to be exonerated on the email controversy. It won’t matter. Washington Post

Secretaries of State Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright, to name a few, all have had personal email servers in their homes. It was standard practice until someone heard that Hillary Clinton did it and all the sudden it became a major crime. Even our current Secretary of Defense admitted last month that he had a email server at home and because of the brouhaha over Hillary Clinton’s servers he took his out. Witch hunts are witch hunts.


Don’t tell Bernie Sanders backers, but they’re less enthusiastic than Clinton’s-WashPost

And I would like to add that Hillary Clinton supporters are also more mature. Not mature in the sense of being old, but mature in understanding the intricacies of our government. Bernie Sanders backers are followers, Hillary Clinton supporters are supporters.