Trump administration wants Supreme Court to take up transgender military ban now – NBC News

When the asshole who is in the White House was running for president he kept saying how much he loves the gays he said it over and over again. It’s why he is gotten the moniker of Liar in Chief.

He doesn’t want people to get any rights other than the ones who voted for him. He doesn’t care about the 60% of the United States did not vote for him. Look what he’s doing to California. He is a disgrace and I wish the network’s would stop covering every morsel that comes out of that man’s hole in his face. I’m sorry I usually I’m not this angry but this is beyond the pale.

The Israeli military was one of the first to allow gays lesbians and transgender to be in their military. Nobody can say that the Israeli military is weaker for it. As a matter of fact the statistics show that militaries that are inclusive have a better moral and longer stays in the military. Our own pentagon is not in favor of this. The Tangerine nightmare in the White House is playing to his base and stirring up anti-gay sentiments in those 40% that voted for him. Shame on him.


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Kavanaugh wants us to forget his yearbook jokes. I don’t. – Vox

Brett Kavanaugh wants us to believe that he’s this country bumpkin not wise to the big cities ways. His father was a judge. He was groomed to be a judge. So what was in his yearbook reflex who he was and who he is. I know that when I was in high school, everything that wanted to buy your book was important. I wanted as many accolades as possible in my yearbook but certainly did not talk about underage drinking or sexual encounters. So, it’s surprising to me that this is what he is using as a defense.

One more point, when one goes in front of Congress I assume one studies. It turns out he was not drinking legally nor were any of his senior class friends who were drinking. The drinking age had been raised and his County the year before to 20. So all this talk about legally drinking is bull. Now let’s go on to college, it was illegal to drink it in Connecticut at the time if you are under 21. He was clearly under-21 until his senior year in college. Another lie upon lie. If this man lies like this about the trivial things what is he not telling the truth about?


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Trump wants three presidential debates, accuses Clinton of rigging schedule – POLITICO

Is telling the truth a completely unknown quantity to Donald Trump? He says in his interview which is going to air tomorrow on ABC’s Morning Show with George Stephanopoulos that he received a letter from the NFL complaining that the debate was up against an NFL game or two. First it’s on a Sunday night which is the highest viewership night of the week. Finding the Sunday night that doesn’t have a sports game of some sort is hard. And secondly and this is the part that really gets to me the NFL says they did not send a letter to Donald Trump. But I bet you George Stephanopoulos is not going to engage them on that and let the LIE slip by. And just to compound the LIE it’s only one game that will be at the same time as the debates. Hillary is going to cream him in the debates and make them into butter.

Did the Bates schedule is set by an independent committee and not by the candidates.


Opinion: Isis wants Donald Trump to be President

Attack after attack Isis and its sympathizers leads me to a singular conclusion, they want Donald Trump to be president. Having Trump as president would give them the propaganda weapon of propaganda weapons. His rhetoric against Muslims wood become the Hallmark of their recruiting videos. Anybody who believes anything else is mistaken and will regret their opinion in the future. Just like the UK regrets having voted for brexit if we elect Donald Trump we will sorely regret that decision.

Isis only works if it can make its potential followers believe that the U.S. is their enemy. And when you have someone like Trump who doesn’t stop attacking Muslims and scapegoating them for almost everything, Isis has a winner. So you should not be surprised that the next 4 months we are going to be attacked whether abroad or God forbid within our borders by ISIS and its blind followers. And each time an attack happens a few more people in our country will believe Trump rhetoric. It is our job to make sure that’s Trump does not get his message across.


Hardly anybody wants to speak at Trump’s convention – POLITICO

Out of 50 politicians that Politico surveyed that would normally be chomping at the bit to speak at the convention only a few said they might be interested. Almost everyone else had talking points. They ranged from I’m not going to be attending the convention this year to I am not interested in the speaking position at the convention this year. This is remarkable because a political convention is a 3 Day infomercial for that presidential candidate. And no one wants to be on stage with Trump. We have three weeks until the convention and I will repeat this over and over again one week in political terms is the same as a year in regular terms so let’s not call the body dead yet. Trump could be roaring back to life next week and all of this will seem as far away as the 24-hour sit-in the Democrats had in the house only last Tuesday.


Donald Trump Tells NRA Hillary Clinton Wants to Let Violent Criminals Go Free – NYTIMES

In a speech full of lies, something we need to expect in the next five and a half months from Trump, he slams Hillary for her stance on gun control. He says that she is looking to overturn the Second Amendment. That is a bold face lie. But his line works for him as he got the endorsement of the NRA. But let’s be real here they endorsed McCain and Romney and their endorsements did very little