North Koreans release humiliating video of incompetent Trump saluting North Korean general

In other administrations this would be a scandal. unfortunately we are so scandal-ridden with this Administration that even something as outrageous as this act just goes by as part of the daily crazy in the White House.


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The president of the United States humiliating our country by saluting the general from an enemy Nation. Can we say treason?

Kansas City Chiefs star Kareem Hunt fired after video shows him pushing, kicking woman – NBC news

What this man has done is inexcusable.

That being said, I think the NFL is inexcusable. we have turned these poor men into gladiators who for a lot of money destroy their brains and live out their lives for the most part in misery. The NFL needs to take ownership of their issues with brain injuries or it should no longer be on network television. If someone wants to pay for it then let it be on pay-per-view but advertisers should stop advertising on NFL games. They might as well be advertising on shows about child molesting.


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Kareem Hunt at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, on December 24, 2017.Jason Hanna / Getty Images file

President Trump cracked an ‘awkward’ joke about Melania [Video] – Yahoo News

Let’s face it America, we have a man as the President of the United States who doesn’t understand how to be a human being. From the treatment of his wife to the abuse of the 29 women that have come out and accuse them of sexual harassment or worst, to how he is held the office of presidency he does not deserve to be in that spot. Yes he won the electoral college but he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes out of 100 million cast.

Almost daily we hear about this President paying women off for his behavior. From Michael avenatti being on television daily talking about Stormy Daniels to the close to 30 women that have accused this President of sexual misconduct this must be a very hard time for the First Lady. Remember that these allegations of misconduct happens while his wife was pregnant with their current youngest child Baron. This must be a soul-crushing. For the First Lady. The only reasons that she has not left him his either her respect for the office of the presidency or her belief that this is best for their child. And any case she deserves a medal.


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Kellyanne Conway Flips Out When Asked About Her Husband’s Trump-Trolling Tweets – HuffPost

The most disingenuous human being on the planet is Kellyanne Conway.

Does she sit in front of a mirror practicing to make that weird face? Screenshot from CNN State of the Union

She has no problem in bringing up extramarital Affairs of others like the Clintons. She doesn’t mind stepping into other people’s homes and trying to destroy their families. But when it comes to her and her precious president there’s where she goes off the rail.

Dana Bash had every reason to ask her about her husband’s tweets and if she didn’t want to talk about it then just say I’m not comfortable that question but going and reaming her a new rectum is not exactly how I presidential counselor should behave.

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Watch Stephen Colbert unveil USA Freedom Kids with a twist – Washington Examiner

As some of my regular readers will remember I posted that Donald Trump did not live up to his contractual obligation to the USA Freedom Kids girl band. Stephen Colbert took it one step further and put together a hilarious spoof with adults. It unabashedly points out that Donald Trump is a crook and doesn’t pay his bills. 

Click on the link below and watch the video.


Donald Trump moves to block the release of his video testimony in university lawsuit – LA Times

The opposite of transparent is opaque. Donald Trump is opaque. He fears light. He doesn’t want you to know too much about him because if you do you won’t like what you see. Saying that he is shallow is an insult to puddles.
Of course he will block the release of the videos but they will be released and then he will say that it was racially motivated. He’s a thief and someone who doesn’t pay his bills. He preyed on poor people who believed his lies that he would make them rich. Shame on him.
His campaign reserved an Arena that holds 11,000 people for his speech tonight. The police expected giant crowds outside protesting. The last time I checked there were less than 1,500 people in the arena. There was about 150 people outside protesting. And he was an hour and a half late getting there because he wanted to avoid being on the local news with an empty Arena. That’s how much he doesn’t like the light. He wants Darkness around him so that people can’t see what he really is. He is the monster that the Republican party has created through its hatred and policies.

Still only showing half his face

Did Donald Trump drop out of presidential race? Watch April Fool’s prank video

It’s actually quite unbelievable to watch this video. Donald Trump calling himself out on all the outrageous and stupid things he has said and done in this campaign. I have to say I have about a 1% better opinion of him because of it.

Photo credit ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Clinton on Trump’s abortion remarks: ‘Outrageous and dangerous’ | MSNBC

And when asked about Bernie Sanders who said of Trumps remark it was just one of his stupid moments that the Press carries, Secretary of State Clinton said that that was unacceptable and that men and women in this country should stand up for a woman’s right to do what she feels is correct for herself. What are courageous dance she takes and frankly I’m ashamed at Bernie Sanders what he said.
Click on this link to watch the interview regarding Trump and abortion.


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