If Cohen is telling us the truth, Trump may end up like Flynn – TheHill

One time, and this one time only, I will agree with Rudy Giuliani about something. Michael Cohen is a liar. he is a liar that is trying his hardest to keep himself out of jail. What the good America’s mayor forgot to say was that a few weeks ago Giuliani himself said that Michael corn was a good man. A good man is not a liar or do I have my definitions mixed up?

I truly hope that the headline of this story is what happens in the end. But one thing that is never spoken about is the fact that Mike Pence, yes mr. Clean cut vice president, was in charge of the transition. And as such he must have known about Flynn, the Russians, and all of the other Shenanigans going on in those horrendous months between the election and the inauguration of the 45th president. So who will take over from Trump if Mike Pence is also implicated? And that’s why we need to have Democratic house in November. Because next in line is the speaker of the house and not the Secretary of State as so many believe. And can you imagine a president Jim Jordan? Alright enough nightmares for today.


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Clinton VP pick: Signs point toward Kaine as Clinton’s VP choice – POLITICO

Last night, during late night with Stephen Colbert, Elizabeth Warren made it clear that she was not the vice-presidential pick. She also announced that she was speaking on Monday night. I am and would be very happy if Tim Kaine is Hillary’s choice. He has a secret weapon. Not only does he check all the boxes regarding his Progressive beliefs but this very American looking man speaks perfect Spanish. We need to make sure that the Latino vote comes out strong for Hillary if we’re going to the feet Donald Trump. And Tim Kaine is a good debater something I don’t think Mike Pence is. So this may not be the ticket that all of you wished for but it’s the ticket that Hillary wants to run with and we have to support her in every way. Let us not forget that this is not just a beauty contest but it’s also the person who may have to take over from Hillary God forbid, and who will hopefully be by her side for the next 8 years.



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DNC headliners include Clintons, Sanders, Obamas but no Warren – NY Daily News

After being on the roster for a speech on Monday night of the Democratic National Convention comma Elizabeth Warren is no longer on the speaking list. I doubt it’s because she has lost favor with Hillary Clinton. I think it’s because Hillary is truly considering her to be named her vice presidential running mate.

I know there are pros and cons to Elizabeth Warren on the ticket. But I think the pros outweigh the cons. She will solidify the progressive side of the democratic party for Hillary. And let’s face it we need the women’s vote to come out inforce. Donald Trump picking Mike Pence as his VP makes things quite clear two women. You’re not our priority is being yelled at women from the Republican ticket, in fact we want control of your body is what they’re saying. Reading tea leaves is not my forte butt if one were to guess Elizabeth Warren is still in the running for VP.



After Nice Attack, Newt Gingrich Says Muslims Who Believe In Sharia Should Be Deported To Combat Terrorism

It seems that Newt Gingrich is upset that he was not chosen to be Donald Trump’s running mate. In the chaos in suing the attack in the south of France he thinks that if he makes provocative statements like this perhaps Donald Trump will change his mind. The man is actually campaigning for vice president. On his Facebook page he went on about how much more qualified he was then my pants. He said that he had a national recognition and audience where’s my pants was wholly from the Midwest. This is rather pathetic. It is indicative of the state of the GOP in 2016. Newt Gingrich, when he has Speaker of the House, closed down the government an impeached President Clinton laid the groundwork for what’s happening in 2016 20 years later.

I don’t want the Republican party to disappear. I want the Republican party to get back on its mens and become a center-right party and not this extreme right party with demagogues as its nominee.



Screenshot from Newt Gingrich’s Facebook page.

Donald Trump selects Mike Pence as VP – CNN 

On the surface Mike Pence may look like a reasonable man. Let’s let’s all think back to 2015 when Indiana passed the anti-gay legislation. He mishandled his role as governor of the state because he’s the governor of everyone. He allowed religion to go into places that it was never meant to go by our founding fathers. He is extremely religious and extremely anti-gay. But two White old man running as the Republican ticket is what is to be expected.



Cory Booker no longer denying he’s being vetted as Hillary Clinton’s VP pick – CBS News 

Until Hillary Clinton gets on stage and announces her vice presidential pick all of this is background static. I think that Senator Cory Booker, a true American Hero, would make a great vice presidential pick. Hillary has the luxury I love having a myriad of choices that would be perfect as her vice president. That is not what can be said at all about Donald Trump. Those who would consider becoming Trump’s vice presidential candidate are power hungry and are also ignoring the fact that they are hitting their star to a supernova that’s going to explode in their face.

Hillary will make a choice that is good for the country. Donald Trump will make a choice that is good for Donald Trump.



Did Donald Trump Just Hand the Senate to Elizabeth Warren? – POLITICO

Unfortunately it is unlikely that Senator Warren would be tapped to be Hillary Clinton’s vice president. If she became vice president then she would have to resign her senate seat. The governor of Massachusetts is a Republican and he would choose a republican replacement losing the seat for the Democrats. Elizabeth Warren is playing the long game and if the sentence goes democratic she will have much power to shape the agenda of how the Senate votes and decides on which bills will be taken up. So I think it’s a pipe dream to think that Elizabeth Warren is going to be Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential nominee butt she has a great future in the Senate and perhaps Beyond.

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Carly Fiorina made history tonight

From what I have been able to gather from the Archives of the internet Carly fiorina has had the shortest run for vice president in the history of the United States. At least she has made a footnote to history. She is very good at destroying things. She took Hewlett-Packard a company that was doing very well and for some weird reason decided to merge it with Compaq that made printers also and lost 35000 jobs. Now she becomes Ted Cruz’s vice presidential candidate and 6 days later Ted Cruz drops out of the race. I wonder if she still is running for vice-president, no one knows. Interestingly, yesterday she fell off the stage at a Ted Cruz events and he did not try to help her. I hope she stays out of politics. She has earned her retirement.