Jussie Smollett Returns to ‘Empire’ Set After Posting Bail – Variety

This has not been a really illustrious time for the gay community. Here in Los Angeles we are rocked by two scandals involving high-profile gay leaders. The mayor of West Hollywood, John Duran, someone I consider a friend is under investigation for sexual harassment in the gay men’s chorus of Los Angeles. One of the butler’s that has been so instrumental in getting people elected with a progressive slats is also under investigation for two deaths that happened in his home under the circumstances that involved crystal meth. And now we have Jussie Smollett.

I am torn. Fox in the end what he has done is hurting everyone that has ever been the subject of a hate crime. Even the simple gear of being called faget on the street is in my opinion I hate crime. It’s on the same level as having the n-word thrown at an African-American. He used his celebrity to enrich himself. She already was in the cast of a successful show on Fox. He wasn’t happy with how much he got paid then that’s the job for his agent to resolve. Having said then a sag-aftra agents in the 80s I know exactly how this works and contracts need to be negotiated. But you ain’t what he did is inexcusable. I’m sorry he has hurt everyone who has ever been damaged by a hate crime.

He has played into the hands of the current occupants of the White House. Trump tweeted about this incident but seemed to completely ignore the fact that a white supremacist member of the coast guard wanted to kill Progressive media journalists. Trump says that the New York Times is the enemy of the people and he doesn’t understand that his words resonate with his cult like followers.


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Bill Clinton Boosts Democratic National Convention Night 2 Coverage – Variety

This is from the Associated Press:

RATINGS: Democrats had nearly 5 million more viewers Tuesday night than Republicans did for the corresponding night of their convention last week. That’s from the Nielsen company’s measurement of the six biggest commercial networks that showed the convention from 10 p.m. until its close. For a second straight night, CNN led the way with 5.93 million viewers, followed by NBC’s 5.28 million. After winning last week with the Republicans, Fox News was sixth and last.

The National Party conventions are infomercials. And the Democrats are winning the infomercial War. Let’s hope it translates into votes in November. Below is the article by variety about how Bill Clinton help boost the ratings on Tuesday night.



I took this picture before the California primary in late May in Inglewood California.

Ratings: DNC Night 1 Draws More Viwers Than RNC, Other Elections – Variety

The Reason people like soap operas is because of the drama. Like one of the Democratic National Convention had all the drama of a soap opera. The day started off with the DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, having to resign. Then when Bernie Sanders addressed his people and he asked them to support Hillary they booed him. But in the end like any good family we came together because of one speech. Michelle Obama stole the night and started the reunification of the Democratic Party. I have been telling my friends not to be surprised if she runs for president or for Senator sometime in the future. Her speech was the complete opposite of the one that Melania Trump gave on the first night of the Republican National Convention. Without saying it Michelle sad that we did not want Donald Trump to show our children how to behave. Michelle Obama speech was repeated in its entirety several times on cable news. It’s been viewed millions of times on YouTube. She is what a first lady should be. Hand in the end the Democrats are giving the country a show that gives you hope for the future and not the darkness of the Republican one.



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Donald Trump Speech Ratings Fall Far Below even John McCain’s – Variety

The television networks must be saying “you’re fired” to Donald Trump tonight. John McCain got 38 million, 6 million more than Donald Trump did last night. I think a week that was promised to be full of stars and then up with a list of c-list actors and musicians from the eighties left people disappointed and when it was time for Donald Trump to speak people were really tired of what was going on in the travesty in Cleveland.