Trump was angry and ‘unglued’ when he started a trade war, officials say – NBC News

During the campaign when I would post to Facebook or Twitter about Trump and his Readiness to be president I always used the hash tag:


This episode yesterday when he started a trade war with China and our best trading partner Canada is an example as to why I thought he was unfit. Just because you’re in a bad mood you don’t take it to work. But since he worked in a mom and pop kind of organization and he was the king he never learned that rule. So now his Tantrums have consequences and we are going to see the price of cars skyrockets as well as so many of the things we use everyday. I agree we need to do something about China and it’s unfair trade policies, but this was not it. He reminds me of the lazy student that skims a book and comes back with a two-sentence synopsis. Trade is complicated. For example we have parody in our trade in steel and aluminum with Canada. In other words we sell them as much of those Commodities as they sell us and that’s the way it’s supposed to work. China unfortunately mission to undercut American and for that matter products from the world. They sell steel, aluminum and things like solar panels below cost to them because they are run by the government and they are using the money they lend to us subsidized these losses. They are playing the long game and the long game is to monopolize every major commodity.. we need to deal with China but that has to be done through multilateral talks because feeling only weak Ina we don’t have the weight of the world on our side.

And kudos to NBC and it’s staff and it’s news department for all of the Scoops they have been having of light. The one positive thing coming from this Administration is the revitalization of our press whether it be print, online or newspapers.

Trump is unfit and his Tantrums have no place in the White House


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USA TODAY’s Editorial Board: Trump is ‘unfit for the presidency’

In the 34 years of USA Today newspaper existence they have never ever endorsed a candidate for president. This non endorsement of Trump is unprecedented when you think about who owns USA Today. They say he is unfit to be president. I’ll let you read the USA Today recommendation on not voting for Trump by clicking the link below.


Clarence Thomas Asks 1st Question From Supreme Court Bench In 10 Years : The Two-Way : NPR

as far as I’m concerned I hope you never ask another question again. You should not be on the bench. His wife works on K Street. And when a case came up where it involved her company’s litigation he did not recuse himself. Maybe her $675,000 a year salary at the time helped. He’s a terrible man I will never say a nice thing about him. I don’t know anybody on the Supreme Court that says their buddies with this guy. Go away Clarence Thomas!


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California Governor Jerry Brown: Ted Cruz ‘Unfit to Be Running’ for President

Governor Brown may end up being the Bulldog for the Democratic Party. He successfully transitioned the state from terrible deficits to a vibrant economy. he is tackling the challenges of climate change with legislation  already approved by the voters m in January. He has standing as a two-time governor and is not looking to making a political mark anymore.


NBC News
September 22 2015
California Gov. Jerry Brown said in an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s position on climate change makes him “absolutely unfit to be running for office.”

Responding to comments made by Cruz on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Democratic Governor Brown said of Cruz, “That man betokens such a level of ignorance and a direct falsification of the existing scientific data. It’s shocking and I think that man has rendered himself absolutely unfit to be running for office.”

A long-time environmentalist, Brown is dealing with a severe drought in California. He recently announced a $1 billion aid package to help affected residents and prepare for flooding

Brown said the drought being experienced in California could be traced to the buildup of carbon from coal and other sources, and that leaders need to take measures to prevent dire consequences.

“This is a serious matter we’re experiencing in California, as kind of a foretaste. But there is no doubt that into the future, we’re going to have more problems,” he said.