Trump lawyer Michael Cohen tries to silence adult-film star Stormy Daniels – NBC News

I post this story at my own Peril because WordPress considers any stories of this nature to be sexual content and makes it more difficult for them to theoretically Market my site. I don’t believe them so here I go they’re going to be one way or the other.

First let’s not forget that Michael corn is the same Michael cone that was in the interview on CNN when he kept saying “say what”. But since Trump is so cheap this is the best attorney he can get. Also he’s an attorney that learned his art under Roy Cohn a man whose place in hell is well-documented.

I keep hearing pundits on television saying that this affair is baked into the cake also known as Donald Trump. Well that’s okay if Donald Trump is a private individual but currently he is the occupant of the White House and he’s an embarrassment to the United States of America. I think his supporters are going to start falling off as they realize what he is doing to the reputation of America. He is unfit and will be removed from office.


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Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s personal attorney who says he would take a bullet for him. In this picture he looks like he already has.

Donald Trump’s Campaign Stumbles as It Tries to Go Big – NYTimes

So far, Trump has been as good at running presidential campaign as he has been in his so many failed and bankrupt businesses. To this day he does not have a communications director. He just fired one of his top aides because they had a disagreement about how the campaign was being run. He has yet to Pivot to what one would call a presidential persona and is still inciting people to hurt demonstrators in his rallies. I don’t think he understands that he’s running for the president of all the United States and it’s supposed to be representing everyone’s ideas. He only thinks about Trump , as any good narcissist would do. The RNC is worried about what he’s going to do to the 6,000 down ticket candidates running as Republicans in
Down ticket from him in November.
I do not think that this man has the temperament order personality to be the president of the United States.


North Carolina Governor Tries to Step Back From Bias Law – NYTimes

Way too little and way too late. If the governor of North Carolina thinks that he’s half measures are going to help his fate become whole again he is so wrong. The pressure will be kept on him and the legislature who voted in this terrible law that discriminates.