A banner year for LGBT candidates got even stronger with Kyrsten Sinema’s Senate win – The Washington Post

There are a lot of great organizations out there but there’s one that stands out to me in the LGBT political community. It’s the victory fund. The victory fund rooms people for public office. It’s not just a matter of wanting to run its knowing how to run for public office that’s a key to getting elected. I have a funny story about the victory fund. When I was living in Miami I was the chair of a fundraiser for the victory funds. They’re director of the elephant who was their first was a young guy and he put out 1000 posters on South Beach saying that named Alien Berrebi instead of Alain Berrebi. My friends left about that for months afterwards. But it was a great fundraiser and I hoped that I helped in a little way back then.

It’s wonderful to see the progress that the lgbtq community has had and I look forward to even more representation.


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Kyrsten Sinema (D) won Arizona’s open U.S. Senate seat. (Rick Scuteri/AP)

Trans advocacy groups protest in front of White House – TheHill

What I find so infuriating about this Administration is it’s lack of continuity. For example, I am not a great believer in how Pope Francis things the world should be. But his views are consistent. He is pro-life, but pro-life doesn’t end at conception and should follow the child through his or her education and then into adulthood. Pro-life memes being against capital punishment. So, why am I saying this now? I don’t believe and many of the things the Pope says but at least he’s consistent.

This is a White House that does not believe in science. It is looking upon our country becoming a giant sewer thanks to their deregulations. Look at Florida, my former home, with several shades of different Tides hitting both seawater and inner canals. This white house doesn’t believe in climate change. And yet when it’s convenient the White House pulls up fake science. There are no genetic markers for transgender or homosexuality or sexual orientation based tests. And now they want to put into law that if you want to be considered a different sex you must take a genetic test to prove that. What hogwash. I am so tired of listening to this white house and how they are devolving our country. I won’t say that cretin’s name anymore.


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Trump moves to ban most transgender people from serving in military – thehill.com

Without having a draft on the books how are the crazy man in the White House and mad dog Mattis going to fight the war they are craving with Iran and or North Korea? This is such hypocrisy. Those of you who think that this makes America great again remember when he said on the campaign trail that he would not hurt gay and lesbians? He said he loved the lgbtq community even though he can say it very well it was like you never said it before. I’m sure he never had said it before. For someone who grew up in Studio 54 and Palladium days of New York he sure has become a bigoted ass.

For somebody who took six deferments because of some alleged bone spur in his foot he sure has it up his ass. He should respect those who wish to serve in the military and not demonize them as it was put in the statement by his shrill press secretary saying that transgender individuals are diseased.

He is destroying this country and everything we stand for one brick at a time. We must stop him.


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Cuomo Bans Most State Travel To NC Over Transgender Bathroom Bill«CBS

I have to disagree with the headline of this story. This is not just about transgender bathroom rights but about LGBTQ rights in North Carolina. I applaud Governor Cuomo for his courageous stance and hope other state leaders will follow his suit.


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Caitlyn Jenner Wants to Be ‘Trans Ambassador’ for Ted Cruz | TIME

How can you be an ambassador to someone who has this pain and hatred for the LGBTQ community? Jenner, in the Diane Sawyer interview said that her roots war deeply Republican and conservative. I can’t wait until presidents cruise takes away all LGBT rights and see whether or not Jenner is in a special category.
Perhaps Ted Cruz is looking to transition, and then I would have some sympathy for Jenners position.


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