Eric Holder would be the right choice for the Democrats and for America

If there was only one piece of bad news that we got from Tuesday’s elections it was that the African American vote was suppressed. They didn’t have a reason to come out to vote and they did not. We need to have candidates that will spark their Joy.

If there’s ever been a boy scout in American politics is Eric Holder. Has the attorney general for President Obama he oversaw the Department of Justice that actually did Justice. We saw rights being bestowed upon people that have been forgotten, the trans community, native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, people of all religions and foremost the American people.

since leaving his job at the Department of Justice he’s been spearheading a drive to end gerrymandering in the US. He and President Obama have been working diligently to turn back the tide on gerrymandering even if it means the Democrats may lose some seats. Unless are congressional districts are drawn fairly people will loose faith in our system of government.

I hope it Atourney General holder does run because he is exactly the kind of man we need to heal our country.


Sondland Throws Trump Under the Bus – The Daily Beast

Here is how the White House wants this to go down. First to put up a smoke screen bye causing turkey to go into Syria and attacked the Kurds. agree with turkey that there will be a ceasefire when the president of the United States request it. Have the acting white house chief of staff have a press conference when the most damaging of all the testimony against Trump is going to happen. Announce the outrageous decision to put the next G7 meeting at Doral, up from property. Then in that same press conference have mulvaney say that the people who are coming out to criticize the president in the impeachment inquiry are all partisan hacks. Then immediately after that have Pence an ounce of bogus ceasefire with turkey.

first the EU ambassador who testified today and threw Trump under the bus is not a partisan hack he was appointed by Trump and is a trump donor.

The ceasefire announced today is not worth the paper it’s written on. These fictitious borders that have been set up to divide up the Kurdish Homeland will never ever hold the test of time. This makes the British partition of the Middle East seem like a well-thought-out exercise.

By the way Mick mulvaney had a slip of the tongue when he said that Mar-A-Lago was also on the list to hold the summit. He was so pompous that Podium and showed contempt for the press and the intelligence of the American people. He committed crimes for this president and admitting to the crimes in public does not make you innocent. He said that the transcript was proof that there was no cover-up but there is two-thirds of that transcript missing. he refused to talk about the fact that they move things to the super secret servers that are never used for those purposes. The political hack here is Mick Mulvaney.

One more thing mr. President. If you’re going to hire or appoint political hacks remember that all they care about is the skin on their backs and they will throw you under the bus each time. Everyone said that the EU ambassador was not evil but he was so ill-prepared and unaware of world affairs that he was dangerous. That’s the perfect metaphor for this White House although I do consider them evil.

At the end of the day the impeachment inquiry is moving quite well and Trump is going to be impeached by Thanksgiving. I’m sure the poll numbers are scaring the White House to death. And that’s a good place to have them.


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Five potential articles of impeachment from the Trump-Ukraine call – Slate

I don’t know a prosecutor that would just prosecute on the crimes of the day. Prosecutors will look at everything and do what you’ve heard on TV a lot, throw the book at them. Let’s not forget the 10 counts of obstruction of justice that Mueller laid out for the American people. 10 counts of obstruction of justice must not be forgotten.

As a side note, I hope that Trump does use Rudy Giuliani as his main attorney during the impeachment. Look I’m like everybody else, I like must see TV.


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Inside the Education Department’s effort to ‘obstruct’ student loan investigations – NBC News

The old saying is One Bad Apple spoils the barrel. there are so many bad apples in this administration that you don’t know where to start.

Does not take much to understand the Republican party and their goals for education in America. If you dumb down the population they will vote in stupid ways. Case in point we elected Trump granted because of an antiquated system called The electoral college but still he is in the office and Hillary is not.

Betsy DeVos should not be anywhere near the Department of education. She is one of the rich people trying to become richer on charter schools and helping private schools. She has no priority. Puts Public schools at the top of the list. She doesn’t care about students she cares about making money. Now her department is hiding the fact that student loans are being handled by institutions that are raping our students. Why are students paying interest on student loans? They used to be interest-free then they went to 3% and now it’s whatever the market will bear.

Betsy DeVos should be ashamed of herself and every teacher in America despises her.


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She doesn’t deserve a full face photo.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos speaks during a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing on budget on Capitol Hill in Washington on March 26, 2019.
Andrew Harnik / AP file

We called the Social Security scammers back. Here’s how the scheme works

I have T-Mobile’s premium name ID package which is supposed to stop these robocalls but it doesn’t. I have my do not disturb on 24 hours a day but they still get through. I received so many of these calls from one was supposed to be Social security that I actually worried and went to the Social security Site, logged in found out my information was not a tissue and changed my password to the Social security Site.

The article is very informative and I highly recommend you read it, but only on Google News, if not they ask for money. One of the takeaways that I want to stress is that these people will tell you to stay on the phone while you’re driving to Walmart or wherever they tell you to go to drain your account. Don’t do it. Get off the phone talk to someone else let them bring you down to earth and tell you that you’re about to be scammed of your life savings. Call Social security they are nice there and will help you. The website is wonky but you need to go to an actual computer or laptop to access it. So do not use your phone.

Yesterday I got a call from a company called card services. I call them back because I need to have a name when I report them to the Federal Trade commission’s Do not call registry. I asked what the company’s name was and they said card services and I said that’s not a company name and he asked me then what do you think our name should be. When I did a search on Google for Card Services scammers they pop up with a giant stop sign telling you to stay away from these people.

I like this solely in the lap of the Trump FCC commissioner. He has been promising over and over again that this scourge would end but he’s done nothing.


Trump FCC commissioner who will remain nameless, this is the guy who is in charge of fixing robocalls

Ryugyong Hotel: The story of North Korea’s ‘Hotel of Doom’ – CNN

When my good friends John and Sassy told me about the tower of Doom I thought that it was a joke. We were considering places where our current PRESIDENT could go once he left office I suggested that moving to North Korea would be ideal since he already has such a great relationship with Kim Jong Un.they are writing love letters to each other and it seems that Melania doesn’t mind, so what a perfect place for him to move to!

Best of all in our plan is that there is already a great hotel for Trump to put his name on. It’s called by the media the Hotel of Doom.

I envision the tRUMP Ryugyong Hotel to be the final stake in the Trump Empire. Originally built in 1987 during the Cold War it was meant to be part of a festival that was in competition with the Seoul Olympics. It was never completed and over the years it remained and still is the tallest unoccupied structure on Earth at 105 stories. Think of all the gold that could be least over this building to make it into a true Trump monstrosity.

This is a story that has to have a happy ending for both Trump and his love in North Korea.


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’I’m 99.9% Jewish’ proclaims Wayne Allyn Root, the conspiracy nut who called Trump ‘second coming of God’ – New York Daily News

Thanks to John and Sassy for providing the above illustration from New York Daily News
What this misguided Evangelical Christian minister misunderstands is that being Jewish is not a race. It’s a religion. How can one convert to a race? I can not convert to being an African-American, Asian or any other race as it’s not scientifically possible yet.

And that’s the myth that these people who are anti-semites will promulgates. The Jews have been attacked through history. And we now have a man in the White House who feels comfortable attacking Jews. I feel under attack and it’s not comfortable. My parents lived through the Nazi Holocaust in Europe and told me how they feared for their lives. Next Trump is going to tell us his best friends are Jewish. The same racist crap that comes out of his mouth every day.

Judaism is a religion not a racial identity. I’m a proud citizen of the United States of America. Do I want is real to prosper yes because I have family that lives there but I have family that lives in France that I want friends to prosper as well as in England and I want England to prosper and so on and so on. I don’t have anyone allegiance to any country other than the United States of America. And I hope that somebody will get it through that psychotic brain that’s living in the white house right now.

One more thing Mr. Root, do you honestly think that God would send a failed real estate developer from New York as his or her second coming?



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Wayne Allyn Root, a conservative right-wing conspiracy theorist, is continuing his wild praise of President Trump. (AP)

Devin Nunes’ hometown paper reveals an embarrassing truth about the Trump apologist –

Poor Devin Nunez, he is truly a milk dud. A congressman who was lampooned buy a fictional cow on Twitter and then decided that he would sue the aforementioned fictional cow for slander. He’s always told his constituents that he was a dairy Farmer but it turns out he doesn’t have a dairy Farm, oh poor Devin Nunes.

He’s truly the altar boy in the Church of Donald Trump. Running back and forth to the White House giving him updates on what the house intelligence committee was doing before the Democrats took over. I’m sure he’s still doing it but unfortunately for him he has no more power. I think that we’re going to see him out of office in the next cycle. He will either not run again or will be challenged in such a way that his loyal constituents will not want to vote for him.

He is a disgrace, especially considering that he used to be an anti Russia hawk. Now he says that the Russia investigation is a witch Hunt. California deserves better than Devin Nunes as a congressman and California will get a better congressperson.


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Devin Nunes (Getty/Win McNamee)

Equifax on the hot seat for running out of data breach settlement funds – BGR

Once again the Trump administration through its Federal Trade Commission screws the American consumer.

Seven hundred million dollars was what we heard as the settlement for allowing people to get access to our private information. I know I was part of this breach because I had to deal with several hacks into my accounts which took hours on the phone and online to get fixed.

But Wait

In fact they’re only giving 31 million dollars in cash the rest is another bait-and-switch by Equifax. Basically they’re giving you three years of free credit monitoring which costs them nothing! They are the credit bureau!

So we were told 700 million but in fact 669 million dollars remains in Equifax has greedy hands.

WOW, what a great settlement for Equifax. American consumers we need to stand up and start protesting, we are not a commodity we are a customer.

I wonder if a President Elizabeth Warren would have agreed with this!


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Don’t Worry About the Democratic Presidential Polls – The New Yorker

To say that it’s too early to understand how the field in 2020 is going to and up is a great understatement. Even later in the game then the article States we were completely wrong about who everyone thought would be either the nominee or the president. We don’t have a president Giuliani or Jeb Bush or Fred Thompson for that matter. What we have is a President who defies what we see in the polls. I truly believe that some people are just plain embarrassed of supporting this man and will not tell posters. So the numbers mean very little right now. Joe Biden has the the recognition that no one else has. For those of us who follow politics closely most of the names are household once but for those who just sit back and let things fall as they may either it’s easy to say Joe Biden or they really have no opinion.


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Soon after Joe Biden entered the Presidential race, polls showed him to be far ahead of his Democratic competition, including Bernie Sanders. But Biden’s initial lead has dwindled.

Photograph by Jayme Gershen / Bloomberg / Getty