Trump Didn’t Sing All The Words To The National Anthem At National Championship Game – The Huffington Post

Hypocrite, what is thy name? 

Thy name name is Trump.

If we should take him at his word, and who can, this man should be fired! He said that he thought that any NFL owner who did not fire one of the players who took a knee was not doing their Duty. He is the president of the United States he should know every word to the national anthem, I do.


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Donald Trump: Undocumented Immigrants Are Pouring Over The Border To Vote – The Huffington Post 

The man has no relationship with the truth. We are experiencing a negative immigration flow from Mexico and the border states have the most stringent laws on the books for voters. He will say and do anything to become president. Each day this man scares me more and more. He’s a liar and we cannot have a liar in office.

He is trying his best to invalidate the results of the election because he knows he’s going to lose. He’s a demagogue and a narcissist and he cannot stand the thought of losing to a woman.


Congrats, Media. You Just Got Trump’d. – The Huffington Post

Donald J Trump doesn’t belong in the White House he belongs under the Big Top. On the surface of today’s supposed medical release with Dr. Oz, being a willing hostage, was ridiculous. First here’s a tidbit that you have not heard on the mainstream media. Dr. Oz is a Republican. I think that that should be part of the conversation. But it was still the theater of the Absurd When Donald Trump negotiated with the audience on whether or not he would give Dr. Oz his medical records. And because of the pre-negotiated Rules of Engagement Dr. Oz can’t tell us what he saw. So now we have to wait and instead of reporting this story the way it should be reported one media Outlet after the other has fallen into the Trap of being trumped. It is shameful Behavior that is fueled by the thirst and greed for ratings. This is not the media America deserves in fact this is the media that the Russian Federation has one controlled by its dictator.


Yeah, this guy looks legit objective

‘The Daily Show’ Dissects Donald Trump’s Attempts To Win Black Votes in “Orange tries to woo black ” – The Huffington Post

Trevor Noah from The Daily Show hit it out of the park today with his dissecting Donald Trump’s lame attempt at getting African Americans to support him. So click on the link below hand have yourself a good laugh.

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Vets Crash John McCain’s Office, Ask Him To Dump Trump – The Huffington Post

John McCain, the self-described Maverick, must be having quite a hard time right now. In the face of overwhelming evidence that Donald Trump is not a friend to Veterans John McCain remain silent. When Donald Trump said he had donated millions of dollars to Veterans groups it was a lie. He only donated money wants the lie was exposed. He has attacked a gold star family. He has accepted the Purple Heart from someone and said it wasn’t that hard to get. What else must Donald Trump do to get John McCain to say enough?


David Duke Praises and Parrots Donald Trump’s Anti-Semitic Tweet – The Huffington Post

When I tweet that hashtag Trump lies matter it’s more than just a slogan. First, earlier in the campaign Trump claimed he did not know who David Duke was. Then when he’s asked about white supremacist supporting him he says he needs to check into those groups before making a comment. Now he tweets what is obviously a star of David over Hillary in an anti-semitic slur and says that that’s not a Star of David but a sheriff’s badge. If it were a sheriff’s badge why did his campaign immediately change it to a circle? Don’t Sheriff badges have little circles at the end of the star so that it doesn’t poke the sheriff?  

Dog whistle politics unfortunately have been apart human kind for time immemorial. Donald Trump is a master at dog whistle politics. Dogs can hear sounds we do not has humans. Bigots and racists hear what Trump says and hear that he is a racist and a bigot just like they are. We have not heard Donald Trump or anyone on his campaign say they disavow David Duke, and we won’t because that’s dog whistle politics 101.

Indeed Trump lies matter is more than just a slogan it is a warning we need to heed.


HUFFPOLLSTER: Americans’ Interest In The Election Could Mean High Turnout In November

The words High turnout scare the crap out of the GOP. High turnout is what translates into Los for the GOP. There is no comparison between Hillary and Trump. In November before the election Hillary’s favorables will have gone up and unless a pod person takes over Trump his will stay where they are. The 10 key States that will decide the election are all trending towards blue. Even States that were never In Contention like Georgia are showing that Trump has a lead of 1% well within the margin of error. We cannot take this election for granted but I don’t think we are going to take this election for granted. The thought of trump as president of United States makes me want to gag.
If there were as many racists As Trump is betting on then President Obama would never have been elected in 2008 and then reelected in 2012.