Bill Gates: I had to explain to Trump the difference between HIV, HPV – The Hill

Do we have a president in the white house or a badly educated 10 year old? This man’s lack of ability to grasp onto and hold on to fax is troubling to the point of panicking me. Let’s remember just a year-and-a-half ago we had a President Who for 8 years studied and looked at issues with a fine-tooth comb and came to correct decisions.

These two infections or both sexually transmitted. But that’s where it ends. HIV is a disease that then causes one to move on to AIDS. HPV causes warts and may also cause cervical cancer in some cases. Not understanding their differences is like not understanding the difference between diabetes and heart disease.

He said in several interviews that his Vietnam was not getting sexually transmitted diseases during the 70s and 80s. Diddy never hear about HIV AIDS? If he did not what rock did he crawl out of under?


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Poll: Majority of Americans say they are not seeing change in paychecks due to tax cuts – The Hill

Surprise, surprise, $5 or $15 a paycheck is not making a big splash with voters. I bet you the millions that the billionaires are getting is making a huge splash. Senator Kennedy from Louisiana, a republican, said that the latest omnibus budget was Congress peeing down the leg of the voters. I will go one step further the only thing that’s going to trickle down from this tax cut to the average individual will be urine.

The Saint of the Republican Party, Ronald Reagan, coined the term trickle down economics. It did not work then it does not work now it will not work. Rich people keep every penny they get a tax cut they don’t spend it. They may buy a new house but it won’t make a blip in the economy. Poor and middle class individuals basically spent almost everything they get in their paycheck and when they get money it’s spent and it makes the economy grow. It’s why the Democrats always give the Republicans a great economy to ruin.


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Trump stumbles after surge in polls – The Hill

I was just hearing analysis on television that said basically Americans have decided who they want to vote for and they are not listening to the bad stuff of the other person. I don’t believe that. There are lot of people that are still unsure as to who they will vote for in November. And I think it’s why the polls fluctuate as much as they do. It’s been a bad week for Trump and I believe the polls were reflected. This article from The Hill goes through all of the negatives that have plagued the Trump campaign. His advisors want him to go back to being Xanax Trump. But then there are his surrogates. His son two weeks out a picture of himself with what he called the deplorable including Pepe the Frog the albrights dog whistle illustration. And then he said that if Republicans did what the Democrats did they would be warming up the ovens. He says that this was done without thinking about how it may affect Jews because his friends are all Jewish and he has Jewish Family. But I believe it reflects what he hears on a day-to-day basis in the campaign. You don’t say things like that unless you hear them and then they become normal and then you repeat them. Donald Trump had a bad week I hope he has another bad 8 weeks.