Ann Coulter: Trump Is ‘Lazy and Incompetent’ – The Daily beast

If you read the whole interview you’ll see that she is as delusional as he is. She claims he can use his power as commander-in-chief to direct the military to build a wall. Nope, that’s not going to happen. The military would need to have funds given to it by Congress for this task. does she really believe that the military has money sitting around not being used for the troops and all of the defense department toys that they love so much. The defense department would never ever take money away from an aircraft carrier or a jet fighter to build a wall along the southern border that is not necessary.

I wasn’t sure if Trump’s would see her interviews so I made sure he could read the headline, I translated into Russian for him.


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Republicans Freak Out as New Ballots Threaten Florida Senate Win – The Daily Beast

I truly believe that the Republicans hate elections. They would rather have a status quo where do they stay permanently in power. first it was the caravan to distract us and now it’s these attorneys coming down to Broward who are Democrats who are trying to change votes. Poppycock!

When elections the old-fashioned way GOP, put together a slight ofissues that the common man would like and not just your corporate overlords. Don’t say on Monday that you’re for Obamacare and yet do everything you could the week before to destroy it. Don’t they think that people see through them?

If these new ballots had come from a republican stronghold you know that they would be fighting to get those counted but now they’re coming from Broward County the most democratic County in all of Florida and they don’t like that


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{Trump Whines}: Shutdown Fight Could Make Me Miss (‘My Party’) – The Daily Beast

Poor Donald, he can’t have his party. Now he’s pouting and whining and tweeting away while he watches our government shutdown. He met with Chuck Schumer yesterday for flowers and came to an agreement but he doesn’t know how to leave anybody he’s never had to leave anybody. It’s clear from his business record he doesn’t know how to do deals he is incompetent. All he cares about is going tomorrow Largo and getting a hundred fifty thousand to $250,000 a head for his reelection and also some of it goes into his pocket because he owns or should I say the Russians own the venue.

So on the one-year anniversary I’m going to go to the streets and walk side by side in the women’s March. We As Americans need to tell this President and this corrupt GOP. We will not stand for this. March we will and March we must.

The Trump shutdown continues…


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ANDREW HARRER – The Daily Beast

How Pro-Trump Twitter Bots Spread Fake News – The Daily Beast

When during the campaign Trump said that the election was rigged, he was right. It was rigged by him and his campaign. With the help of Russian hackers and 400 pound guys in their bedroom Donald Trump was able to steal the election. He put out misinformation about Hillary Clinton throughout the campaign. I think the Democrats are being too easy with Trump and letting him get this election without a fight. There are very disturbing facts that are yet to be revealed as the investigation of the election. Donald Trump has taken power without legitimacy. This is a coup d’etat in twenty-first-century American terms. I feel helpless knowing that this man is taking the presidency and he does not have the legitimate right to do so.


Russia: We Did Work With Team Trump During Campaign – The Daily Beast

If this does not invalidate an election nothing can. Russia put his finger on the scale and made Trump president for their own purposes. Our country needs to address this and correct this mistake. It is now President of Russia Putin’s world.


And the winner of the presidential election is Vladimir Putin

Colin Powell: I’m Voting for Hillary Clinton – The Daily Beast

Colin Powell has been the voice of reason during the last 2 presidential elections. And once again he proves why he is such a respected Statesman.  Donald Trump is without a doubt one of the worst presidential candidates for one of the two major parties ever. The media is trying to hide these scattered increases for the Affordable Care Act as some sort of October surprise. We’ve already had our October surprise and it wasn’t much of a surprise since we knew that Donald Trump was not a good man. His words just proved it Without A Reasonable Doubt.



Samantha Bee Rips Apart Trump’s Debate Sexism: ‘Now You Have a Problem!’ – The Daily Beast

I don’t watch Fox News. But for the first time I wish I had seeing their post debate coverage. It seems that Megyn Kelly threw some really good shade, noticing that Donald Trump was speaking to Sean Hannity and she asked in retort if he was planning on speaking to any journalists. Sean Hannity must have loved that one. Good for you Megan Kelly. That and many more instances of what happened during the debate are revealed hysterically by Samantha Bee.


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15 Years of Donald Trump’s 9/11 Lies, Insults, and Slights – The Daily Beast

Michael Daly, the author of this article, was a crime reporter for the last 30 years in New York City. When he heard during the primary heard that Donald Trump said he had lost hundreds of friends on 9/11, he was a bit perplexed. All the wakes and funerals that he had been to he had never heard Donald Trump’s name in reference to a friendship or even an acquaintance ship of any of the deceased. When Donald Trump ran for president Michael Daly called the Trump campaign and asked if they could provide one name of one of Donald Trump’s friends who have passed away on 9/11. Of all the despicable things that Donald Trump has said, and there are so many of those, this may be the most egregious. To lie about knowing people who have passed away in the greatest tragedy that has hit the American mainland is beyond despicable. So 15 years later we have two candidates running for president. One who is New York senator work with New York City in a bipartisan matter to rebuild the city and help its First Responders and the victims of this terrible crime. The other Donald Trump is a real estate developer who seems to care more about making himself look bigger than the truth.  In my mind it’s an easy decision on whom to back.

There is one thing one does not do and that’s lying about people who died on that day. I hope you will click on the link below and read Mr. Daly’s article in commemoration of 9/11.



‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Trump’s ‘Second Amendment’ Comment Is a Dangerous Joke – The Daily Beast

Just like that dress that no one could tell what color it was or agree upon it, Donald Trump is that dress. But we can’t have a president that people are ambiguous about what he is saying. That’s how wars start and that’s how one of his blunders could have incredibly grave consequences. So when you think of Donald Trump and what he says think about that dress that no one could tell what color it was and you’ve got two things in common. Except that dress never asked you to vote for it.


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Gallup Poll: RNC Turned Voters Away from Trump – The Daily Beast

Gallup polls used be the gold standard of polls. But their bias leaning towards the right has made them less relied upon. That being said this poll is from Gallup. I think it’s indicative of the fact that so-called establishment Republicans cannot stomach Donald Trump and what he is doing to their party. The Doom and Gloom convention that Trump has said was going to be his extravaganza was a total dud. It’s amazing now that it’s gotten bad reviews Trump said he had nothing to do with the production of the convention. Typical Trump lies. There’s an expression that says “the thief has the most locks on his door at home”. Donald Trump says that everyone lies because he lies more than anyone else. 

In 4 days the Olympics begin. And hopefully they go without major disruptions. This will let the body politic think about what was said and then at these very well viewed conventions. That’s the point when people will cement their decisions on whom to vote for and I truly hope it’s Hillary Clinton.