5 year anniversary!

5 years ago a friend of mine, Iain McDonald, suggested I start a blog. He said that he had read all my stuff on Facebook and thought that’s I should have my own platform. I am very grateful for that thought from him.

Sure this is a vanity blog and I stopped allowing advertising on it a year ago. But it allows me to say how I feel about issues of the day and it does not promote what happens on Twitter and Facebook when you disagree with someone. I no longer use Facebook as I have said so many times on this platform and the block has been my outlet and for that I am very grateful.

For those of you who read this on a regular basis, I thank you.


Read Barack Obama’s Thank You Note to Mark Kirk for Meeting with Judge Garland

An endangered species in the Republican Party, a gentleman. And it’s so nice to see that President Obama wrote Mark Kirk for meeting with judge Garland, President Obama Supreme Court nominee. I hope this does not hurt Senator Kirk’s future in the Republican Party. We know how vindictive fellow Republicans are when someone is kind to President Obama.