The stock market hasn’t started a year this strongly since 1987 — uh-oh! – MarketWatch

It is said that’s when something happens in your life that’s very memorable, like the Challenger explosion or the death of President Kennedy or 911 you remember exactly what happened and vivid images. Well I was a stockbroker at Prudential Bache in Fort Lauderdale Florida in 1987. I remember that day well when the market crashed. we had computers on her desk but they were nothing like what we have now obviously, and they were programmed for a stock market that was running around 2,000. when it crashed below 500 the programmers had never envisioned it to do that so they all went black. We were blocked and our clients will calling us hysterically.

in today’s numbers it would be like a stock market Fall of 3,000 points in one day. I loved that job until that day. I helped a lot of customers try to save some of their wealth. But the business changed at that point and within a year I had quit being a stockbroker. Many of my fellow brokers work doing things that should never be done to clients. Much of the hierarchy of Prudential-Bache went to jail, including its president, and for good reason.

So we can we are repeating history oh, it feels like I’m in a Time Warp, between the similarities with Watergate and now the stock market.

There is an expression in politics that says “it’s the economy stupid”, so correct. So I hope and pray that this is not going to happen to us but with the government shutdown, the ridiculous tax increases for the wealthy, trade Wars I don’t see a very Rosy future for our economy. More than any thing that Michael Cohenn could say.


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Trump threatens new tariffs (Taxes on us) on another $100B in Chinese imports – POLITICO

Did you ever think why they call it a trade War? One side protects the other side counter-attacks and so on and so on and so on until it becomes a real war. What if China start selling off the trillions of US Treasury Bills they have? Some would say that would not be in their best interest, but in a trade War…

If he’s not directed by Putin then Trump is following along perfectly in the plan that Putin has for us. Dismantle our Partnerships, dismantle NATO, and make our allies mistrust us. So far Trump is doing exactly that.

And what happened to Republicans being all for free trade? It’s amazing how quiet GOP leadership has been, or can we still call it leadership?


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President Donald Trump’s decision to possibly add more tariffs follow up on efforts announced earlier this week. | Evan Vucci/AP Photo

A New Policy Disagreement Between Clinton and Sanders: Soda Taxes –

I am going to call this Bernie Sanders “let them eat cake” moment, or in this case sugary water with bubbles in it. Obesity is one of the nation’s number one health issues, and that Bernie Sanders is not a leader enough to understand this makes me wonder whether or not he should be president in the first place. He calls this a regressive tax, I call this a wise move.
In a University study, covered on 60 Minutes, 25 perfectly healthy 20 year olds were given a balanced diet and exercise program in a controlled environment for two weeks weeks. After two weeks they were given a single can of soda each day and their cholesterol jumped an average of 75%. Sugar is a poison. But let them eat cake.

Jim Kenney, mayor of Philadelphia, at a roundtable with Hillary Clinton and others in Philadelphia this month. Mr. Kenney has emphasized the soda tax as a way of funding education.

President Obama, first lady pay $81,000 in taxes on $436,000 of income, donated 15% to charity

Barack and Michelle Obama donated 15% of their income to charity. Also living in the White House is not free. They have to pay for the staff salaries and food for the first family.
It is four times what Bernie and Jane Sanders gave. I wonder how much Mitt Romney would have paid if he were in the White House?

Photo credit People magazine