Rachel Maddow: Trump’s hidden tax returns take on new significance – MSNBC

Could it be that President Putin hurt Donald Trump by releasing the DNC emails? That’s what’s going around the news media. Rachel brings up a very good point that the news media is going to put a lot more pressure on Trump to prove that he doesn’t have ties with Russia. His tax returns could be a major point of contention with the American people. I know a lot of people believe that presidential candidates have been releasing their tax returns for ever. Actually the first one who did was Richard Nixon in his reelection. He did so under a lot of pressure and he started what has become accustomed but not a rule. The irony is that one of the major critics of Romney not wanting to release his tax returns was Donald Trump in 2012. Trump said not releasing his tax returns made Mitt Romney unsuitable for the presidency. And now the shoe is on the other foot. And is the shoe made in Russia? The American people have inquiring minds and they want an answer. I Believe In The End Donald Trump will release his tax returns and they will show him not to be as wealthy as he wants everyone to believe. Other smoking guns would be great but I’m not very hopeful.

Nothing seems to hurt this man. I heard several speakers at the Republican National Convention still say that he is still self funding. That’s a lie. So unless we have an email from hymn to Putin asking for them too look at the DNC servers I don’t think anything will stick. The Democrats need to win with hope and a Future that are children can believe in.



Still trying to show as little of Donald Trump in my posts as possible

Trump won’t release his tax returns: There’s a “bombshell”, says Romney

The IRS says that in fact he is being audited but there is absolutely no reason that he cannot release his income tax returns. He is hiding something. He may not be as rich as he says he is. He may be hiding his money overseas may be in China. I don’t know but for him to run for the highest office in the land he must release his taxes. Secretary of State Clinton and President Clinton have released their taxes back to 1992. And even Bernie Sanders released his taxes from last year, underwhelming.
What are you hiding ducking Donald? Inquiring voters want to know.


Sanders’s claim that Panama Free-Trade deal enabled more offshore tax scams is wrong – The Washington Post

Once again Senator Sanders fumbles when he’s not in his comfort zone attacking Wall Street or the big Banks.
“Senator Sanders argument that the Panama FTA would ‘effectively bar the United States from going after tax evaders in Panama’ is wrong,” said a joint statement by Rep. Sander Levin (D-Mich.), the senior Democrat on the Ways and Means Committee and former senator Carl Levin (D-Mich.). Sanders “asserted that combating tax haven abuse in Panama would be a violation of the Panama FTA.  There are many flaws in this argument, but one is particularly obvious: the Panama FTA clearly states that ‘nothing in this Agreement shall apply to taxation measures.’”
To run for president one needs to do their homework. Senator Sanders making these statements that have no basis in fact is the Republican way of doing things.