Republicans whose jobs once seemed safe are struggling for a 2018 survival strategy – The Washington Post

I can listen to political pundits up to a point. And I truly believe that all elections are local. That being said there’s a wave coming, and it’s a giant blue one.

We have witnessed during the special election season the Republican base not coming out to vote and the Democratic bass coming out in numbers that are unprecedented. Trump would have to start a war something the Republicans don’t want for there to be a change in this dynamic. I pray that he does not start a war but I don’t trust this man and his lust for power and vengeance.


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Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-N.C.) takes a photo of Vice President Mike Pence, right, after a tax policy event in Charlotte last month. Pittenger is facing a primary challenge from conservative pastor Mark Harris that has pushed him to the right, which could be a problem in the general election against a Democratic challenger, Dan McCready, who’s outraised him so far. (Chuck Burton/AP)