Opposition to Kavanaugh grows, support at historic low: Reuters/Ipsos poll – Reuters

We are meant to have a government by the people, for the people and yet this President seems to think that it’s a government for his Base by his base. Let all others be damned. Brett Kavanaugh and his views go contrary to the vast majority of the American people. By the Numbers 72% believe that women should have the right to decide how to deal with their bodies. 75% of Americans believe that we need stricter gun control laws. And these numbers are the same if you talk about campaign reform, civil rights, and so many other issues that will come before The Supreme Court. So why did the Tangerine nightmare in the White House pick Brett Kavanaugh? Brett Kavanaugh believes in an imperial presidency. That word hasn’t cropped up since the Nixon era and here we are coming back. Okay. Let us not forget this is a lifetime appointment of a man who’s in his 50s which means we will be saddled with him for a generation. So when you think about whether or not you’re going to vote in November think about how important your vote is. Just to give you a little bit of perspective Hillary Clinton lost Michigan by only two votes per Precinct, just too.


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FILE PHOTO: Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies during the third day of his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., September 6, 2018. REUTERS/Alex Wroblewski

Flake opposes quick vote on Kavanaugh, putting confirmation in doubt – POLITICO

It seems that the only way a member of the GOP in 2018 that serves in the senate or the house is willing to stand up to this President and his bad decisions is that they are not running for reelection. I applaud Jeff Flake for his courage but it may be a calculated decision as he is looking to run in 2020 against the Tangerine nightmare in the White House.

It’s is indicative of a terribly bad choice that was put up Ford Supreme Court merely to protect the person in the White House from being impeached. This nominee believes in an imperial presidency that basically has no control over its power. And yet I wonder if the presidents were Democrat if this nominee would feel the same way. Even Mitch McConnell was against the nomination because Mitch McConnell thought he was too far out into the far-right stratosphere. Let’s hope that this is the beginning of the end for this nominee’s path to the Supreme Court for a lifetime appointment.


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Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake is one of 11 Republicans on the narrowly divided Senate Judiciary Committee. | Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Photo

The battle to confirm Kavanaugh heats up with document fight -NBC News

Republicans only win when they cheat. And they are going to change the makeup of the Supreme Court for at least a generation because they cheated. George Bush did not win the election but his brother the governor of Florida make sure that he won and the republican-led Supreme Court gave him a victory when he lost the popular vote to vice president Al Gore. Donald Trump jr. Cheated by asking the Russians for help. It’s not collusion it’s just against the law because a foreign power can I help you in an election in America. So his Supreme Court nominations are fruit of the poisonous tree. 9 months before the election when Justice Scalia died unexpectedly Mitch McConnell decided that he would hold up the nomination of Judge Garland and again cheated. Now the cheating Republicans have nominated a right-wing idealog. Someone who thinks that the presidency has absolute power. Someone who thinks that minorities, immigrants, lgbtq community, and on and on and on do not deserve the backing of the justice system. So yes the Democrats put in the Supreme Court but unfortunately the cards are stacked against us very badly. We have two Democratic senators who are going to jump ship so even if the two Republican Senators who are not sure about this nomination vote with the Democratic Party it won’t be enough.


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Republicans from the Senate Judiciary Committee, including Chairman Chuck Grassley, center, stand before empty boxes meant to represent more than one million pages of documents on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA

Judge orders Trump administration to reunite migrant families – POLITICO

We are losing our country to a villain that doesn’t even stand up to the likes of the Joker in Batman the TV show from the 60s.

He has effectively taken over all three branches of government and if we don’t do what we have to do in November and vote the Republicans out of the Senate and the house we will lose our country forever, well not forever but maybe for about 40-50 years just like Germany did.

He is a fascist, a racist, a demagogue, and just one waste of a human bag of Flesh.

this judge did the right thing but we have a supreme court who would without even thinking twice overturn this ruling because these are heartless Republicans who all they care about is the fact that they got their abortion-rights and their anti-gay agenda in the Supreme Court. Mitch McConnell joyfully tweeted a picture of that ass Gorsuch of the Supreme Court someone who is in the Supreme Court unlawfully because that was not his job to have. President Obama had every right to appoint to the Supreme Court and Mitch McConnell the traitor did everything in his power to keep President Obama from doing his Constitutional directive. It’s weird how these Republicans look at the world with two different sets of eyes. The eyes of when they’re in power and they can do everything including executive order after executive order but when President Obama Road and executive order oh my God he was usurping his power. Weird how come no one saying that Trump is which he is.


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U.S. District Court Judge Dana Sabraw, based in San Diego, issued a preliminary injunction on Tuesday night requiring that nearly all children younger than 5 be returned to their parents within 14 days and that older children be returned within 30 days. | Patrick Semansky/AP Photo

Supreme Court rules narrowly for baker who refused to make cake for same-sex couple – LA Times

This ruling is not the end of the world for Gay and Lesbian rights in our country. I don’t believe it’s a good ruling but it is now the law of the land.

Here is what is important, telling your boss in Most states in this country that you are going to get married to someone of the same sex opens you to being fired for no calls. There are no protections for the lgbtq community regarding employment.

When I tell people this they say oh no that can’t be right there is always been protections for everyone and when I explain to them that there are no National protections for the lgbtq community they do not believe me. But in fact it’s the truth and until we have laws protecting us from this form of discrimination we are still not in any way shape or form equal to everyone else.


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I won’t show the face of the man who discriminates against gays and lesbians. Baker Jack Phillips at Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colo. (BRUCE ELLEFSON / AFP/Getty Images)

Government battles Microsoft in email privacy case before Supreme Court – NBC News

Saying that this is huge is the understatement of the year. The implications globally would change the way we do business on a daily basis. Our interactions would become subject to a Court’s ability to look at our emails. I am going to say that the Supreme Court is going to say that emails are the same as snail mail. I have never heard of a court compelling the post office to turn over mail but I may be wrong.


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Microsoft’s office building in South Dublin, seen above, is at the heart of a Supreme Court case that could set off a global free-for-all of internet data storage. Niall Carson / PA Images via Getty Images

Civil Rights Act Protects Gay Workers, Appeals Court Rules – The New York Times

Two points in this case makes me feel like I’m in an alternate universe.

First, the justice department is fighting against gay rights. That’s completely unbelievable. Jeff Sessions must be in seventh heaven. And at least I did spell his name correctly.

Seconds, the case itself is so preposterous that anyone would bring a cause of action for what happens here. The gentleman in question is a skydiving instructor. His name is Donald Zarda. While skydiving with a young lady who seem to be very nervous about being so strapped to a man he told told her don’t worry I’m 100% gay. She told her boyfriend and he sued. Amazing

Because there are so many lawsuits with so many different fact patterns that have been tendered to the Supreme Court many observers believe that the Supreme Court will have to make a decision one way or the other. I fear that with one more Supreme Court Justice picked by 45, the LGBTQ community could be put in the back of the bus.

One more thing, anybody, anybody who thought that they could not vote for Hillary must not look in the mirror and see what they have brought on us.


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Donald Zarda photo credit New York Times

Clarence Thomas Sexually Harassed Me. Yes, He Should Be Impeached. – HuffPost

The drum beat for the case to impeach Clarence Thomas it’s starting to grow. The me-too movement has given more weight to allegations made by those who have worked with Clarence Thomas. The New York Magazine article entitled the case for the impeachment of Clarence Thomas lays out a very good argument why this man should not be allowed to remain in the Supreme Court.

People often ask me what are we going to do about Trump? And I say the only thing we can do is to make sure we go out and vote and vote in large enough numbers that whatever the Russians are going to try to do us in 2018 they can’t succeed. Because unlike the Republicans of the Nixon era these Republicans are fed, I’ll say it breastfed, by the money’s of the different lobbyists that control them like puppets on a string. I’m not saying the Democrats are better but Democrats get more money from individuals then the Republicans could ever dream of. The Democrats have not been in power and as such are not the target of lobbyists the same way the Republicans are. Mitch McConnell and his imaginations over the 1 year delay in putting a replacement in 4 Supreme Court Justice Alito tells you much about how Republicans cheat. The only way Republicans win is by gerrymandering, and cheating as much as they possibly can a system which thought that are public servants would actually serve the public.


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Progressives ponder the unthinkable — a postelection Supreme Court blockade – The Washington Post

If you have friends thinking of splitting their ballot so that Congress can become a check on Hillary Clinton’s presidency please tell them to beware. Instead of a check they will be setting up another blockade like we’ve seen for the last 8 years. Can you imagine the Supreme Court with just eight judges for the next 5 years. It’s on thinkable but in this climate it is a reasonable assumption. There are other judges that are looking to step down from the court including Ruth Bader Ginsburg. So now we’re talking about the third branch of government being down close to 20% of normal, when a senate seat is vacated or a congressional seat is vacated special elections are called immediately or if the state has a different rule the governor appoints someone to fill the vacancy. Yet the Supreme Court doesn’t have that luxury. So comma go out and vote even if you think that you live in a state that won’t matter. Because down ballot does matter.



Supreme Court Blocks Stricter Voting Rules in North Carolina – Wall Street Journal

On a day that’s Donald Trump filled the news media with Spam, this should have been the headline. Donald Trump could go flying to the Moon and back but he will not win if voting is not restricted by Republican laws aimed at minority communities. Even a supreme court with only eight members saw how long these voter ID laws are. This election is going to be won at The Ballot Box and not in Trump’s media extravaganzas.

Today was a day that will be more pivotal than Trump’s speech and trip because people will be able to vote against him.