Steve Bannon disinvited from New Yorker Festival after backlash – NBC News

This is such a hard one. If you listen to Bill Maher he’ll tell you that doing this kind of thing is not only a form of censorship but it elevates those people we dislike even more by giving them more attention. If you look at it from Jim Carrey or Judd Apatow’s one of you they don’t want to be on stage with a hate monger. So what does one do? I guess that’s the question for the ages. I am not comfortable with either scenario and I wish our politics were not so divisive but they are. And the man who is one of the architects of this divisiveness is Steve Bannon and so I say give him more to say about the liberal or the left to his core supporters which are not going to change and keep him up stages as much as we possibly can.


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Steve Bannon in Prague on May 22, 2018.Sean Gallup / Getty Images file

In France, Steve Bannon Tells Far-right National Front(Nazis): ‘History Is on Our Side, Will Bring Us Victory’ –

Steve Bannon looks very old for someone who obviously was in the Hitler Youth movements.

The problem with France for Steve Bannon and his ilk is that they have a 7-year term for their presidents. So we’re looking at my whole until 2024. I guess they’re hoping to make inroads but getting up in front of a group of people and telling them that it’s okay to be racist it’s not a message that I would be proud of. He’s just telling them it’s okay not to like people because they don’t look like you. And by the way I am reciting exactly what Michael Steele former Republican party chairman said on Kasir DC just now. By the way for those who are not students of History this is exactly how Hitler came to power and how he brought in Mussolini and the Japanese to make the axis against Europe and then the United States. Russia wants this to happen. Russia wants a divided Europe. Russia once America divided. And Russia’s lap dog is doing exactly what Russia wants in the White House.

To quote Melania Trump, there’s a special place in hell for people like Steve Bannon. And when he says history is on his side he is talking about Hitler and don’t you forget it.


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Marine Le Pen (R) applauds former US President advisor Steve Bannon after his speech during the Front National party annual congress in Lille, northern France. March 10, 2018. AFP PHOTO / PHILIPPE HUGUEN

Rachel Maddow: Racist red flags follow Trump Breitbart hire, Steve Bannon – MSNBC

As quickly as Chris Matthews on Hardball disappointed today, Rachel Maddow came back to the rescue. In a hard-hitting piece that started off with the speech writer that wrote the speech by the mother of the gentleman who was killed in Benghazi accusing Hillary Clinton of causing her son’s death who is now voting for Hillary Clinton. Then came her invitation to the scary blonde haired individual who is now Donald Trump’s campaign manager to come on the show at any time. To her saying that Hillary Clinton has been on her show 4 times this election season but Donald Trump has been on it a few times. Asking Donald Trump to come and make an appearance on the show. To the interview with the author of The Crystal Ball another one of the web sites that predict the outcome of the election. And then there was the skating commentary on Donald Trump’s new campaign CEO the founder of and his racist and hateful rhetoric. This was the punch counter-punch to Chris Matthews being a wimp on his show. Congratulations to Rachel Maddow and I hope you will click on the link below and watch the clip it’s well worth it.