Wyden Slams Republican FEC Commissioners for Blocking Probe of NRA, Possible Campaign Finance Violations – Newsweek

I hope alarm bells are going off all over the country and ringing loudly in Washington. Our democracy is being attacked and the present administration is walking mean it. They understand that they’re cozying up to dictators means that dictators want Trump to stay in office. This is not a conspiracy theory at all, this is being done in plain sight by Trump. His love affair with Putin, Kim jong-un and even the leader of China Ximakes these people want him to remain in office. What better way to keep him in office but to rig the election.

I watched last night the Democratic chairman of the Federal election commission almost apoplectic almost be apoplectic regarding the fact that her fellow commissioners of the Republican persuasion refuse to look into anything that has to do with Russia and election interference. This is only inviting more interference by every single dictatorship that Trump has weirdly embraced. I think that if you see him getting close to start dealing with Iran it’s because he knows Iran has the ability to rig our elections as well and he doesn’t want any of the players who will attack our democracy in 2020 not be on his side. There should be no his side there should only be the site of America, the United States of America.

There should be no his side there should only be the site of America, the United States of America.

If this is #MAGA2020 I want nothing to do with it.


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Maria Butina, leader of a pro-gun organization, speaks on October 8, 2013 during a press conference in Moscow.


Trump Slams Russia Investigation And Green New Deal At CPAC – NPR

If it wasn’t CPAC I would think they were all on drugs, on second thought maybe they are.

Between railing about the green New deal and how they’re going to take away our cheeseburgers, SUVs and for God’s sakes airplanes they had a clown come to the show.

Unfortunately the clown is the President of the United States.

They are so outside of the mainstream of American thought that it has become akin to going to a NRA convention. both organizations are outside of the mainstream of American soft, both organizations have people desperately clinging onto power for power’s sake and both organizations should be dismantled.

and there are people out there that are buying this Hook Line & sinker. I’ve got to put in a little word hear about Joe Biden’s comment that Mike Pence is a decent guy. to me it is indicative of the fact that Joe Biden should not be the nominee of the democratic party. Mike Pence is not a decent guy, Mike Pence hates the lgbtqi community and Mike Pence was in charge of the transition. You can tell me that the governor of Indiana comes to Washington and sees all these Russians running around and doesn’t ask a single question. It’s not believable and therefore it can’t be true.


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President Donald Trump hugs the American flag before his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. How can one man be so pathetic?

Jose Luis Magana/AP

Lady Gaga Slams Mike Pence: He’s ‘The Worst Representation’ Of Christianity – HuffPost

Mike Pence is a hypocrite. He says he was a Christian but he hates people. I’m not an expert on Christianity but I know that Christ did not hit people.

Further Mike Pence as far as I’m concerned is a traitor. He was in charge of the transition and never said anything about the dozens and dozens and dozens of Russian who were mingling around the Trump campaign and then the Trump transition. You didn’t say anything about the hundreds of Russians who came to the Trump inaugural. Even if he did nothing wrong he was complicit and that’s just as bad.


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Obama slams ‘crazy stuff’ coming out of Trump White House, hits politicizing of Justice Department – NBC News

I’m in constant pain so I have issues with sleeping. I slept a little bit later this morning than normal. I turned on the TV expecting the normal chaos created by the Trump Administration and instead I thought I was having a dream. There was President Barack Obama making one of his amazing speeches. What a way to wake up! He mentioned the t-word by name and called out all of the terrible policies of this Administration. He told us that our vote means something, he gave us the Hope for Change.


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Former President Barack Obama speaks in Illinois on Sept. 7, 2018.NBC News

Trump slams anonymous NY Times op-ed by ‘resistance’ member inside his administration – NBC News

Donald J Trump is volcanic in his anger about the op-ed in the New York Times. He has asked that the New York Times turnover this individual, under National Security concerns, to the government. Saddam Hussein must be laughing right now.

It’s funny how whoever this person may be the speculation of who it is runs the gamut from someone who’s a true patriot to the president himself writing it. Look, judge Cavanaugh, is having a really bad time in front of the Senate even though it is republican held. He has been shown to have been surprised by the allegation that he lied in front of Congress in 2006 when he was up for the judgeship he sits on. He is a fringe thinker at best the almighty Federalist Society did not have them on their short list but his weird ideas of how we have an imperial presidency put him at the top of Trump’s list.

So if it’s a patriot or the President and either case it’s going to be a bumpy road ahead.


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Storm clouds are gathering over the White House — and inside of it. Leah Millis / Reuters file

Hannity with his $29 million salary and private jet slams ‘overpaid’ media elites – The Washington Post

Now I understand why Donald Trump went directly to Sean Hannity before actually talking to any journalists after the debate. They are birds of a feather. Both are hypocrites.



Fox News host Sean Hannity. (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Samantha Bee slams NBC, including Jimmy Fallon and SNL, for dangerously coddling Donald Trump

The show is called full frontal with Samantha Bee. And tonight she told NBC exactly how they created this monster called Donald Trump and because of that the American people don’t see him for the racist that he is. First with The Apprentice then with their humanizing him on SNL and then just recently on Jimmy Fallon. She is so right and NBC wants Donald Trump to win. Remember who was in the ear Matt Lauer in the so-called commander and chief for, and NBC VP telling him what to say and how to ask questions. If you click on the link below you can watch the clip.



Screenshot from tonight’s show. I love the fact that his hotel could not even put up a stage correctly and it fell apart right after he got off the stage.

Trump slams globalization, promises to upend economic status quo – CNN 

When the US Chamber of Commerce slams from for his economic message that’s the heart and soul of the Republican Party talking. We see that corporations are unwilling to sponsor the Republican National Convention but I wonder with all of this turmoil with brexit how corporations view the turmoil that Trump wouldn’t bring to the economy of the world. I will not be surprised to see corporations giving large money to Super Pacs to make sure that Trump is not elected.

And while we’re at it why don’t we talk about Trump and the fact that none of the stuff that he sells to Americans is made in the USA. Whether his suits that are made in Bangladesh or is hats that are made in China or his ties their maid who knows where he makes stuff anywhere but the USA. And he’s against globalization. What a hypocrite.



The Latest: Clinton campaign slams Trump Supreme Court list – The Washington Post

He picked the 10 most conservative jurists he could find and called them a list.
One as you can see was appointed by the wonderful governor of Michigan that poisoned his people. Another ridicules Trump on Twitter. I can see that he really needed these people. The news is reporting that he got the list from a group of conservatives that had it on their website. That’s what I wanted my president someone that go to website and gets his/her information.

FILE - In this Sept. 30, 2015 file photo, Joan Larsen, a University of Michigan law professor, speaks after she was appointed to the Michigan Supreme Court by Gov. Rick Snyder, right, in Lansing, Mich. Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has released a list of 11 potential Supreme Court justices he plans to vet to fill the seat of late Justice Antonin Scalia.(David Eggert, File/Associated Press)