Trump threatens new tariffs (Taxes on us) on another $100B in Chinese imports – POLITICO

Did you ever think why they call it a trade War? One side protects the other side counter-attacks and so on and so on and so on until it becomes a real war. What if China start selling off the trillions of US Treasury Bills they have? Some would say that would not be in their best interest, but in a trade War…

If he’s not directed by Putin then Trump is following along perfectly in the plan that Putin has for us. Dismantle our Partnerships, dismantle NATO, and make our allies mistrust us. So far Trump is doing exactly that.

And what happened to Republicans being all for free trade? It’s amazing how quiet GOP leadership has been, or can we still call it leadership?


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President Donald Trump’s decision to possibly add more tariffs follow up on efforts announced earlier this week. | Evan Vucci/AP Photo

Breaking silence on Stormy Daniels payment, Trump denies knowledge – NBC News

Even if he really did not know about $130,000 payment from Michael Cohen to Stormy Daniels he is being disloyal. He is always said he’s one of the most loyal friends you could ever have. But he just threw his good friend Michael Kahn and his longtime attorney under the bus.

Giving $130,000 to silence someone two weeks before an election for President to help a candidate is a violation of campaign Finance laws. Michael Cohen is an attorney and he cannot plead ignorance of the law. Michael Cohen is going to lose his ability to practice law and may even get some jail time out of this. Michael Cohen said he would take a bullet for Trump and I guess that’s what they’re doing to him.

The president of the United States is not supposed to be a saint he’s just to be a a human being but one that has a moral compass. Trump does not have a moral compass other than one that points squarely to his self interest. That’s not the president this country deserves and it is disgusting to me that he would do this to a friend. I feel like I need to take a shower after this.


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President Donald Trump talks with reporters aboard Air Force One on a flight to Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland on April 5, 2018.Evan Vucc / AP

Hillary Clinton apologizes for AIDS gaffe made while praising the late Nancy Reagan

Some people saw that sarcasm others as lack of knowledge of what really happened in the 80s. I don’t think sarcasm works at a eulogy. People take you to your word. I understand that there are plans and wanted to start a national conversation how about this and she certainly has. Honestly I thought there were enough first ladies there and she should have stayed on the campaign Trail. Does that mean I’m not in favor of Hillary Clinton, absolutely NOT.


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What is predictable about today’s shooting in San Bernardino

First thing and foremost is the fact that this country has too many guns. Second, you will find that the NRA is going to go into silent mode. They will disappear from the public discussion for the next week. As they don’t want to answer difficult questions about their policies. A week from now they will start spewing their rhetoric about how guns save lives and making sure that politicians that don’t know their company line are not elected. And those they keep in office like Rick Santorum who yesterday said that guns in bars where people were drunk would be a great idea because people would be responsible gun owners negating the fact that people who are responsible drivers get drunk and drive and kill people. Or senator Ted Cruz who said that each time there is a mass shooting the press says that they are Republican voters. I have never heard that and once again these people are spewing lies to make sure that they get the money from the NRA.
Shame on the NRA.