ICE spokesman resigns, citing fabrications by agency chief, Sessions about Calif. immigrant arrests – The Washington Post

I have been on this planet almost 64 years. I have seen lots and lots of administrations come and go. But I’ve never seen one that lies to the American people this way. It’s continuous it’s never-ending and it comes from every branch of the administration. I am so tired of hearing about the lies that this White House puts out every day through its so-called press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. And now has a resident of California I am absolutely Furious about the fact that they’ve been lying about undocumented criminals in our state. This has prompted the resignation of their spokesperson at ICE because he could not keep putting out these lies. Enough is enough this is a treasonous Administration that counts house to Russia and now we need to get rid of them. I have not said the impeachment word in my blog yet but I’m ready to say that now.


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These are the kind of people that Trump appoints to his administration. ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan is seen at the agency’s Washington headquarters in 2017. (Salwan Georges/The Washington Post file)

Scoop: FBI director threatened to resign amid Trump, Sessions pressure – Axios

I had my doubts about an FBI director picked by 45 but I have to say that so far so good. I believe that the FBI as an institution makes the director understand how important it is to our country. These inferences sent out by the White House and its minions about the corruption within the FBI is bad for our country. I believe the New FBI director understands this and is doing everything in his power to protect the FBI and its reputation.

The present occupant of the White House, I won’t say his name, acts the same way as the dictators around the world he’s so in love with. Maybe he should have been born in another country and perhaps without the power of the Constitution protecting the United States He Could Have Become a dictator. Perhaps he can pick a country somewhere in the world and he can move there and become their dictator but the US is off limits.


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Sessions and Wray at Wray’s installation as director. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images