Devin Nunes Seeks Intel on Christopher Steele in London – The Atlantic

It’s remarkable that a member of Congress, yes the US Congress, is believed to be a leaker of information and not just any information but information vital to the safety of our country. Devin Nunez has undermined his country’s ability to protect itself from Russians. It is seemingly that he is in some way compromised because of his behavior or actions. The Russians must have something on him. I have no information that says this but if one looks at Behavior then one can speculate. Even our closest ally the United Kingdom refused to meet with him because of fears that he would turn around and leave the information. is this truly someone we want representing us in Congress?

remember this is the Devin Nunes who is the chairman of the house intelligence committee. This is the same Devin Nunez that has done everything in his power to stop the Mueller investigation. This is the same Devin Nunez that has called in for questioning the two highest people fighting Russia in the FBI and tried to crucify them in front of eye closed hearing of Congress which was promptly leaked. This is the same Devin Nunez who should not be reelected as a member of Congress.

Andrew Janz is running against him in November. It’s imperative that we donate to this wonderful candidate. This is not a normal election, 2016 has turned the tide on America and we are seeing our rights and Privileges and safety being the night. Whether it’s the Clean Water we drink or the Clean Air we wish to breathe. So I ordered you to go to his site and give them even one dollar because every little bit will help.


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U.S. Representative Devin Nunes of California JONATHAN ERNST / REUTERS)

Rep. Chris Collins, fighting prosecution, seeks to end reelection bid – POLITICO

Karma is a b****.

If not for this man this country would not be going through this nightmare. He was the first congressman to endorse Trump. And he has had a checkered past.

With a net worth of 55 million dollars he is the richest congressman in the House of Representatives. And yet he managed to get himself, his son, his son’s future father-in-law and others charged with felonies. All in the name of greed. There is footage of him making a frantic calls to Australia to tell his son to sell the stocks from the Congressional Republican picnic at the White House. It’s outrageous that he would be committing crimes on White House grounds. But then the White House is full of criminals right now.

I am sure we’re going to see a tweet from 45 saying that this is a good man and he should not be persecuted in this way. Good people don’t do stock fraud. Good people don’t tell others private information for their monetary gain. This is why it’s outrageous that a member of Congress is able to sit on the board of directors of any Corporation. The conflict-of-interest par rampant and this is not the kind of person that is going to recuse himself when a vote comes up that would be helping the company he is associated with.

Like Orange County in California this part of New York state is red. But this may be an opening for the Democrat to get the seat.

And another one bites the dust…


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Trump seeks to reorganize the federal government – POLITICO

We’ve all heard the story of Robin Hood. He robbed the rich and gave to the poor. We have a reverse Robin Hood in the white house. He robs the poor and gives to the rich. This is been clear and his tax plan and now trying to reorganize the way we help those who are less fortunate. It’s shameful and there’s a special place in hell for people like him and his administration.

The way they’re treating these young children coming for Asylum and putting them in cages in super cold former Walmart buildings. The Waltons paid a lot of money to get Trump into office and the rest of the Republican gang so I guess they’re reaping the benefits.

Boycott Walmart.

Luckily 45 is not King and he cannot make any of these changes without Congressional approval and nothing is going through Congress until after the elections in November so this is just more food for his weird the hungry base. And I say weirdly hungry because they are hungry, most of them are poor and these changes will hurt them but they think that for some reason they will be exempt. Were they exempt when he took away Obamacare? Where they given giant tax refunds? The base is being fooled and like any member of a cult they will just follow blindly.


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The plan, like President Donald Trump’s annual budget, demonstrates the administration’s thinking on a range of domestic policy issues. | Evan Vucci/AP Photo

Clinton seeks to use new FBI inquiry as galvanizing force – The Washington Post

And galvanized we must. 

The thought of Donald Trump in the White House makes me sick to my stomach. Our Supreme Court hangs in the balance. Can you imagine how all of our accomplishments of the last eight years will be rolled back because of Donald Trump nominations to the Supreme Court. This is our time to shine and show FBI director Comey that his son is not going to work.

This is not Politics as Usual. This man cannot be the president of United States. He will make George Bush II look like a prince.

I am preaching to the choir here but if you even have $5 to donate to Hillary Clinton campaign right now please go to and do so.


Harry Reid Cites Evidence of Russian Tampering in U.S. Vote, and Seeks F.B.I. Inquiry –

We’ve all heard the expression The Boy Who Cried Wolf. I think that Donald Trump is that boy. Maybe Donald Trump is planning to rig the election but not in the way he keeps yelling about. I think he wants Russia to make sure he wins this election. He’s a bad poker player because now all eyes will be on this election and whether or not there is any tampering to it. Donald Trump is a bad player hand does not deserve the office of the presidency. He is cheated his way through life and now he wants to cheat himself into the White House. He’s letting his Russian handlers put him in there. And then I doubt we’re going to be seeing anything about America being great again.