AT&T CEO says hiring Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was ‘a big mistake’ – NBC News

CEOs of Corporations as large as AT&T rarely and so publicly admit to doing wrong. This is textbook on how not to run your lobbying of a new Administration. Hiring Donald Trump’s self-proclaimed fixer had to be one of the stupidest things a company like AT&T could do.

When the history of how the Trump Administration fell, and it will be written, this will be one of the cornerstones that was pulled out from underneath this crumbling edifice.


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Melania Is Trapped In The White House, Says France’s First Lady – HuffPost

I have always wondered how much of a real conversation a wife or husband has with their spouse about running for president. The ego it takes for someone to believe that they are smart and wise enough to become the leader of the Free World seems like a person hard to have a rational discussion with. I’m not saying Presidents are bad people, on the contrary. I just believe that many of the spouses have been dragged into their position because of the love they have for their mate. Even high-profile women like Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy or uncomfortable in the guise of first lady.

Melania Trump has a heavier burden to carry than most. Her husband is unpopular and the discrepancy in the way they look together makes their marriage scene unusual. But it’s not our place to decide whether or not a couple should be together, that is their decision and a very personal one at that.

So as much as I cannot stand her husband, I respect Melania Trump. She has said provide much for her adopted country.


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Jerry Brown says that Trump will fund his National Guard mission — without immigration duties – NBC News

When 45 came swooping down to California on his only visits as president he had one main goal, raise money. Sure he went and looked at swatches of what the wall is never going to look like. Let’s face it if there were going to be a wall built it would have been funded by now.

As the state of California is being strangled out of funds by the federal government in an operation that the GOP calls ABC, or anybody but California. So if Trump wants 2 give us some National Guards to do work paid for by the federal government then sure.

And yes there is a revolution going on in California. We are leading the nation on how to coexist with each other. Sure there are some isolated incidents that make National media coverage but in the whole this state runs very well and people are happy.


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Trump ‘morally unfit to be president,’ Comey says in TV interview – NBC News

I’ll be 64 the end of April and I remember vividly how Watergate went down. As much as I may not have agreed with Richard Nixon’s policies he was nowhere close to being as corrupt an individual has a human being has the current occupant of the White House. When James Comey who had much to do with putting him in the White House says that Trump should not be in the White House in rings true to 3/4 of the American people. The other quarter are just plain crazy or so rich that all they care about is counting how many dollars more they have in their pockets. They don’t care about our country but I do and this man needs to be removed from office.

My one worry is that his vice president is just as much in the muck as he is which means that Paul Ryan would be next in line to be president. And a Paul Ryan presidency would be the end of us all.


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NRA says violent radicals are behind the March For Our Lives – PolitiFact

Los Angeles March for our lives, © 2018

As you can tell from the pictures it was filled with violent political radicals, not.

If there are violent radicals in this fight it is truly the NRA.

You can click the link below and it will lead you to the fact checking of the claims by the NRA.

The NRA is full of lies and will do everything to hold their grip on power. They’re only grip on power is to have gun owners believing that we are out to get their guns. That’s not the intention here and it never has been. Sensible gun laws are necessary in any stable Society. Having background checks which can be gone around by going to a gun show is not having background checks. Not putting people who are on the no-fly list on background checks is not having background checks. Allowing military grade weapons on the streets of our country he’s not good policy. My first day in law school my constitutional law professor said something which I always will remember, he said a bad law makes all other laws weaker. Truth.

So yes I was at the March and it was a wonderful expression of love for our children and the future of our country. It was truly of March for our lives. I didn’t get to see the stage because I didn’t want to push in front of the young people who are really the ones putting this on and I was a supporter and almost an interloper so my picture show crowds but not the stage.

©Copyright 2018

Now I hear the pundits question whether or not we will be talking about this in 2 months I say what we talkin about it in two years, I say we talked about this for as long as it takes until this country is like Massachusetts. They have sensible gun laws and if we had the same laws across the country 27,000 people’s lives would be saved each year. That’s almost as many as died in car accidents and I bet you no one would be mad if we made laws that saved people in car accidents.

This was a great day, a historic day and one led by young people and I am so proud of them. They give me hope in a hopeless time. They give me joy in a joyless your last time. They speak truth when truth is spoken by our leaders.

Bravo to the young people that organized this wonderful event.

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© 2018

Stormy Daniels sues Trump, says ‘hush agreement’ invalid because he never signed – NBC News

As the current occupant of the White House was in his motorcade going from Mara Largo to another one of his golf games, numbering over a hundred since his taking office, he saw a sign on the side of the road. The sign was in front of a gentlemen’s club and it said that there was a hurricane coming and was called Stormy.

In this Deluge of never-ending scandals even the most hardened pundit is finding it difficult to keep all of these in some sort of order. The Stormy Daniels story would have been Front Page News if this had been during the Clinton administration. A president’s lawyer paid a woman who allegedly was in a consensual relationship with the person running for the presidency. This money was paid in such a way that it triggered alarms in the banking system setup to track cartel money and money from terrorist organizations. And this is who is our president today.

Let’s forget about the politics. At the time of this relationship Donald Trump had had his first child with his current wife. The cold shoulder that his wife is now showing to the president is more than adequate to tell us how she feels about this whole sordid affair.

This is going to be much harder to sweep under the rug by an Administration that seems eager to sweep everything under the rug. Look at Gary Cohn’s departure from the White House today. It was never mentioned until it was made public by the fact that he wasn’t at the meeting in the White House he was supposed to attend.

This is a White House of intrigue and not one that is promoting the welfare of the American people. Everyone I speak to says the same thing to me I hope we can live through this and get out of this whole, I pray to the universe that we do.


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Stormy Daniels visits a local restaurant in downtown New Orleans on May 6, 2009. Bill Haber / AP file

Sam Nunberg, Fmr. Trump campaign aide after meet with Mueller says Trump did something wrong

You rarely see on television someone who is being subpoenaed by Grand Jury come on the air live and say for all to hear that they are not going to comply with a grand jury subpoena. Well in fact that happened this morning California time, on MSNBC in an interview with Katy tur. Sam nunberg a former campaign aide for Donald Trump says that he will not comply with grand jury subpoenas. And he is to appear on Thursday. He claims that he does not want to reveal text messages between him and Steve Bannon and others. He complains that this whole process is bankrupting people. Well, if you thought that things were fishy it was your duty as a citizen to go in and say so to the authorities. But instead you stayed quiet and now you cry foul.

Further he says that after being questioned by the special prosecutor he got the feeling that the special prosecutor has something on President Trump. That put a spring in my step today. On a day that I hear that our secretary of state has had a hundred and twenty two million dollars how to fight infusions by the Russians in our elections and has spent nothing. The only reason it’s even in the state Department’s budget is because it was forced upon him by the two congressman who budgeted this money in the first place. This is a White House clearly bent on doing Putin’s bidding. Everything they’ve done from the trade War to refusing to do anything about the 2018 elections to the candidate himself asking for Russian Aid in unveiling Hillary Clinton’s emails all point to collusion and more importantly to obstruction of justice.

Today’s Revelations by Sam nunberg lend Credence to why the special prosecutor must continue his work.


Screenshot from MSNBC March 5th 2018

George Papadopoulos is the ‘John Dean’ of the Russia investigation, his fiancee says – The Washington Post

Having lived through the Watergate Aurora in my mid-teens I still remember clearly how pivotal a player John Dean was in toppling the Nixon Administration. If George Papadopoulos has the same effect on 45 I would be thrilled.

Here comes a little bit of skepticism, his girlfriend seems to be very talkative, I mean his fiance, to the Press. She is putting out statements on his BF all the time. Now I’m not sure if there’s a gag order on the mr. Papadopoulos which makes it hard for him to make statements to the Press but his girlfriend seems to be without constraint.

One point to note is that the court extended the sentencing of mr. Papadopoulos by 3 months. This usually means that a witness is cooperating and that the witness information is pivotal two other prosecution’s. Now all we need to do is wait and see


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Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty in early October to lying to federal officials about his contacts with Russian nationals. (Elyse Samuels/The Washington Post)

Facebook is a ‘living, breathing crime scene,’ says one former tech insider – NBC News

My friends, family and my regular readers know I’m no conspiracy theorist. But a conspiracy theorist works on evidence that is at best sketchy. Here we are in 2018 knowing that Facebook took ads against Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign and was paid for these ads in Rubles. Rubles are the Russian currency and because of sanctions against Russia for its meddling and annexation of Crimea there are major restrictions about the use of that currency. Not being said I can understand how Facebook can look at us straight in the eyes and claim they had no idea this was from Russia.

Yes, Facebook is an active and living crime scene. I believe that it’s current PR campaign claiming that it plans to reduce the number of paid ads and increase the number of postings from friends and family is just a knee-jerk reaction to what they knew was going to be coming out in the media. This information is damning and we as Facebook, and former Facebook users, need to speak out to our Representatives about this. Yes Facebook has a quarter of the world’s population and its ecology but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be brought down.


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Professor who predicted Trump win, says he will be impeached –

Unless we can impeach Mike Pence first I do not relish the idea of impeaching Donald Trump. In picking Mike Pence, Donald Trump has put in and insurance policy against impeachment. Mike Pence is not a patriot. Mike Pence is an ideologue who wants a country that is unwilling to understand the needs of minorities. Mike Pence is the textbook definition of a fascist. So in my view in pitching Donald Trump is not something that will right the ship of State.