Romney ‘sickened’ by Trump’s behavior in Mueller report – The Hill

What some people will do for just a little bit of attention. Let’s not forget this is the same Romney who went begging for the job of Secretary of State and was made to look like a fool by the current occupant of the White House.

you could tell him this picture that Trump was going to screw with Romney. You would think that Romney would become a thorn in Trump’s side. Sure he makes these kind of statements that he is shocked at his actions but he vote with Trump even when it means voting to lift sanctions against Russian oligarchs.

Romney is no Patriot he is an opportunist.

A true patriot would say that he would go along with the articles of impeachment that are so so needed against this criminal president.


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Romney says Trump will change America with ‘trickle-down racism’ – CNN

I guess that four years is a long time.
The voice of reason coming from Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney actually had a retreat in Salt Lake City with the whole Republican and GOP party leaders in attendance. Interestingly Donald Trump wasn’t invited. But I am absolutely sure he was the only subject talked about. Mitt Romney then went on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and created a new attack line for Hillary. Trickle down racism.
Why would Mitt Romney a republican in good standing say things like this about the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party? 4 years ago when Mitt Romney was not looking forward to releasing his tax returns Donald Trump led the charge demanding that the tax returns be released. Donald Trump seems to be great at making enemies not so much friends.
Wow 4 years is a very long time in politics anyway.

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Trump won’t release his tax returns: There’s a “bombshell”, says Romney

The IRS says that in fact he is being audited but there is absolutely no reason that he cannot release his income tax returns. He is hiding something. He may not be as rich as he says he is. He may be hiding his money overseas may be in China. I don’t know but for him to run for the highest office in the land he must release his taxes. Secretary of State Clinton and President Clinton have released their taxes back to 1992. And even Bernie Sanders released his taxes from last year, underwhelming.
What are you hiding ducking Donald? Inquiring voters want to know.


GOP at war with itself – CNNPolitics

The GOP is not just at war with itself, it’s at war with American values. Saying that they’re being child like is an insult to all children. Schoolyard bullies don’t even talk to each other this way. Romney yesterday did nothing to make the discourse any better. The Republican Party is proving itself to be a failed institution with failed ideas. One wing of it wants to go to war at all costs the other wing wants to take away all of the social safety net that individuals have in the country. The word privatizing comes out of their mouth more than air. When you hear privatizing realize that’s money going into politicians pockets.
The GOP not at war with itself the GOP is at war with everything that is good about the United States.


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