Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier – The Guardian

I have been telling anyone who will listen to me how my life has become happier since I deleted my Facebook account on November 11th of 2017. It started a whole series of events including opening up my social life I am back to the weight that I should be at and wearing the same as I did when I was 32 at 64 is pretty good. But beyond that the hatred that was everywhere on Facebook is no longer in my life. When I don’t like something on television I change the channel. I don’t like Facebook anymore so I deleted my account. Sure, family and friends are annoyed at me and think that I’m being obstinate. But if I’m anything I’m a man of my principles and my principles tell me that I need to get out of Facebook and so should you.

Their new campaign telling us that they’re changing so that Facebook becomes what it was meant to be is only there to stop the Hemorrhage of users that are deleting their accounts. Their stock price has tanked and is not recovering. I’m hoping that Facebook is the next Myspace or even better Friendster, and it will disappear into the Dust heap of terrible ideas.


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‘The Good Wife’ Finale Review: The Slap Heard ’Round the World – The Daily Beast

Very few shows have had the impact on society that The Good Wife has had. Even the term The Good Wife has been come embolic of a woman standing by her not so deserving husband. Very few shows are followed by so many intelligent and powerful people. Hillary Clinton has said that this is her favorite show and I understand why. She may be the original Good Wife on television in the nineties. Click on this link and you’ll hear a really good interview with Robert and Michelle King and how they see the ending of the show. If you’ve noticed I’m not big on spoilers, so clicking on this link if you haven’t watch the finale, will ruin it for you. Enjoy, and thank you to the cast, the producers and CBS for seven years of The Good Wife.