Documents Reveal How Russian Official Courted Conservatives In U.S. Since 2009 – NPR

You make America great people again were fooled. You are full by the Russians and it’s time for you to come to that realization. I was fooled by Russians acting like Bernie Sanders supporters although I never took their bait I really did not like what they were saying. I blocked people like that and I still block people who are not espousing American values but trying to divide our country.

We As Americans, and the world in general are being fooled by Russians a country that’s at best a third-rate nation with little or no Navy and the only thing to speak of is there nuclear Arsenal. They have the 29th largest economy in the world, that puts them way behind several States including New York and California. So Russia get back in your hole and stay there.


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Russian official Alexander Torshin, appearing in Moscow in 2016, was sanctioned by the U.S. government in April, suspending years of travel back to 2009 during which he cultivated ties with American conservatives.

Alexander Shalgin/Alexander Shalgin/TASS

Presidential candidates reveal views on science and technology

As it is to be expected Donald Trump thinks that climate change is dubious. But he makes himself sound caring by saying that he would like to help get clean water to those who do not have it and fight malaria and famine in the world. What he leaves out is that climate change is a factor in not having clean water and the spread of disease and the lack of food. Our nation cannot elect a man who does not believe in climate change. He is more worried about the fact that he had to change hair sprays then he does about the health of our planet. This is a man who said he could not understand how Hairspray that he uses in his seal Department would affect the ozone layer.

And this is me showing you my inner geek. Donald Trump is looking more and more like the Baron Harkonnen of the Dune series. He’s always acted like him.


Donald Trump is looking more and more like the Baron Harkonnen from the Dune series. Sorry for geaking out on this