ICE spokesman resigns, citing fabrications by agency chief, Sessions about Calif. immigrant arrests – The Washington Post

I have been on this planet almost 64 years. I have seen lots and lots of administrations come and go. But I’ve never seen one that lies to the American people this way. It’s continuous it’s never-ending and it comes from every branch of the administration. I am so tired of hearing about the lies that this White House puts out every day through its so-called press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. And now has a resident of California I am absolutely Furious about the fact that they’ve been lying about undocumented criminals in our state. This has prompted the resignation of their spokesperson at ICE because he could not keep putting out these lies. Enough is enough this is a treasonous Administration that counts house to Russia and now we need to get rid of them. I have not said the impeachment word in my blog yet but I’m ready to say that now.


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These are the kind of people that Trump appoints to his administration. ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan is seen at the agency’s Washington headquarters in 2017. (Salwan Georges/The Washington Post file)

Railroad agency’s acting chief resigns amid questions about his employment – POLITICO

I remember during the summer of 2016 Trump supporters chanting lock her up and drain the swamp. I would take that swamp any day compared to the landfill that we now have as a government. The stench of political appointments is now making it impossible for this government to work correctly. Whether the individuals are wife beaters or have made stock trades to make themselves rich or in this case working two jobs at the same time it’s amazing how this Administration has been incompetent in their ability to find the proper people for positions.

I have to assume that the good candidates for positions in the government are looking the other way. Why would one want to ruin their resume with the stain of working for 45.


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A former Federal Railroad Administration employee also told POLITICO this week that she had fielded at least three requests from a Mississippi TV journalist seeking to speak with Hall last summer – POLITICO

CDC director resigns over financial conflicts including stock in tobacco, beer and soda companies – LA Times

Until 9/11 I worked for the TRUTH campaign which was the and is the teen anti-tobacco campaign for the United States. The CDC was our partner in making sure that young people did not start down the path of smoking cigarettes. It seems that 45 does not vet his appointees very well. Can you imagine what an uproar it would have been if the head of the CDC under President Obama had even thought of buying stocks and tobacco companies and the like. Did 45 and his minions not think that owning stock in tobacco, alcoholic beverages and soda companies would not be a conflict of interest for the head of the CDC? Well this is the same white house that has an eco-terrorist as the head of the EPA. I read today that this White House wants to reduce government spending on renewable energy resources by 72%.

These infractions that would have been a scandal in any other era are just a blip on the radar for this White House and America is suffering for it.


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Another appointee gone, from this junkheap we call a White House

NC Trump staffer resigns amid lawsuit –

Donald Trump has very few on-the-ground staffers. So it’s rather surprising that one pulled a gun on several of his co-workers. The suit that was filed claims that the head of the North Carolina Trump campaign pulled a gun on one of his staffers while they were driving. The suit also says that the same gentleman pull guns on other staffers. The Trump campaign is like a giant vomit on our nation. I can’t wait until I don’t hear his name every 5 Seconds.