Skeptics Urge Bevin To Show Proof Of Fraud Claims {Warning Of Corrosive Effects} – NPR

Since this blog only has four days left this may be my last time to say this. Republicans win by cheating. Whether it’s gerrymandering States into unrecognizable congressional districts or using tactics like voter voter suppression of voter ID or just like this loser’s claim that there is some sort of fraud. It’s amazing Republicans never say there’s any fraud when they win. Only seems to be fraud when Democrats win. Eventually this gets really old. This unlikable human being is going to cost the state of Kentucky money for a useless recanvass of the votes. He may even ask the Republican state legislature to intervene on his behalf. So far it seems that the Republican state legislature is not going to but again Republicans seem to like cheating. It’s how they win.


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Devon and Trump, two peas in a pod

Referee says he told Rep. Jim Jordan that Ohio State doctor performed sex act in shower – NBC News

You have to give credit to the Republicans for an amazing amount of chutzpah for putting Jim Jordan a man who knew that boys were being molested in the showers that he was in charge of the first impeachment committee. Jim Jordan is the guy who doesn’t wear a jacket and spouts nothing but lies and propaganda to get as much airtime for himself as possible. I believe the Democrats have limited the amount of time this blowhard will get but still anytime he gets isn’t insulted 177 young men that were molested. Shame on the Republicans and shame on #GymJordan .


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This impeachment process is totally infair to Rupublicans! – The Washington Post

Fun fact: the US Treasury has spent more money bailing out farmers, by the way they were doing just fine before the tRUMP tariffs, then we spent all together bailing out the Auto industry after the great recession. It’s so funny how these fiscal conservatives have turned into Rupublicans. Trump blew his wad today by lowering interest rates or in any case forcing the fan to do so. unfortunately you can’t have negative interest rates so if the economy takes a downturn during the election year which people are saying every word that it is, there are very few things that Trump can do. Most of the things that Trump can do will require Nancy Pelosi and I’m not sure if she’s going to be of that appetite. And who knows, by the time we got to that point and maybe president pence in office. President Pence won’t like having an economy in free-fall trying to get himself elected to a first term.

It’s ironic that the GOP rewrote the rules for impeachment and now are not happy that those rules are being followed. The guy who was the lead prosecutor in the Clinton impeachment, Congressman Lindsey Graham, is now Senator Lindsey Graham who doesn’t seem to remember anything he’s said back then. He had a brief, all to fleeting moment of clarity when he did say not answering subpoenas from Congress was impeachable but then later on I forgot he said it. but Mitch McConnell is the one that I’m watching. Mitch McConnell is a survivor and he’s never liked from. He’s starting to show his cards. Last week he was asked about whether or not he had sad that the Ukrainian call was perfect because Trump said he had said that. Mitch McConnell said he didn’t remember any conversation about the Ukrainian call with Trump. When he was pressed on it he repeated that. In private he is told the Republican members of the Senate that there is going to be an impeachment trial. Mitch McConnell’s approval ratings in Kentucky are at 14%. He’s got a formidable democratic rival and I think he’s going to try to make himself look like the hero of the story and remove Trump from office. There’s an expression in French that says “who will live will see”.


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Senate GOP to Trump: You’re Not Helping Yourself By Attacking Us – The Daily Beast

This dumpster fire also known as the Trump administration is moving quickly to curtail our rights as Americans. So-called attorney general Barr is following lockstep in the playbook of every despotic ruler in world history. Attacked the government from within. Make the populist not trust different branches of government and different departments depending on their political ideology. Make the Republican Trump supporters hate the FBI and CIA Battle of the Department of Justice. Make the 60% of the American people that did not vote for Trump mistrust the Department of Justice. This can lead nowhere but too bad.

So the Republicans in the Senate started to be annoyed at the Trump administration. Syria lit the fire and then mulvany went out and committed an even worse offense by admitting that Trump blackmailed Ukraine for dirt on his political opponents. Even Lindsey Graham started to show cracks in the support of trump. Let us not forget that the house will indict the president through impeachment but the Senate will sit as judge and jury. Cornered animals, especially those who are wounded are most dangerous and that is exactly what the Trump administration is right now A dangerous and wounded animal but not even close to being dead. I worry for our country during the next few months and I hope that we will indeed have an election in November of 2020 and one that the current occupant of the White House will respect.

Right now I have my doubts.

I worry for our country during the next few months and I hope that we will indeed have an election in November of 2020 and one that the current occupant of the White House will respect.

Right now I have my doubts.


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Republicans must lie to survive: They have no other choice – Salon

Lying is but a gateway drug for Republican politicians. They then move on to cheating in elections, then violate people’s civil rights and the name of the party and finally help elect the worst president the country has ever had.

I’m 65 years old and I’m not a Democrat because I blindly follow the Democratic party but rather because I have seen the Republican party lie and cheat its way to power. Look the Democrats are not perfect but they certainly don’t fall down to the level that the Republicans do.

The GOP, the grand old party of Lincoln, Lincoln would not recognize it and would not want to be part of it. The scam artists that are the Republican hierarchy like Mitch McConnell make me want to puke. they don’t care about the country they care about their power base and getting enough money to get reelected and the only way they can do that when they are catering to just 1% of the population is to lie to the other 99%. And they’re very good at it. Look at the almighty Reagan that the Republicans seem to want to worship went behind President Jimmy Carter’s back and made a deal with Iran 2 release hostages that were being held. Nixon went behind the back of President Johnson and told the North Vietnamese that if they held on and did not work out a piece with President Johnson that he Nixon would give them a better deal. not only was that a betrayal of the American people and the number of young men and women who died but it was a lie because Nixon never came to the table to negotiate and we had to pull out like cowards from Vietnam. Leaving behind our allies to be tortured and killed and imprisoned.

Now we have the Kurds who we have abandoned for the second time. by the way the first time the cards were abandoned was also by a republican George Bush the first.

I hope that the impeachment of trump weakens him enough that he loses in a landslide in 2020 because if not we are going to be one sad country if it’s a close election.


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Chuck Todd’s Biden-Ukraine Take Shows Press Learned Nothing From Trump 2016 – Esquire

It’s rare that a national news anchor quivers or shows emotion in his or her voice when on the air. The time that I remembered the best was when Matt Lauer first realize what was happening on September 11th hand how his voice changed. I was living in France at the time but when Walter Cronkite announced the death of President Kennedy you got the same emotion in the voice. Today was one of those days. Chuck Todd sounded alarmed. Look, I have not been one of his biggest fans of late but he did his job today.

Yesterday at the end of my last blog post I jokingly asked China to find the 20 minutes of missing transcript from the phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine. Who you that Trump would ask China today, right in front of everyone to hear, 4 dirt on Joe Biden. I guess the no collusion no collusion while truck is out the window and now they’re going for the no quid pro quo. He’s colluding in plain sight.

Turns out this is a republican thing. Nixon contacted the North Vietnamese, the country we were at war with before the 1968 election and told them that if they stopped negotiating with President Johnson he would give them a better deal when he became president. At the same time the Soviet Union approached Hubert Humphrey who ran against Nixon in 1968 but Humphrey, a Democrat, went right to the FBI the way you’re supposed to act when a foreign country tries to get you to collude with them.

more cracks in the armor are appearing today. Judge Napolitano stood outside of Fox News and went through all the reasons why what Trump has done is not only impeachable but he should be removed from office, that’s on Fox News!

I had to go back to my Netflix pablum of shows because I can’t at this point watch too much of this stuff without it’s affecting me. My poor cats gets scared when I start screaming at the television like a mad men. but when you see the president of the United States betraying everything that you truly believe in it’s hard.

At the end of the day, I believe that Trump and his cohorts are Miss judging the American electorate. His use of profanity has to have an effect on moms who don’t want their kids growing up with a foul mouth. we all use profanity but he’s the president of the United States and has to be held to a higher standard. Young people are going to go out and vote this time because I really believe that they see an earth falling apart around them and they are angry at my generation and those that came before them for ruining the planet. I have hope as we all must have because without hope there’s no point and waking up the next morning.


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Trump admits to discussing Biden in scrutinized talk with Ukrainian leader – NBC News

And the song begins…

First we heard “no collusion no collusion”

And now it’s “no quid pro quo”

His Maga hat-wearing supporters will think that he’s being a great statesman by using Latin in his statement. But in fact he’s already admitted to the crime. Why would he discuss Joe Biden eight times during a conversation with a foreign leader?

The silence coming from the Republican party on this is deafening. Where are they?

Trump is a mob boss running a corrupt organization bent on destroying this planet. he is counting on large donations from all the worst corporations on Earth so that he can get reelected. This is a man drunk on power. This is a man who thinks he can do anything in the oval Office. This is a man who has twisted norms so much that they’re no longer recognizable.

Don Corleone would be very proud.


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A shadow of himself. President Donald Trump arrives for a state dinner honoring the Australian Prime Minister at the White House on Sept. 20, 2019.

Zach Gibson / Getty Images

Candace Owens to Congress: ‘White Supremacy and White Nationalism Are Not a Problem’ – The Daily Beast

The more the Republicans start showing what’s under their skin the more they are going to be relegated to the annals of History. bringing out this woman who says that Hitler was okay until he went global and says that white supremacy is not a problem after El Paso to testify in front of Congress as some sort of an expert is a sham. Shame on the Republican party and what it’s become. As much as I did not like wild Reagan, orany other of the Republican presidents that we’ve had since I’ve been alive I’ve got to say I think those of them who are no longer with us are spinning in their graves not understanding what happened to our country and their party.


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Inside the Education Department’s effort to ‘obstruct’ student loan investigations – NBC News

The old saying is One Bad Apple spoils the barrel. there are so many bad apples in this administration that you don’t know where to start.

Does not take much to understand the Republican party and their goals for education in America. If you dumb down the population they will vote in stupid ways. Case in point we elected Trump granted because of an antiquated system called The electoral college but still he is in the office and Hillary is not.

Betsy DeVos should not be anywhere near the Department of education. She is one of the rich people trying to become richer on charter schools and helping private schools. She has no priority. Puts Public schools at the top of the list. She doesn’t care about students she cares about making money. Now her department is hiding the fact that student loans are being handled by institutions that are raping our students. Why are students paying interest on student loans? They used to be interest-free then they went to 3% and now it’s whatever the market will bear.

Betsy DeVos should be ashamed of herself and every teacher in America despises her.


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She doesn’t deserve a full face photo.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos speaks during a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing on budget on Capitol Hill in Washington on March 26, 2019.
Andrew Harnik / AP file

Trump’s Use of Pentagon Money for Border Wall Threatens Defense – Bloomberg

I am a firm believer in a non-dystopian future. Maybe that’s because I was raised on the likes of Star Trek. My parents always had a glass-half-full attitude about life and the future. I inherited that and for that I cannot be any more grateful to them. I say this because I am of the belief that sometime, and not too distant future, maybe 5 to 10 years from now, we will find out why Trump, and the Republican party fail under the grips of the Russians. On paper it makes absolutely no sense. Well Trump is a grifter so he’ll follow the money but the GOP? They have abandoned America first for this strange mish-mosh of fake nationalism coupled with oligarch threads running through them. Case in point they give a giant tax cut to the rich and leave the poor in our nation wanting for even more. Cutting back food stamps is there first step in cutting back on the deficit that they grew because of the tax cut to the rich. They will go after Medicare, medical or Medicaid depending on where you are and of course the Affordable Care act. Why does a party that is in theory voted in by people so anti people? I think the answer to that conundrum will come.

watching Trump divert billions of dollars from our military including construction at West Point, training AR military on use of advanced missile technology, Building bases throughout the world so that we can maintain a balance against Russia and China all seems to be the opposite of what the Republicans used to stand for and yet here we are.


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A clear and present danger to the defense budget.

Photographer: Carolyn Van Houten/The Washington Post/Getty Images