Gov. Jerry Brown signs his final state budget, California’s largest yet, with giant budget surplus – LA Times

The republicans, the GOP, or just the party of trump claimed that they are better at fiscal responsibility than the democrats.

Photo credit Los Angeles Times

When governor Jerry Brown took over from Arnold Schwarzenegger there was a 27.1 billion dollar deficit but now we have a rainy day fund that exceeds that amount. People think that California is one giant democratic state. They could not be more wrong. Especially In the state legislature there are giant swats of California that are held by republicans and yet the governor was able to sign this bill will thought a single line item veto. That’s because governor Brown works across the aisle unlike the republicans. When president Clinton left office we had a budget surplus. That took a lot of work but he did it in conjunction with a Republican Congress. Now due to tax cuts for mainly rich people and their heirs we are watching the clock in New York race through our money because of the fiscal irresponsibility of the Republican party or the party of trump.

When former San Francisco bear and now lieutenant governor Gavin newsome took over as you tenant governor he did a couple of interesting things. He moved out of the lieutenant governor said mansion and it is now least as a means of revenue for the state. He moved out of the lieutenant governor offices in the state house and took a cubicle outside of governor Brown’s office. Hopefully, in November we will vote Gavin newsome in for governor and he will continue governor Brown’s fiscal responsibility. I’m like the party of trump or the party of fiscal irresponsibility.

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Republicans whose jobs once seemed safe are struggling for a 2018 survival strategy – The Washington Post

I can listen to political pundits up to a point. And I truly believe that all elections are local. That being said there’s a wave coming, and it’s a giant blue one.

We have witnessed during the special election season the Republican base not coming out to vote and the Democratic bass coming out in numbers that are unprecedented. Trump would have to start a war something the Republicans don’t want for there to be a change in this dynamic. I pray that he does not start a war but I don’t trust this man and his lust for power and vengeance.


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Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-N.C.) takes a photo of Vice President Mike Pence, right, after a tax policy event in Charlotte last month. Pittenger is facing a primary challenge from conservative pastor Mark Harris that has pushed him to the right, which could be a problem in the general election against a Democratic challenger, Dan McCready, who’s outraised him so far. (Chuck Burton/AP)

Massive spending deal clinched despite Trump’s misgivings – POLITICO

For a party in the minority the Democrats should have got a lot of what they want it or is it that the Republicans are Running Scared? I think that the Republicans are Running Scared. When you see numbers like in Illinois last night where the Republican turnout was down by 15% and the Democratic turnout was up by 182% you know that the Republicans are Running Scared. So yes the Democrats didn’t get everything they wanted but they got a lot of what they wanted, the tunnel between New Jersey and New York that minority leader Schumer wanted so badly and no funding for border wall or extra beds in detention centers or more ice enforcement agents for Trump. All in all this Omnibus Bill is a good one and I congratulate the Democrats for holding their nose down and working as opposed to blustering like a certain someone in the White House.


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I know it’s just the picture but it sure looks like Paul Ryan and the turtle are Running Scared. Photo credit Politico

Donald Trump Either Lied to the Republicans or Broke the Law (NEWSWEEK Magazine Exclusive)

There is an old conundrum that goes “everything I say is a lie”, but if everything one says is a lie then that statement is also a lie. Donald Trump is that kind of conundrum. He lies about everything but it seems this time he’s lied in a way that could get him in criminal Jeopardy. The one thing to lie to the electorate it’s another thing to lie under oath in a deposition. I hope you take the time to read this Newsweek article because they have done some amazing work and deserve a Pulitzer Prize.


GOP critics say Donald Trump alienating a new generation of Republicans – The Boston Globe

I have heard this generational argument before, I don’t buy it. The only way this could be a generational shift is if the Republican Party stays in Trumpland permanently.

For this election I do buy it. If you read the article it’s stories about Young people that had worked under President Bush’s Administration who are now saying they are going to vote for Hillary Clinton. In a strange way, the terrible brexit vote has been a good friend to the United States. I don’t think that young people are going to be complacent this time around. They saw the mistake of their contemporaries in the UK and don’t want to repeat that mistake. Ford these people to actually come out and say they are voting for Hillary Clinton must be so difficult. Having being raised a Democrat I can’t imagine when I was 30 or 32 having to switch parties because my party left me.


Republicans question Trump’s travel choices, tight purse strings – CNN 

Let’s face it, Donald Trump has no campaign without the Republican Party infrastructure. The Republican party is starting to move away from their candidate. Tightening the purse strings and openly criticizing him is unprecedented and election for president in the modern era by his or her party. And yet the Republican party is doing just that. They realize that they have a dud in Donald Trump and that he’s not only going to hurt the party but also hurt the country that they love. I may not agree with Republicans much, but I know that they truly love this country. And when Donald Trump says that the system is rigged or that they should jail Hillary, the Republican Party realizes that he’s making damage to the very fabric of our political system.

After calling President Obama the founder of Isis for the last 3 days he said now that it was sarcastic. He knows exactly what he’s doing and he is a liar above any other liar that I’ve ever seen in politics. And that’s saying a lot. He says outrageous things in hopes of keeping his 30% Bass. He walks back his outrageous statements in hopes of getting the independent vote. I think that he thinks that that 20% is as easily fooled as his core supporters. They are not and they are the reason that we have had 8 years of President Obama. Donald Trump is a pox on all of our homes.


President Obama takes on ‘Trumpism,’ reaches out to disaffected Republicans – MSNBC

It’s been a few hours since I saw President Obama give that amazing speech to the Democratic National Convention. The thing that I remember the most about the speech what’s the fact he made such a point of that we are a nation that can work together. No one man can do it all for us. His motto was yes we can and not yes he can. Trumpism is a disease that is spreading across the globe. Nationalist movements are appearing all over Europe Asia and anywhere that there are free elections. The rest of the world is under the Iron Fist of a dictator or group of dictators. I don’t want this for our country and I believe that Donald Trump will lead us down that path. You know today he made what was an outrageous request to the Russian hackers. Honestly if you were not running for president I think that he would have been visited by Homeland Security. Yet unlike the Republican convention the Democrats were yelling jail him. Maybe that’s why he’ll win but I don’t want to live in a country where that kind of rhetoric wins.

If you click on the link below you can watch Rachel Maddow discuss this with Republican strategists.


Republicans may have just forfeited half their Senate pickup chances – The Washington Post the Washington Post

The United States Senate has 6-year terms. There are a hundred members of the Senate so every six years 34 of them are up for reelection. This is one of those years. Normally this is just one vote extra for this cycle. But this time around in 2016 out of 34 Senate seats available 10 are currently held by Democrats and 24 are held by Republicans. The Democrats need to send it back plus another 10 seats to make it filibuster-proof.

The state of Colorado is already purple. So when you get a conservative Tea Party candidate up for Statewide vote the Republicans have basically forfeited that seat to the incumbent Democrat.


Republicans aims to regain control of House floor from Democratic sit-in – CNN

The Optics of it all. This is pure genius on the part of the Democrats who started the sit-in. And what’s most ironic is that they’re holding the house hostage that wants to vote on a bill that will remove fiduciary responsibility from people that handle your money. The only people in the world that want this bill to go through are the banks. To make it simple this law was passed under President Obama’s administration and it says that if you handle someone’s money you must handle it responsibly. The banks hate this because acting responsibly is not in their nature. So now the eyes of the nation are looking at a cell phone transmission from the floor of the house and in half an hour speaker Ryan will call the house to order to vote on a bill that only the banks want. This is going to set them up for 30 second commercials over and over again between now and November. This is a nightmare for Paul Ryan. And nobody deserves nightmares more than Paul Ryan.
This is why the Republicans no longer call the Democratic Party by its name and only say the Democrat Party. Because this is democracy at work at its finest.


Senate Democrats end marathon filibuster, saying Republicans agree to gun control vote – The Washington Post

Taking a vote and agreed to vote for gun control are two completely different things. But let’s be hopeful that in the wake of the Orlando Massacre we will have a United voice and then the stupid gun laws. It makes sense that if someone is on the do not fly list they should also be on the No gun list. But then I’m using logic and that doesn’t seem to be the strong suit of the Republican Party.
As Senator Murphy of Connecticut has repeatedly said “We will no longer pray in silence and this time we’re going to act with our voices.”