Fox News Reporter Rips Colleagues Over Charlottesville: You Sound Like ‘White Supremacist Chat Room’ – The Daily Beast

Slowly but surely cracks are appearing in the coverage of the current occupant of the White House on Fox news. Fox news also known as Trump TV has always been an important tool for the current occupant of the White House. But brave souls likeChris Wallace and judge Napolitano have started what seems like a prickle but could eventually turn into a flood.

It’s easy to dismiss Fox news, it’s not easy to dismiss the ratings it gets. 8 dwarfs its competition like CNN and MSNBC so it is important that they start being truth-tellers to this Administration.

Trump went in front of the cameras and of course lied through his teeth again saying that he never said that there were good people on both sides and that this had been litigated already in the media. falsehood after false it is what comes out of this man’s mouth and you know what whenever he’s on any channel or either change a Channel or mute because I cannot even stand listening to his voice for 2 seconds.

On a side note, I completely disagree with the Democratic party not giving Fox news a debate. That’s absolutely asinine. 21% of Fox news viewers are Democrats and that’s kind of a slap in the face to them but beyond that should not the Democratic party look to bring in some of those who are disenchanted with the current occupant of the White House? I say yes!

Let’s hope that the truth will start ringing more often from Fox news and until then don’t be fooled, the truth is out there.


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These are not good people, these are bad people and if anybody tells you differently they are lying to you.

Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal are talking to one reporter: Anderson Cooper – The Washington Post

Talk about “Must See TV”! Tonight on CNN and Sunday on CBS Anderson Cooper is going to make the private residence of the White House not a fun place to be. I know this is all very salacious but he is the president and he did it allegedly right after marrying his wife and her having their baby. That’s reptilian.

Anderson Cooper knows how to ask questions and get right to your soul so I know that this is going to be fascinating to watch.


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Anderson Cooper. (Photo by Anthony Behar)

Corey Lewandowski: I’ll Talk To Reporter But It’s ‘Unrealistic’ For Me To Apologize

Not apologize to a female reporter, who he grabbed and bruised, while the men were being allowed to ask questions to Trump is wrong. If this had happened in a domestic setting he would have been arrested for domestic violence. He claims he doesn’t know or ever spoke to the reporter and thinks that that is a defense. He is morally bankrupt like the candidates he works for.


‘Go to Auschwitz’ video fuels Trump Nazi worries

Granted it’s one or maybe a few of trump supporters saying this. But if their ranks grow larger it scares me. Maybe they don’t understand what saying the word Auschwitz concentration camp means to Jews. Millions of Jews were killed by a demagogue. Now we have this new demagogue who wants to become president. He does nothing to stifle his supporters instead he offers to pay their legal expenses if they are arrested for assaulting an anti Trump supporter. And this is his pivot to being presidential? This man scares me and that’s why #NeverTrump.

I don't know his name, but this is the man yelling go to Auschwitz

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