{SHAMED BY SEN. FEINSTEIN (D)} House panel releases transcript of interview with Fusion GPS co-founder – POLITICO

It’s amazing how transparent the GOP has become. I would love to play a game of chicken with them. Having been shamed by Senator Dianne Feinstein and her courageous release of the Senate interview of Fusion GPS founder now they release their interview. The fake news that the Fusion GPS dossier was paid for Hillary Clinton is a misnomer. Originally it was contracted by a republican opponent of trump. When Trump won the nomination, I am so sad to say, at that point the Fusion GPS people shopped it to the Hillary campaign. I wish we could get this story straight but as with everything in this White House that lies 5.6 times a day the truth is out there but not coming from the White House.


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Glenn R. Simpson, co-founder of the research firm Fusion GPS appeared before a closed House Intelligence Committee. | Pablo Martinez Mosivais/AP Photo

Clinton Releases a Brutal Anti-Trump Ad

It was said that Donald Trump has walked into a billion-dollar Buzz saw today. Watch the video and you’ll understand what they mean. Donald Trump is a flawed individual with flawed policies and with both President Bush’s already saying they will be staying out of this campaign and will not support Donald Trump. This is the beginning of the education of the people on Donald Trump period Wednesday get past his Bluster they will hate his policies. He will take our country into recession and make the United States and its allies unsafe.