White House Transcript Omits Key Putin–Trump Moment – The Atlantic

If you’re like me you watch Rachel Maddow religiously. Tonight was quite an eye-opener. An American Administration lying to its people in such a bold way is unprecedented. I watched the press conference in Helsinki live as they did millions of others. I heard the question very clearly being asked to President Putin as to whether or not he favored Donald J Trump in the 2016 election. He clearly said yes I did yes I did and that he had asked his government to help in every way to get Trump elected because it would help US Russia relations.

when the White House released the transcript of this press conference viewed Again by millions the question about whether Putin favor Trump has been admitted. When the White House released video of that same interaction the same question had been edited out of Putin’s answer.

We here the current occupant of the White House screaming out fake news all the time. Well fear is fake history. I along with millions of others heard and saw with my own eyes what was said and now it’s disappeared. it’s as if this white house does not understand the concept of recording. Obviously recordings are going to be the downfall of this president. But what is most outrageous to me is that the Russian government transcript of the same press conference has the same exact admissions as the one from the White House. This is not just scandalous, this is are waving a white flag to a second-rate country. And when I say second-rate country I mean it. Russia fell from the 29th largest economy to the 30th largest economy this year. Thanks to the crippling sanctions put on by the Obama Administration.

in addition, Trump released a retweet from Russian State television of a fake news article. This fake news article said that Hillary Clinton was Pro Russia when in fact we know the hatred that Putin had for Hillary because of her stance in implementing the crippling sanctions which have made Russia perhaps a third tier country.

Trump is running our country the way he ran his businesses with lies deceit and eventual bankruptcy.

I guess the next installment is when this fall our President meet with his komisar.


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Rachel Maddow: NEWSWEEK article to look at Trump ties to Cuba during embargo – MSNBC

I live in Los Angeles but I lived most of my life in Miami Florida. There’s one thing I know about Miami and it’s Cuban population especially the older Cuban population there is an intrinsic hatred for Fidel Castro. The hypocrisy of Donald Trump making a speech while he was running for president under the Reform Party in 1999 saying that anyone who did dealings with Castro was funding a murderer while he had a ski setup so that he can do business with Castro to the tune of $68,000. Miami’s Cuban population is for the most part Republican. If there’s one thing that’s going to keep them from going to the polls on November 8th is some proof that Donald Trump did business with Castro. I don’t know what Muse week Magazine is doing but I hope it keeps doing it because it is scooping everybody else with information about Donald Trump and his almost Mafia like business dealings.



Rachel Maddow: anti-Semitism, domestic abuse charge in Trump CEO Bannon records – MSNBC 

Let’s call, and love this turn of a phrase, a spade a spade Steve Bannon is a white supremacist. Being a white supremacist comes with some baggage. Usually you are anti-Semitic, borderline psychopath, some self-hatred and not very good at parties. So, when you read the court documents that say that he was mad at his wife for sending their children to school that had Jews because Jews raise whiny brats that should not come as a surprise from a white supremacist. This alt-right name is similar to how conservatives have changed words so that they sound more palatable  at the dinner table. So let’s get are dictionaries straight. Alt right means white supremacist. Pro-life is someone who wants they have too much to do with a woman’s body. Death tax is attacks that doesn’t click in until the inheritance is over 5.4 million dollars. But conservatives love changing words around and ALT-right is their newest and greatest hit. We used to call them the KKK, neo-nazis, skinheads and the like but now they homogenize the band called alt-right. It’s time that we write into our television stations and newspapers and other media outlets and the man that they stop using this alt-right and start calling it what it really is white supremacy. Donald Trump seems to pick them really well from a doctor that looks like he may be creating a Frankenstein monster somewhere to his new field operations manager that was fired by, of all things, Chris Christie over Bridgegate. If I were Donald Trump I would go into his campaign’s human resources department and scream at the top of my lungs “You’re fired!”.



I am not kidding, I Googled “photos of white supremacist” and pictures of Donald Trump showed up

Rachel Maddow: New campaign hire puts Trump at odds with RNC – MSNBC 

Once again a great show. One of the funny parts of this show was the fact that Donald Trump has appointed as his co-chair for the Jefferson County Colorado area, which includes Denver suburbs, a 12 year old boy. It turns out that Donald Trump saw this young man at one of his rallies and just had to have him. Yes, the kids for Trump of Jefferson County chairman is now the co-chair of the Jefferson County Colorado Trump for president campaign. A 12 year old boy.

The new hire that is spoken about in thoe title of this piece is the new CEO of the Trump campaign formerly from breitbart.com. it seems that he has made it a career of removing from office Republican hierarchy. He was instrumental in getting rid of Eric Cantor, John Boehner and tried to get rid of, in a very failed, attempt Paul Ryan. This would not be news if it were not for the fact that Donald Trump has repeatedly said that he’s going to let the RNC run his campaign. This is the author of The Art of the deal and he brings in an anti-establishment figure like the former founder of breitbart.com? It’s not the way deals are usually made. You get more flies with honey than with vinegar. If this is the way Donald Trump plans to run the country I don’t want him anywhere near the White House. His campaign is a mess. His campaign is a joke. But campaigns in America play a more important role than in most countries. In fact campaigns have become a giant interview by the people for the gentleman or lady running for president. And Donald Trump is failing that interview terribly and it shows in the polls. I don’t see what vested interest the RNC has in getting Donald Trump to be president. Weirdly the RNC has raised less money than the Democrats this last month. During presidential campaigns is when the RNC feels his coffers with money. It’s not happening this year and it’s not happening because of Donald Trump.


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Rachel Maddow: Racist red flags follow Trump Breitbart hire, Steve Bannon – MSNBC

As quickly as Chris Matthews on Hardball disappointed today, Rachel Maddow came back to the rescue. In a hard-hitting piece that started off with the speech writer that wrote the speech by the mother of the gentleman who was killed in Benghazi accusing Hillary Clinton of causing her son’s death who is now voting for Hillary Clinton. Then came her invitation to the scary blonde haired individual who is now Donald Trump’s campaign manager to come on the show at any time. To her saying that Hillary Clinton has been on her show 4 times this election season but Donald Trump has been on it a few times. Asking Donald Trump to come and make an appearance on the show. To the interview with the author of The Crystal Ball another one of the web sites that predict the outcome of the election. And then there was the skating commentary on Donald Trump’s new campaign CEO the founder of breitbart.com and his racist and hateful rhetoric. This was the punch counter-punch to Chris Matthews being a wimp on his show. Congratulations to Rachel Maddow and I hope you will click on the link below and watch the clip it’s well worth it.



Rachel Maddow: Trump changes staff at the top to make campaign even Trumpier – MSNBC

Today was one of the Rachel Maddow Show best shows. 

She started with the interview which was with Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. It’s amazing how wonderful and pleasant he is despite the ugliness on the other side. Her interview with him was fair and made you see that she’s on our side. After the interview Rachel had a little spot where she explained that She interviewed Hillary Clinton 4 times in the last year and she has never been propped up by pillows. If you don’t know this new internet conspiracy theory, the Republicans are trying to say that Hillary is sick and needs to be propped up by pillows. I don’t know how being propped up by pillows makes you feel better if your sick or do your job better. But then Republicans don’t usually make a lot of sense to me.

And how long the segments of the show she explained how breitbart.com and Donald Trump have had a parallel thought line. When will you heard inexplicably Donald Trump attacking John McCain as not a war hero he was mirroring Breitbart. When Donald Trump said that President Obama was not an American he was mirroring Breitbart. So having the head of Breitbart run his campaign is the next logical step. We need to be ready for an assault of ugliness. That coupled with the fact that Roger Ailes is Donald Trump unofficial debate coach is not showing for a Rosy future. Roger Ailes in 1988 was a little-known Republican strategist. When the debate Commission in 1987 said that there would be three presidential debates and one vice presidential debate no one argued about it. But when poppy Bush did poorly against Michael Dukakis, Roger Ailes stepped in and told poppy Bush that there should be no more debates. And that year there was only one presidential debate and one vice presidential debate. So I doubt if we’re going to see all the debates that are scheduled for the presidential campaign this year because I’m sure Roger Ailes will realize that he has a dud as a debater in Donald Trump and will put a kibosh on any further debates.

Which brings us to today’s blog post about the campaign changes in the Trump camp and how they’re going to make the campaign a better reflection of Donald Trump. In fact I believe that they’re going to make the campaign a better reflection of breitbart.com, and that’s a scary thought. Breitbart is the Bastion of white supremacy and racism on the internet. God help us in the next 82 days.



President Obama takes on ‘Trumpism,’ reaches out to disaffected Republicans – MSNBC

It’s been a few hours since I saw President Obama give that amazing speech to the Democratic National Convention. The thing that I remember the most about the speech what’s the fact he made such a point of that we are a nation that can work together. No one man can do it all for us. His motto was yes we can and not yes he can. Trumpism is a disease that is spreading across the globe. Nationalist movements are appearing all over Europe Asia and anywhere that there are free elections. The rest of the world is under the Iron Fist of a dictator or group of dictators. I don’t want this for our country and I believe that Donald Trump will lead us down that path. You know today he made what was an outrageous request to the Russian hackers. Honestly if you were not running for president I think that he would have been visited by Homeland Security. Yet unlike the Republican convention the Democrats were yelling jail him. Maybe that’s why he’ll win but I don’t want to live in a country where that kind of rhetoric wins.

If you click on the link below you can watch Rachel Maddow discuss this with Republican strategists.



Donald Trump Trolled By ‘Tiny Hands’ SuperPAC : NPR

This is not a satire this is a real this is a real SuperPAC and just like in the beginning of her show at the end of Rachel Maddow show tonight she showed the video commercial released by this group. Click on the link below it will make your Friday night or Saturday morning or whatever time you look at it.


Rachel Maddow: Russian hackers add intrigue to US election – MSNBC

Yesterday I posted on my blog that this Russian incursion into the Democratic National committee’s files was suspicious to me. Now I’m not the only one who is suspicious. Rachel Maddow puts two and two together and says that the Russian government wants Donald Trump to be the president of the United States. They are complicit with him. Today Gawker.com was given the complete file of opposition research that the Democratic party had on Donald Trump and released it immediately to the public. So there goes anything we may have had on Trump. I’m not that worried because to be honest Trump Is His Own Worst Enemy and each time he opens his mouth out pours opposition research.
For someone who is so quick to saying that Hillary Clinton should go to jail I think Donald Trump should be worried. Being complicit with a foreign government in Espionage is treason. This is not a Blog conspiracy theory, this is the law. Watch Rachel as she makes the case of  US vs. Donald Trump.
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Bernie Sanders stumbles on Senate’s Saudi bill | MSNBC

I have a message to people who want to run for the presidency of the United States. Do your homework. First you have Bernie Sanders doing terrible at answering questions in his interview at the New York Daily News and now Rachel Maddow called him out on his own abilities on what’s happening these of the Saudi Arabia. Once again it’s stark, how similar Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are. Until recently Bernie Sanders was at least polite but he’s thrown that out the window as well.

Photo by Mark Kauzlarich/Reuters