Railroad agency’s acting chief resigns amid questions about his employment – POLITICO

I remember during the summer of 2016 Trump supporters chanting lock her up and drain the swamp. I would take that swamp any day compared to the landfill that we now have as a government. The stench of political appointments is now making it impossible for this government to work correctly. Whether the individuals are wife beaters or have made stock trades to make themselves rich or in this case working two jobs at the same time it’s amazing how this Administration has been incompetent in their ability to find the proper people for positions.

I have to assume that the good candidates for positions in the government are looking the other way. Why would one want to ruin their resume with the stain of working for 45.


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A former Federal Railroad Administration employee also told POLITICO this week that she had fielded at least three requests from a Mississippi TV journalist seeking to speak with Hall last summer – POLITICO

Trump’s 24-Year-Old Deputy Drug Czar To Resign After Questions Over Work History – huffpost.com

This is just the tip of the iceberg in how Annette this Administration has been in its hiring of staff for our government. Yesterday it was revealed that out of about 450 applications for security clearances 168th have been denied for illicit activities.

How to tight the AIDS epidemic, something I was an advocate for, killed about 53,000 souls a year. Under estimate of the amount of deaths due to the opioid epidemic is 63000. So 45 puts a 24 year old as second-in-command. If you look at his resume since he left College the only thing he did was work on the Trump campaign. Look at what he is done to are State Department hands you can go down the list of how he is single-handedly destroying our government. And yet the Republicans are quite happy to say nothing about it. The Republicans, they were the ones who drank themselves in the American flag and now seem content to have Russians running all over our elections. Shame on them.


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Yes, the guy in the circle, is who 45 thought should be second-in-command of an epidemic killing 63,000 people a year. I don’t think he should be running a fraternity.

Amid questions of Gary Johnson’s interest in details, Libertarian VP nominee viewed as losing faith – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

I have three points to make about the story. First this is not the only report that Governor Weld is dissatisfied with the head of ticket. He has threatened to jump ship from Gary Johnson about 10 days ago. Second he has done everything but endorse Hillary Clinton in his interviews whether they be joined with Gary Johnson or alone. This has had an effect on Gary Johnson’s ability to get people to say they’re supporting him in the polls. His numbers have been plummeting. I believe that these voters are going to Hillary Clinton. The story talks about Gary Johnson one claim to fame. He was the governor of New Mexico. If you read the story you’ll see that his stint as governor of New Mexico was filled with Aleppo moments. Gary Johnson is a nice man but he’s certainly not ready for prime time and I don’t think he will ever be. I applaud his Civic mentality but I believe he has reached way too high for his abilities. Governor Weld has said that for the rest of the campaign he will be attacking Donald Trump relentlessly and no longer looking for votes for the libertarian ticket.

The article is from a Pennsylvania newspaper and that is one of the states that Donald Trump desperately needs. This will help him not reach that goal.



Trump questions need for NATO, pro-noninterventionist foreign policy-Wash Post

I’m sure this is music to the ears for his base. But let’s face it if United States who creates a vacuum and leaves the world stage something is going to fill that vacuum. And that something is going to be either China or Iran. His simplistic approach to everything makes no sense. He needs to have a coherent foreign policy that does not radically shift into his idea of what would be the perfect paradigm. Now, as in all the issues he has talked about, Donald Trump will be dangerous for our foreign policy.

Trump speaks with Washington Post Publisher Fred Ryan, left, as he departs a meeting with the editorial board of The Washington Post. Editorial page editor Fred Hiatt is on the right. (Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post)

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