Russia attacks and seizes three Ukrainian naval vessels off the coast of Crimea in Black Sea – NBC News

I guess Putin is testing to see whether or not he got his money’s worth in the election of Donald Trump. Let’s see how quickly Donald Trump responds to this or says that this is an internal matter and not one that has anything to do with the American people. That is full BS. It is the policy of the United States to try to keep the Nations that split off from the Soviet Union free and independent. It is the policy of Donald Trump’s boss, Putin, to bring as many into his fold again as possible. Russia is a dying country with very few resources. The resource they had been banking on is the resource that has become the least needed, oil. I found it ironic when the Tangerine nightmare in the White House said that the price of oil has gone down because of him, I’m sure this is not making his overlord happy. you remember those Winter Olympics, Putin borrow the money for those Winter Olympics with the understanding that oil would stay at $125 a barrel or more, and that’s not what’s happening.

So now Trump is being tested.

Was he worth the investment by Putin for putting him in the White House?

Can’t wait to watch the Republicans try to ignore the fact that Putin is trying to bring back the Soviet Union.

Trump tore up our nuclear arms agreement with Russia. What else is this unhinged man going to do?

I fear that Trump will go along with whatever Russia wants because as his biggest supporter, hannity says, they have the pee tape.


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Russian jet fighters fly over a bridge connecting the Russian mainland with the Crimean Peninsula after Russia stopped three Ukrainian navy vessels from entering the Azov Sea via the Kerch Strait on Sunday.Pavel Rebrov / Reuters

Trump Jr. told Senate he didn’t recall telling father about Russian meeting – NBC News

I was a Sag-Aftra agent for many years. I have had the privilege of working with some of the best casting directors and none of them could have envisions a monthly crew like the people who surrounded Trump before and after the election.

I’ve said this on my blog before, I have seen this movie before. And the last time the Senate committee released documents about a president this damaging was during Watergate.

People are continuously asking me what I believe the endgame is going to be. I truly believe that people are going to go to jail and I don’t think that Mike Pence is going to become president. Mike Pence was in charge of the transition. He had to know what was going on. His weird Allegiance, almost cult-like, to Trump tells me that Trump knows a lot that he’s holding over Pence.

This is a white house that has no head. And I mean it has no brain. Not to have foreseen that the North Koreans were playing them is mind-boggling. Everything this white house has done before the election and since it’s been in power has been a shit show.


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Senate intelligence leaders: Russians schemed to help Trump – POLITICO

This has been a given since the election. And yet it’s taken all of this time for the leaders of our nation to accept the truth that Russia wanted Trump as the President of the United States and they did everything in their power to make that happen. To say otherwise is to be unamerican and unfortunately there are a lot of those unamericans around the Republican Party.

So when Trump in that Infamous interview with Lester Holt where Trump says you know that thing about how firing Comey would look bad about that Russia thing, yes it looks really bad


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Documents Reveal How Russian Official Courted Conservatives In U.S. Since 2009 – NPR

You make America great people again were fooled. You are full by the Russians and it’s time for you to come to that realization. I was fooled by Russians acting like Bernie Sanders supporters although I never took their bait I really did not like what they were saying. I blocked people like that and I still block people who are not espousing American values but trying to divide our country.

We As Americans, and the world in general are being fooled by Russians a country that’s at best a third-rate nation with little or no Navy and the only thing to speak of is there nuclear Arsenal. They have the 29th largest economy in the world, that puts them way behind several States including New York and California. So Russia get back in your hole and stay there.


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Russian official Alexander Torshin, appearing in Moscow in 2016, was sanctioned by the U.S. government in April, suspending years of travel back to 2009 during which he cultivated ties with American conservatives.

Alexander Shalgin/Alexander Shalgin/TASS

Trump threatens to tax European auto imports – Yahoo News

I always thought in the back of my head that Trump would declare war in order to get reelected. I never thought he would start before Global recession. But it makes sense, it’s how Hitler was able to start World War II. Protectionism he’s a terrible disease for a country to have. And Trump is trying to inoculate us every single day. This plays in the hands of Putin so well because it will have no effect on Russia, but will have a devastating effect on all the alliances the United States has built over the last 50 years. Has the 29th largest economy in the world Russia is meaningless. California has a much larger economy. Russia’s people are starving under the Iron Fist of Putin. But destroying all of the US alliances is exactly how he wants to play the game. Of course our president, Putin’s stooge, his following him like a dog on a leash.

I hope the Republicans have the guts to start saying no to him. They got their tax cut they wanted so badly for their rich Don, now let’s cut him loose and allow the special counsel to do his work.

Democrats wake up. Don’t go to any more of this bipartisan meetings. You looked like fools there. He made you look like fools and that’s hard to do because he’s a cartoon character.


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Russia: We Did Work With Team Trump During Campaign – The Daily Beast

If this does not invalidate an election nothing can. Russia put his finger on the scale and made Trump president for their own purposes. Our country needs to address this and correct this mistake. It is now President of Russia Putin’s world.


And the winner of the presidential election is Vladimir Putin

Obama administration accuses Russian government of election-year hacking – POLITICO

Russia and its unacceptable behavior on the world scene has suffered greatly under President Obama and the sanctions imposed by his administration. You add that to the fact that oil is at an unprecedented low and that makes a perfect storm for Putin to have huge issues with his people.Putin borrows money a level unprecedented and the inflation in Russia is now growing exponentially. So you can understand why Putin and his administration want the Trump Pence collaborator tickets to be elected in the US. This is unprecedented behavior on the part of a foreign country regarding the United States. I am happy that the federal government and President Obama have made the statement and are going to be vigilant about hacking done by the Russians.


In endorsing Clinton, ex-CIA chief, Mike Morrell, says Putin made Trump his ‘unwitting agent’ – The Washington Post

I remember watching the movie The Manchurian Candidate when I was a little kid. It was a fantasy so much so that it was like watching a James Bond movie. Although in those days the Soviet Union loomed large over our thinking having a president that in fact was a sleeper agent for the USSR was out there. Now we have Donald Trump, and his weird love 4 President Putin of the Russian Federation. Sit here and read Mike Morrell say that he thinks that Donald Trump has been turned by Putin is scary. À few months ago Donald Trump was being briefed by one of his advisers on foreign policy. And during that one hour breathing he went back to how and why have we not used nuclear weapons in the past. The reason we don’t use nuclear weapons is because they are a weapon of no resort. Once used there’s no way of going back. That’s something that every American understands and the fact that this gentleman who wants to be our president does not scares the hell out of me and it should you.

Mike Morrell from the CIA is not a political creature. And his courageous coming out against Donald Trump today should be read as a non-partisan view of a Donald Trump presidency.


Michael Morell, shown in November 2012, is a former director of the CIA. (Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images, file)

FBI launches probe of DNC hack – POLITICO

Traitor Trump In Cahoots with Putin is now going to be under investigation. I wonder what it feels like to have the FBI investigating behavior that is treasonous. His tweet is the example of someone who is protesting too much. I think that there will be a direct link between Putin and Trump campaign working together to undermine the Democrats. That this came out the day before the Democratic Convention is not coincidence. Putin wants his crony and admire Trump in the White House. Trump plans to undermine NATO something that Putin would relish as he gobbles up the rest of what used to be the Soviet Union through military action.


Putin, protesters and ‘winners night’ in the limelight as Trump celebrates one-year on the campaign trail – WashPost

First and foremost it is amazing to me that any Republican Presidential nominee would have to campaign in Texas. But this is not a normal Republican Presidential nominee. This is the bully and narcissistic Donald Trump. A year ago today he said that the Mexicans coming across the border were rapists and drug dealers and murderers. And today he has to campaign in Texas because Texas is no longer squarely a red state for Donald Trump. There’s a huge latino population that has gone out and either become citizens are registered to vote for the first time. Person who was responsible for President Obama’s ground game in 2012 moved to Texas to turn the state purple and then hopefully blue. I think that Donald Trump is doing a lot of the work for him.
There was a trump supporter of milk. It was a young man dressed in a white wedding dress draped with the American flag. He called himself Lady Liberty. Rachel Maddow said she wanted to be on whatever he was on.