Breaking silence on Stormy Daniels payment, Trump denies knowledge – NBC News

Even if he really did not know about $130,000 payment from Michael Cohen to Stormy Daniels he is being disloyal. He is always said he’s one of the most loyal friends you could ever have. But he just threw his good friend Michael Kahn and his longtime attorney under the bus.

Giving $130,000 to silence someone two weeks before an election for President to help a candidate is a violation of campaign Finance laws. Michael Cohen is an attorney and he cannot plead ignorance of the law. Michael Cohen is going to lose his ability to practice law and may even get some jail time out of this. Michael Cohen said he would take a bullet for Trump and I guess that’s what they’re doing to him.

The president of the United States is not supposed to be a saint he’s just to be a a human being but one that has a moral compass. Trump does not have a moral compass other than one that points squarely to his self interest. That’s not the president this country deserves and it is disgusting to me that he would do this to a friend. I feel like I need to take a shower after this.


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President Donald Trump talks with reporters aboard Air Force One on a flight to Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland on April 5, 2018.Evan Vucc / AP

Supreme Court Justices Blast The Corrections System

Supreme Court Justice Kennedy explained that his home state, California, spends $35,000 a year in mates in prison but only spend 3500 dollars a year for a student in the school system. This is backwards thinking and we need to reform how and who we put into prisons. We also need to figure out how to get private corporations out of the prison business because they have huge lobbying groups that resist any efforts to change things of course.

Justices Stephen Breyer and Anthony Kennedy during a congressional hearing Monday, March 23.