How Trump is on track for a 2020 landslide – POLITICO

If you do a search at the bottom of the blog’s home page for the word brexitread what I wrote the day after the election.

Basically said that I hope we in the United States don’t walk down the same path that those in the UK did on brexit. I implored people to go out and vote and make sure that we don’t wake up to a trump presidency the day after the election in November 2016. And here we are

I am honestly tired of all of the ridiculously early campaigning that we’re dealing with right now and then mccratic party. I am literally receiving two to three emails from every Democratic candidate that I have not asked to unsubscribe from. And we are just under 600 days away from the election!

Trump can win

Trump can win

Trump can win

Let that sink in and put aside our differences and support whomever the Democratic primary process brings as our nominee. I don’t like Bernie Sanders and I think he would be a terrible president but at the end of the day I would vote for him over Donald J Trump. It’s a shame that the Bernie Sanders supporters then do the same in 2016. I still have or had arguments because I won’t do it anymore with Sanders supporters saying that Trump is better than Hillary Clinton as a president. these people are so myopic and their vision of the world that it’s ridiculous.

So register to vote and make sure you vote both in the primaries and especially on that fateful November Day in 2020.


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Trump saluting a North Korean General at the Hanoi failed talks. This alone would have been a scandal if it had been done by President Obama I would have been a reason for the Republicans to impeach him. Times have changed.

“Mayor Pete” Buttigieg: 2020 primary star of the week – Slate Magazine

As a member of the lgbtqi community I was intrigued by Peter Buttigieg’s presidential run early on. so I started following him closely. I saw posts by influential gays like David mixner on Instagram praising him. I saw snippets of interviews with him and he seemed quite credible. And then I got to watch the town hall meeting that made him look like a star. he had a grasp of the issues that the present occupant of the White House would only wish to have even with all of the presidential briefings. He has boots on the ground experience and two terms of duty in Afghanistan. He’s a Rhodes scholar, went to Harvard and as a lot of people like to say just happens to have a husband.

in 2004 I had a viewing party for the Democratic National Convention at my place. I watched with my friends President Obama make his now famous speech and afterwards I turned to my friends and said he’s going to be our next president. They left, I’m not used to my friends laughing at me when I’m making a serious remark.

Can Mayor Pete be the first yay person in the White House? I’m not sure but we need to give him a chance by putting him on the stageof the democratic debates and let him show how good he is to the rest of the country.

By the way I just got his email regarding his campaign fundraising totals. His average donation was $27.01. A penny more than Bernie Sanders.


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I recorded this on my phone from my TV screen. It’s from the CNN Town Hall meeting with Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld exploring primary challenge against Trump – POLITICO

Historically Presidents that are challenged is a primary do not fare well.

What you up to this news is making my day. If Trump has to defend against the Republican it means that you’ll have to the Bates the shaman and spend lots of money to make sure he gets the nomination.

Thank you Bill Weld, you are a true Patriot.


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At the Libertarian Party’s 2016 convention, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld said he was a “Libertarian for life.” | Molly Riley/AFP/Getty Images

‘Amazing Race’ contestant heads to Oklahoma primary runoff – The Washington Post

I think the Republican Party should change its name from the Grand Old Party to the Reality Show Party or RSP. It makes complete sense. They could have a wide range of candidates from those appearing on American Ninja Warrior those appearing on Big Brother. With The Apprentice star at the head of the ticket their convention could be really entertaining. Aldo now I think about it I think their conventions going to be very entertaining this year.


Sanders spending night of final primary meeting with Clinton – The Washington Post

One can only hope that Senator Sanders sees the light and endorses Hillary as soon as possible. But he’s being very cagey about what he plans on doing. He says he’s going to the convention in light of who has received the most number of votes, that’s Hillary Clinton. He says that he doesn’t plan to endorse until he understands how the platform will match his beliefs and goals. Once again Hillary Clinton, won end of discussion.


Sanders asks for extension on financial disclosure forms | TheHill

You’ve gotta be effing me. First his tax returns now the necessary documentation to be a presidential candidate. And my favorite is the excuse he gives, his grueling campaign schedule. I guess he’s the only one campaigning of those people who are campaigning that needed to turn in their documentation. Thanks to Steve Rohosky and Marlene Becker for pointing this out on Facebook. By the way they’re asking an extension till June 14th which will conveniently make it after the California primary. Are we hiding much?
I’m not one of those people that thinks people are guilty, until I think that people are guilty. And this smells of guilt big time. Release your forms and your tax returns sent it or Sanders. You’ve been in elected office for over 30 years you know how it works.
The letter below has the email address to the person, Tracey ( ), at the Federal Election Commission that they were too. I urge you to all write to this person and ask that that he is forced to give his documents prior to the last person voting in a primary in the Democratic Party. You can cut and pasted from above into your email. We are citizens of the United States and have the right to speak out.