Don’t Worry About the Democratic Presidential Polls – The New Yorker

To say that it’s too early to understand how the field in 2020 is going to and up is a great understatement. Even later in the game then the article States we were completely wrong about who everyone thought would be either the nominee or the president. We don’t have a president Giuliani or Jeb Bush or Fred Thompson for that matter. What we have is a President who defies what we see in the polls. I truly believe that some people are just plain embarrassed of supporting this man and will not tell posters. So the numbers mean very little right now. Joe Biden has the the recognition that no one else has. For those of us who follow politics closely most of the names are household once but for those who just sit back and let things fall as they may either it’s easy to say Joe Biden or they really have no opinion.


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Soon after Joe Biden entered the Presidential race, polls showed him to be far ahead of his Democratic competition, including Bernie Sanders. But Biden’s initial lead has dwindled.

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Would Buttigieg be the first gay president? Maybe not. – NBC News

I read what the historians say in the article and I find it preposterous. Basically they claim that MD 18th and 19th century there were confirmed bachelors who had sexual relationships with men but the historians say they were not gay! I think we’re dealing with semantics here because the word gay came out after Stonewall but homosexuality, pansies and the other slurs that were used in those time periods were aimed specifically at the people we now call gay.

Mayor Pete says that the odds are we had a gay president in the past. We’ve had 45 presidents and approximately 4.5% of the population identify themselves as gay. You do the math.

Historians like history to stay etched in stone and so therefore I think that they may be close-minded to what is a pretty obvious tell in a couple of our presidents intimate lives. I’m not going to be here outing any president and nor did mayor Pete, I think it was the historians who did it in the article.


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Wisconsin Agrees To Presidential Vote Recount At Third-Party Candidates’ Requests – NPR

Jill Stein cost Hillary Clinton the election. So her attempts at raising cash for these so-called recount is at best dubious. She herself has said that just because money is being raised does not issue a recount will be had. She is targeting States where the election is very close. But just because she is contesting these races does not mean that she will get a recount. She clearly states that she is not doing this to help Hillary Clinton but in her words to ensure the Integrity of the electoral process, whatever that means. I wouldn’t trust Jill Stein with a penny. And neither should you.


‘Ashamed’ of Trump, Harvard Republican Club won’t endorse top GOP nominee for first time since 1888 – The Washington Post

From the picture in the Washington Post it looks like even potential Harvard students don’t like Trump. It must be really really difficult if you’re a republican especially our young one to have to turn your back on your party’s nominee. I’ve said this before but when I was in college in 1972 I supported George McGovern. I don’t know what I would have done if let’s say Barry Goldwater had been nominated by the Democrats. So I applaud the Harvard Republican Club and its members for their courageous stance. Love must always Trump hate and our nation. We’ve heard a lot about all right and the last two weeks but let’s call them what they are white supremacist.


I’m not sure who’s more uncomfortable in this picture. Donald Trump who looks like he’s never held up a child or the kids hoping they’re not going to be deported.

Trump wants three presidential debates, accuses Clinton of rigging schedule – POLITICO

Is telling the truth a completely unknown quantity to Donald Trump? He says in his interview which is going to air tomorrow on ABC’s Morning Show with George Stephanopoulos that he received a letter from the NFL complaining that the debate was up against an NFL game or two. First it’s on a Sunday night which is the highest viewership night of the week. Finding the Sunday night that doesn’t have a sports game of some sort is hard. And secondly and this is the part that really gets to me the NFL says they did not send a letter to Donald Trump. But I bet you George Stephanopoulos is not going to engage them on that and let the LIE slip by. And just to compound the LIE it’s only one game that will be at the same time as the debates. Hillary is going to cream him in the debates and make them into butter.

Did the Bates schedule is set by an independent committee and not by the candidates.


Chicopee, Mass. ‘superdelegate’ Debra Kozikowski backs Hillary Clinton’s Democratic presidential run |

Bernie Sanders supporters say that the super delegate system is not rigged. This proves it is not. This lady waited until all primaries were over and is backing the person that has won the most pledged delegates. The system is not right, end of discussion.

Debra Kozikowski, vice chairwoman of the Democratic State Committee, is among the 25 unpledged, or "super delegates," Massachusetts will send to the Democratic National Convention this summer.

The ‘new Trump’ is a no-show – The Washington Post

The author of this article believes that this is as presidential Donald Trump is going to be. He makes a good point, how many 69 year olds change the way they have behaved for the last 45 years? I also have my opinion that just like one gets used to chronic pain to a point but one really never stops feeling it. So when I hear the news media and their political Talking Heads say that his supporters are loyal and will stick with him, I agree. But here’s how this all becomes difficult path to the presidency for the Donald. The Republican party is about a third of the population but I don’t think that they’re all going to go out and vote for him. And Independence who say they’re going to go out and vote for him are not that great and numbers. I know we’re going to go through Cycles where they bolster Trump and knock down Hillary. Then they’ll be bolstering stirring Hillary and knocking down Trump. This is corporate news needing to feed the beast. And when I hear that we need to fix citizens united I think we also need to look at how make sure that corporate profits are not what dictates what’s in the media. Journalism is called the fourth estate for a reason. We need to bring it back to where it was. Butt the first amendment has to be protected as well so this is going to be quite a balancing act that I am not sure we can pull off.

The cropping of this photo is quite deliberate. He's a half-assed man who deserves only half a picture.