McCain’s inner circle planning on having Pence, not Trump, at funeral: report – TheHill

First and foremost I want to remember John McCain as the American hero he was. Captured in Vietnam and held for five years. He was offered a quick release by his captors because his father was an admiral but he said until his Conrad’s who had been captured were released as well he would not leave. He was tortured, beaten and brought to the edge of death more than once. I remember the day he came off the plane to a hero’s welcome. His body may have been broken but his Spirit was not.

To me John McCain has been fun enigma. His autobiography is called maverick and yet one here and against President Obama in 2008 he was anything but. He brought Sarah Palin to the four front and I believe that that has had a profound affect on our politics. He picked her the way Trump pics his nominees without knowing them. She was a long person for the job and she made a trump presidency more acceptable. So it’ll way I do blame cetera McCain for Trump.

Since Trump has been in office McCain has been a thorn in his side but an important votes like the tax plan he went along with the terrible ideals of this presidency. A tax plan that Republicans are walking back now because 1.5 trillion dollars would have easily paid for college for every single American who wants to go. And there would have been lots more left over from that. Instead we gave the rich a tax break and they are never going to spend the money. And the middle class has got a whopping $15 every two weeks in their paycheck!

In the end I wonder if Trump will be attending John McCain’s funeral. I hope not, he is a stain on our country and its institutions and should not be honored.


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Obama’s popularity belies Trump/Pence rhetoric – MSNBC

Each time the Trump Pence and their Republican collaborators attack President Obama they are going against the will of the people. President Obama is at an unprecedented popularity right now for a president leaving office. Our country is not the same place as it was when President Obama took office. 

Remember how we couldn’t even call unemployment because the lines were so busy? 

Remember when the stock market crashed? 

Remember when the American Auto industry was about to go under? 

Remember when our banks were all failing? 

We all remember that and we remember what an impact it had on our lives. I for one experience a life-changing event because of this. So when the Republicans and their presidential ticket attack President Obama it’s falling on deaf ears. Thank you Obama and I look forward to Hillary continuing your legacy for the next 8 years.


RNC declares Pence ‘clear winner’ of debate before it’s even started – USA Today 

Unfortunately in my opinion they may be right. No I’m not saying that Mike Pence who’s going to win the debate. But it’s in the best interest of the media conglomerates to make this race more even. So however great Tim Kaine is tonight they will say that this is a reset for the Trump campaign. It’s 5:12 p.m. in California so the debate starts in 48 minutes and that is my prediction.


Pence shocks Fox News host after laughing off Trump’s claim to 95% of Black support in 2020 –

As much as I don’t like Mike Pence’s ideas I have to say that he has not allowed himself to be Donald Trump’s Whipping Boy. This is another example of Trump hyperbole. Just to put things into perspective, President Obama, the first African American president, got his best 93% of the African-American vote. So you’re going to tell me that this orange hair orangatang is going to do better than President Obama. Sure.


Donald Trump Says He’ll Protect LGBTQ People. But Who Will Protect Us From Him? 

In an article in the New York Times it is reported that when John Kasich was asked to be Donald Trump’s running mate he was told that he would be in charge of both domestic and foreign policy. When asked what would Trump do you they replied “Make America great again”.

So if that’s the template for how the White House under Trump would run then we have one of the most Anti gay individuals running the White House in Mike Pence. He is for dangerous and cruel so-called “Gay conversion therapy”, he wants marriage equality to be banned, he is against transgender bathroom bills, basically wants to take us back to the 1950s. If that’s what Trump thanks making America great again is I’m afraid of what he’s going to do with the rest of the issues that a president has to deal with.


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Donald Trump selects Mike Pence as VP – CNN 

On the surface Mike Pence may look like a reasonable man. Let’s let’s all think back to 2015 when Indiana passed the anti-gay legislation. He mishandled his role as governor of the state because he’s the governor of everyone. He allowed religion to go into places that it was never meant to go by our founding fathers. He is extremely religious and extremely anti-gay. But two White old man running as the Republican ticket is what is to be expected.