Trump’s Use of Pentagon Money for Border Wall Threatens Defense – Bloomberg

I am a firm believer in a non-dystopian future. Maybe that’s because I was raised on the likes of Star Trek. My parents always had a glass-half-full attitude about life and the future. I inherited that and for that I cannot be any more grateful to them. I say this because I am of the belief that sometime, and not too distant future, maybe 5 to 10 years from now, we will find out why Trump, and the Republican party fail under the grips of the Russians. On paper it makes absolutely no sense. Well Trump is a grifter so he’ll follow the money but the GOP? They have abandoned America first for this strange mish-mosh of fake nationalism coupled with oligarch threads running through them. Case in point they give a giant tax cut to the rich and leave the poor in our nation wanting for even more. Cutting back food stamps is there first step in cutting back on the deficit that they grew because of the tax cut to the rich. They will go after Medicare, medical or Medicaid depending on where you are and of course the Affordable Care act. Why does a party that is in theory voted in by people so anti people? I think the answer to that conundrum will come.

watching Trump divert billions of dollars from our military including construction at West Point, training AR military on use of advanced missile technology, Building bases throughout the world so that we can maintain a balance against Russia and China all seems to be the opposite of what the Republicans used to stand for and yet here we are.


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A clear and present danger to the defense budget.

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The Latest: Trump regrets having to pay his companies – The Washington Post

It is ironic that a man who does not pay vendors he hires as a matter of course says that he needs to be meticulous about paying his own companies back for the use of the properties and planes and water and it goes on and on. I am sure he regrets this all the way to the bank.
Not presidential material, not now not ever.


Watch “John Oliver pays tribute to Orlando victims (HBO’s Last Week Tonight)” on YouTube

This video shows why John Oliver is so effective. I commend this statement that showed before the beginning of the show.
Unfortunately that the line of people you saw did not include any gay people. Because that hospital in Orlando does not allow blood from gay people. Even though all blood has to be tested for HIV, Florida is so dumb ass backwards that still does not take blood from gay people. And you know that’s the kind of thinking that makes people think that it’s ok to shoot gay people or Mexican people or black people or any slash people you want to think about. When I first got to France, as a very little boy, after having lived in Houston Texas in the early sixties I saw a black boy in my class. I came home and told my dad and he told me son when you cut yourself you’re ready and when he cuts himself he’s ready. We’re all the same inside.
Tonight I pray for all of those who were killed and hurt and especially their families who now will have an empty spot in their heart for ever because of some madman’s crazy mindset. And I hope the next time I see John Oliver I’ll actually be able to laugh.

USA TODAY exclusive: Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills

Donald Trump says he is the greatest business man ever. People in business pay their bills. The system doesn’t work if you don’t.
Let’s talk about the guy who built Trump’s stands for the slot machines in his Casino the now-defunct Trump casino in Atlantic City. They got $100,000 contract to build the stands and we’re only paid $50,000. Trump kept them in court for years and eventually the company went bankrupt. The small business owner that delivered 4 grand pianos to Trump Atlantic City with a bill of $120,000 I only got paid $60,000. And the list goes on and on. USA Today the originator of the story, and if you want to read the complete story please click on the link below, is a newspaper that is right of Center and does not go out for Sensational Stories. They want to be the nation’s newspaper.
He has the temerity to call Hillary crooked when she has never had issues like he has had. The only crooked one in this game is Donald J Trump.


President Obama, first lady pay $81,000 in taxes on $436,000 of income, donated 15% to charity

Barack and Michelle Obama donated 15% of their income to charity. Also living in the White House is not free. They have to pay for the staff salaries and food for the first family.
It is four times what Bernie and Jane Sanders gave. I wonder how much Mitt Romney would have paid if he were in the White House?

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