Ryan’s legacy can’t escape Trump, and nor should it, they are peas in a pod – POLITICO

Paul Ryan has no legacy. This is supposed to be some math wizard what did they call him a policy wonk, no such thing, he’s a creature of politics. He hitched his wagon to Trump and now he is out on his own in Wisconsin. I wonder if he plans to run for president in 2020? What that be interesting?


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Speaker Paul Ryan allies also argue that he didn’t have a choice but to curb his criticism of President Donald Trump if he wanted to remain speaker. | Andrew Harnik/AP Photo

The race to replace Paul Ryan is on – POLITICO

You have to love Republicans, they are always trying to figure out how to stab another Republican in the back.

If Paul Ryan were to resign the odds are against the Republicans being able to have another Speaker of the House. Right now it certainly looks like it’s going to be a democratic house and maybe even a Democratic Senate if the trends in voting continue.

The two candidates who are considering a run for the speakership are both gun Advocates and are to the Right of where the majority of American people are.


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House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (left) and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy listen as House Speaker Paul Ryan speaks to the press Capitol Hill on Dec. 12. As Ryan’s No. 2, McCarthy has the clearest path to the top job if Ryan retires, but his path is far from certain. | Al Drago/Getty Images

Trump now too toxic for Paul Ryan, Hill GOP – CNN 

So little so late. Paul Ryan and the GOP created the monster that we now know as Donald Trump. They’re coddling of their ideologically misguided base has brought us to this point. Just because it has a republican stamp on it it’s okay even if it’s immoral. My Lord they impeach President Clinton for having consensual sex with an unmarried woman. Here is Donald Trump bragging about forcing himself upon women and from what I understand and heard these were not women that were asking for his attention. If Donald Trump wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth he would be in jail as a sex offender. Sure now they’re all saying Donald Trump is too much for us. They’re more worried about keeping on the Senate has a Republican Bastion then what the American people have been having to deal with for the last six months since this man has been the presumptive nominee. Paul Ryan it’s too late. Mitch McConnell it’s too late. Reince priebus it’s too late. It’s too late.



The GOP’s House Majority Is Safe … Right? | FiveThirtyEight

Fivethirtyeight.com and Nate Silver have an analysis that says that it is possible that the Democrats regain control of the house. Wow, no more Paul Ryan yay. But seriously it’s a tough battle ahead and it seems that Democrats and progressives have all moved into large urban areas and are not challenging Congressional Republicans in their districts. I for one live in a democratic stronghold and I know that my vote in November will be somewhat wasted. But it doesn’t mean that I’m not going to vote and donate as much as I possibly can. This is doable people so let’s do it.


Fault lines: GOP civil war deepens – CNN

To use the analogy in the article, fault lines what causes earthquakes, and I believe we’re going to see a 9.0 at the Republican convention. Donors are disappearing, Republicans are not going to go to the convention, even former Republican presidents are not going to be showing. For that matter neither are McCain or Romney. This kind of division doesn’t go well with victory and rather it goes really well with a sinking ship. And yes I know the week in politics is like a year in real life but this has been one hell of a week.


Sarah Palin will work to defeat Paul Ryan in primary for Donald Trump stance – CNNPolitics.com

I wonder if Donald Trump is using Sarah Palin to send a warning shot across Paul Ryan’s bow on today’s State of the Union? Or is Sarah Palin the Loose Cannon that we know her to be? In either case knowing Paul Ryan this is not going to make him happy. She said that she plans to work on defeating Paul Ryan and his upcoming August primary. I don’t think that she has the power to do so but Donald Trump may be able to do it if he puts his mind to it. She said she would Eric Cantor Paul Ryan. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Trump campaign response to this and if they endorse it. This is the most interesting election I’ve ever been alive for. The Republicans made their bed and now they got to sleep in that pigsty.

Screenshot from CNN's State of the Union

Paul Ryan Addresses Panic Over Donald Trump – The New York Times

I would love to take speaker Ryan to his word. But his actions speak much louder. His so-called anger over the fact that Donald Trump will not refuse support from the KKK is laughable. Paul Ryan and his policies are lock and step with the KKK it is much as it is trying to deny minorities and the poor the ability to vote and get much needed help for food and housing. Let alone what he’s doing with our veterans. All in the name of supposes budget reform. He’s a fascist in sheep’s clothing.


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Republican Race Puts Donald Trump and Paul Ryan on Collision Course – NYTimes.com

their views are polar opposites in so many important issues that it’s going to be hard for them to reconcile them. Republicans have a hard choice Donald Trump or Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. But then again, are Donald Trump supporters really Republicans? I just spoke to one of my closest friends who is a Republican and he told me not a single one of his friends who are Republicans support Donald Trump. Donald Trump in my view is a blight on America. I hope, this may hurt my candidate Hillary Clinton, that the Republican Party gets their act together and find an alternative to Donald Trump.