Sacramento Baptist preacher incites outrage with praise of Orlando massacre | The Sacramento Bee

No, you have not gone into a time machine. This is America in 2016. And this is a person that a community looks up to for Clues on how to behave. It’s funny the name of the church means truth. Instead this pastor says that he wishes the government lineup gays and lesbians and shoot them. I know this is one man, one sick man, perhaps a man hiding from his own sexuality but he is looked up to and thought to give out the word of God.
Does this mean that all Christians hate the LGBT community? No. Does the act of the shooter in Orlando mean that the Muslim Community hates the LGBT community? No. And yet Donald Trump wants you to believe death the Muslim Community is out to get you and is harboring people who hate you. That’s it’s true as am I saying that what this pastor is saying is how all Christians believe.


Samantha Bee Rips GOP’s Orlando Shooting Response: Yes, I Do Want to ‘Take Your Guns Away!’ – The Daily Beast

Today, the day after we found out about this, the largest mass shooting in American history, has been a day for trying to get our bearings. I was speaking to a friend of mine who is a frequent reader of this blog and I couldn’t give her the number of mass shootings that have happened in the United States this year. I knew that mass shootings were considered any shooting that has four or more victims. I wish I could have told Dyan that in fact there were three hundred and four this year. That’s more than one a day. And Samantha Bee as she always does takes this subject dissects and tells it like it is. She doesn’t care if she offends by saying that Republicans are making up for small penises by having guns. She doesn’t care if she offends, and neither do I because there are lives here and this is not about politics but about the lives. Did you know that the NRA was actually started as a gun safety organization. How did it work into this gigantic octopus holding guns and every one of its arms. Well you can thank Mr LaPierre and his maniacal group of henchmen.

Click on the link below and watch her do what she does best and remember we need to vote out people who refuse to do anything about guns in our country.

This is a screenshot from full frontal with Samantha Bee on TBS June 13 2016

Donald Trump Takes Conspiracy Turn After Orlando – NBC News

That’s exactly what we need in the White House a conspiracy theorist. He said today that President Obama doesn’t want to know what’s happening. That he has a secret agenda. That he is ineffective.
Let’s talk about secret agendas. In the seven years after 9/11 the Bush Administration did not find Osama bin Laden. President Obama found him and killed him. Doesn’t that say something? This buffoon who wants to be president needs to be puzzled by his overseers. He’s trying to lower President Obama’s approval ratings so that it helps him when the White House. People cannot be fooled by this language.


Watch “John Oliver pays tribute to Orlando victims (HBO’s Last Week Tonight)” on YouTube

This video shows why John Oliver is so effective. I commend this statement that showed before the beginning of the show.
Unfortunately that the line of people you saw did not include any gay people. Because that hospital in Orlando does not allow blood from gay people. Even though all blood has to be tested for HIV, Florida is so dumb ass backwards that still does not take blood from gay people. And you know that’s the kind of thinking that makes people think that it’s ok to shoot gay people or Mexican people or black people or any slash people you want to think about. When I first got to France, as a very little boy, after having lived in Houston Texas in the early sixties I saw a black boy in my class. I came home and told my dad and he told me son when you cut yourself you’re ready and when he cuts himself he’s ready. We’re all the same inside.
Tonight I pray for all of those who were killed and hurt and especially their families who now will have an empty spot in their heart for ever because of some madman’s crazy mindset. And I hope the next time I see John Oliver I’ll actually be able to laugh.

Trump and Clinton and their very different responses to the Orlando shootings – The Washington Post

The Washington Post makes a very good point in this article. Are we looking for a president who is bombastic or who will comfort us showing during times of crisis.
Jumping back into politics when the names of those who have died has not yet been released is heartless on the part of Donald Trump. I do not believe that the United States citizenry wants someone who doesn’t even think about those who have died and their families and those who have been wounded and their families and instead after one tweet jump right back into the campaign mode. Hillary by contrast spoke about the victims, the LGBT community and the need for sensible gun control. It’s now up to the media  to contrast between the two people and their  way of looking at world.

Found this poster of trump on A Street in downtown Los Angeles and it says it all

Donald Trump Faces Backlash for Tweets About Orlando Shooting | TIME

What kind of man sends out a tweet congratulating himself after a mass murder? Certainly not a man who should be the president of the United States. Does this imbecile not realize that Sons, daughter, brothers, sisters, and family members and general are mourning the loss of their kin.
Is this the kind of man that we want to comfort US during these kind of terrible times in our country? Is this the kind of man we want as our commander in chief?