Why (the hell) is offshore drilling again banned in Florida? {Well, it’s a red state} – washingtonpost.com

Destroying the planet seems to be on his agenda. He’s trying to destroy our government and its system. He’s trying to destroy our values. And foremost he seems hell-bent on destroying the

I live in California, I also lived most of my life in Florida. Honestly, California has much more touristic value Onnit Shoreline than Florida does. And yet California drilling has been opened but Florida seems to be special to this hypocritical president.

One by one Republicans like Daryl I said today have said they’re not running for reelection. There are not running for reelection because they won’t win. This President is digging himself into a hole that’s going to be incredibly difficult to get out of.


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Hand in this photograph appears much larger than it is in reality.

Oregon governor expands drought declaration

When the upper northwest states start seeing droughts, you know the problem begins with climate change. Friends of mine who are climate change deniers send me articles from individual scientists who are most likely bought and paid for by the greenhouse gas producers saying that this has been one of the coldest years in recorded history. In fact this is been one of the hottest years in recorded history and 99 percent of climatologists believe so.


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