RNC chairman condemns Trump: ‘No woman should ever be described in these terms or talked about in this manner. Ever.’ – POLITICO

Since I heard the breaking news about this story my first thought was that Trump lost the election today. Sure, other people say that. Other people are not being interviewed by Access Hollywood. He knew he was being recorded. This is unacceptable Behavior even if he were merely a reality star but he wants to be the president of the United States. He wants our children to see him as our moral compass. His Compass is pointing the wrong way at all times. He can deflect by saying that Bill Clinton has said things like this, I’m sure he has and so if I. But I certainly never did it when I was being recorded. That kind of hubris is deadly for someone who is the leader of the Free World.

So now that the head of the Republican party wants to cut his losses he has started saying that Trump is unacceptable. He should have thought about that when he jumped on the Trump train. I think he saw his job going down the drain today. Whatever happened to the autopsy of the 2012 election where they were going to be a more accepting and Condor Republican Party? The chairman of the Republican party doesn’t seem to care.



The rat jumping the sinking ship

Donald Trump Either Lied to the Republicans or Broke the Law (NEWSWEEK Magazine Exclusive)

There is an old conundrum that goes “everything I say is a lie”, but if everything one says is a lie then that statement is also a lie. Donald Trump is that kind of conundrum. He lies about everything but it seems this time he’s lied in a way that could get him in criminal Jeopardy. The one thing to lie to the electorate it’s another thing to lie under oath in a deposition. I hope you take the time to read this Newsweek article because they have done some amazing work and deserve a Pulitzer Prize.