Healthcare once again tops list of Americans worries in 2019 – Gallup polling

I’m going to try to preface each one of my blocked posts which have a positive spin for the Democratic Party by saying, nobody can lose an election better than the Democratic Party. I’ve been a Democrat since I was a child and I’ve watched us lose a lot of elections.

All that being said, the present occupant of the White House gave the Democrats a big gift last week. instead of basking in the artificial Glory caused by the delay in the release of the Mueller report, Trumpordered the Department of Justice to abolish Obamacare or the affordable Care act. It is mind-boggling why his weird head would think this was a good idea 20 months before an election. The Democrats wombat the house in a landslide because of healthcare and once again healthcare tops the list of worries that Americans have. Gallup polling is a republican-leaning polling organization so when they say 55% I think this is their top issue, believe them.

Even the turtle, Mitch McConnell, threw up his hands and told Trump that he needs to come up with Anu health care plan for America. This White House couldn’t come up with a new recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies let alone figure out one of the most complicated issues facing this country.

We should stop talking about Russia as a Democratic party and start talking about healthcare, it worked in 2018 and it will win in 2020. Impeachment this close to a national election is a non-starter.


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Michael Cohen, once at pinnacle of Trump’s world, now poses threat to it – The Washington Post

In order for Michael Cohen to dodge a bullet he may have to take the proverbial gun and aim it at Trump. He’s facing years in prison if not for the rest of his life on the multitude of charges. All the reporting in the last week since the raid on Michael Collins office makes it clear that the feds had a huge amount of information in order to mount such a spectacular raid on an attorney’s offices. Especially the private attorney to the president of the United States.

In order to garner loyalty from those around you you have to be nice to them. You have to be respectful of them. You can’t treat them like yesterday’s garbage. But Trump doesn’t understand any of this and he is mistreated and belittled Michael Cohen throughout their decade-long relationship. And I think Michael Cohen is not going to take that proverbial bullet for Trump this time.


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Trump campaign CEO once charged in domestic violence case – POLITICO

This revelation is not overly surprising to me. I’ve learned in my 62 years that people who hate one group usually don’t manifest that against just one group. This man’s hatred is so deep that I’m not willing to say his name. That Donald Trump put him into his cabal is surprising. But maybe that’s what we need to know about Donald Trump. Yes I know the rhetoric for the last 15 months has been ugly butt everyone said that Donald Trump was a nice guy once you met him personally. I’m starting not to believe that. is a stain on our nation and that Donald Trump brought this man into his fold is an even bigger stain on our nation. Let’s not just the feet Donald Trump let’s make sure that Robby Mook’s 50 state strategy comes true.