Watch “Anderson Cooper: Was Omarosa one of ‘the best people’?” on YouTube

If you go to bed with dogs you get fleas.

Would you have one of the Real Housewives work in the White House? Would you have one of America’s worst Cooks work in the White House? Would you have someone from Big Brother work in the White House, oh wait Omarosa Was on Celebrity Big Brother. But then of course we have a reality show star as president so it all makes sense I guess in a really weird alternate reality.

I find it amusing that an untrustworthy and suspicious man like Trump is surprised that the fact that these people are turning against them. There is no loyalty on either side. So, I don’t think that this president has picked the best people.

he has picked the best people if you consider the best people those who are willing to line their pockets with the people’s money. He has picked the best people if you consider the best people those who would be willing to lie to get into their position. He has picked the best people if you think the best people would lie to the FBI. So I think it takes a special kind of person to believe that he picked the best people.


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Watch “Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis: Hillary Clinton” on YouTube

This is been out for about a day now and I never got a chance to see it. I had been meaning to watch it but just never got to it. I am so happy I did. It’s very funny and Hillary maintains just the right of deadpan to make you really appreciate her sense of humor. If you’re not familiar this Series has included interviews with President Obama. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did. 


Listen to “Pet Shop Boys – ‘The dictator decides’ (Official Audio)” on YouTube

First a little history lesson for me younger viewers. Pet Shop Boys was one of the first openly gay groups that had a number one hit in the United States. The song was called the West End Girls and it talked about the differences between gays who lived on the West End, the affluent part of London, and the East End which in those days was a poor part of London. I have been their fan since 1987 and continue to do so today.
So why am I posting their song today? Well if you listen to the words they either are talking directly about Trump or about any dictator or dictator or dictator wannabe. And to me that’s what’s so scary.
I hope you will take the time to click on the link below and listen to the words. Hand if you get a chance listen to other of Pet Shop Boys songs I think you’ll understand why they’ve been hitmakers since the eighties.

Watch “John Oliver pays tribute to Orlando victims (HBO’s Last Week Tonight)” on YouTube

This video shows why John Oliver is so effective. I commend this statement that showed before the beginning of the show.
Unfortunately that the line of people you saw did not include any gay people. Because that hospital in Orlando does not allow blood from gay people. Even though all blood has to be tested for HIV, Florida is so dumb ass backwards that still does not take blood from gay people. And you know that’s the kind of thinking that makes people think that it’s ok to shoot gay people or Mexican people or black people or any slash people you want to think about. When I first got to France, as a very little boy, after having lived in Houston Texas in the early sixties I saw a black boy in my class. I came home and told my dad and he told me son when you cut yourself you’re ready and when he cuts himself he’s ready. We’re all the same inside.
Tonight I pray for all of those who were killed and hurt and especially their families who now will have an empty spot in their heart for ever because of some madman’s crazy mindset. And I hope the next time I see John Oliver I’ll actually be able to laugh.